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Chase Among The Stars

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Summary: B/X W/X and maybe some other ships. A Goa’uld takes over someone the Scooby's know and they give chase.

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Stargate > Multiple PairingsAdamAtkinsFR1534,4921138,00415 May 0315 May 03No

Chase Among The Stars

Title: Chase Among The Stars

Rating: PG-13 to PG-16, for mild cursing, violence, and demonic horror content.

Author: Adam Atkins

Category: Crossover

Pairings: B/X/W Maybe...or maybe not. I
haven't decided yet. Definitely B/X and X/W.

Spoilers: Up to Season 3 episode Seth of Stargate and up to Season 2 episode
Halloween of Buffy. I’ve changed the timeline so that Seth and Halloween
happened at practically the same time.

Summary: AU. A Goa’uld takes over
someone the Scooby's know and they give chase.

Feedback: Yes! Need that to improve my


Chapter One: SETESH

Seth’s Compound, North of Seattle

With a loud electronic hum, a set of
transport rings appeared in an underground chamber. After a bright flash of
light Colonel Jack O’Neill and Dr Daniel Jackson materialized. Just as they
both dived into a tunnel leading from the chamber, a large blast collapses the
ceiling behind them. As the reverberations from the blast hit the tunnel, the
lights began to flicker. After a couple seconds, the lights finally flickered
out, plunging the tunnel into darkness.


"Damn it!" O’Neill swore, as
the rescued cult members started to raise their voices in panic. "We'll
never find Seth before he gets out of the tunnel in this darkness."


“He won’t get past Selmac, Jack.” Daniel
said as he got up from the floor of the tunnel.


At the far end of the tunnel, Jacob
Carter, standing in a pool of light streaming in from the tunnel exit, turned
to Teal’c and said, "Stay outside and cover the other end! Just make sure
he doesn’t get out another way."


Samantha Carter, hearing her father’s
voice, pushed her way past a few of the cult members to join him. "Dad?
Where are you going?" She asked in a concerned tone.


Giving her shoulder a quick squeeze,
Jacob answered, "Seth’s used a hand device on Colonel O’Neill and Daniel.
Are you ok?"


Samantha smiled at her father and said,
"I’m fine, but you'll never find him this darkness. It'd be better if we
stayed here in the light and checked each one before they climb the


Nodding his head in agreement, Jacob
stepped to the other side of the ladder. "That’s an excellent idea,
Sam." He said as he turned to the next cult member in line. Reaching out,
he removed the hood and looked at the face of the woman revealed, before guiding
her hands to the ladder. After several minutes Jacob turned and came face to
face with O'Neill, "That everyone Jack?" He asked.


"That’s it. You sure Seth didn't
get past you?" O'Neill asked sceptically.

"That is not possible. I would have
sensed Setesh’s presence." Selmac said as Jacob’s eyes flashed.

O'Neill opened his mouth to make some
pithy comment when Teal'c's voice interrupted him. "Colonel O'Neill, I
have acquired some hand held lights. I suggest we make a detailed search of the
tunnel." He said as climbed down the ladder.

Several minutes into the search, Daniel
called out, “Sam?”

“Yes, Daniel?” Samantha said as she
moved over to join him next to a section of the tunnel half way down its

Tracing his hand down the wall, “Does
this feel like painted wood instead of brick?” Daniel asked.

“Yes it does.” Samantha said as she
passed her hands over the section indicated by Daniel. Continue her exploration
of the wall; she paused as her hand felt a raised brick near the ceiling. The
brick moved inward as she pressed firmly and the painted wooden section
silently jumped out an inch along one side. As Daniel pulled the hidden door
open, revealing another tunnel, Samantha turned her head over her shoulder and
called out to the rest. “We’ve found a door!”

O’Neill lead the way down the new tunnel
muttering about ‘damn sneaky Goa'uld... building a second tunnel.’ After
travelling down this much longer new tunnel, they finally came to the other end
of it, to an open manhole. Climbing out they found themselves near the edge of
the woods some distance from the compound.

“Ok people, spread out and see if you
can spot which way Seth went.” O’Neill ordered.

A few minutes later Teal’c called them
over to faint trail and showed the white robe he had just found. Following the
trail they eventually came to a road. It was Samantha who spotted the skid
marks a couple of meters away from where they join the road. “Sir, these marks
are fresh.” She pointed out.

As Samantha examine the skid marks,
O’Neill glanced into the ditch along side the road and swore. Following his
gaze the others saw the reason. Sprawled out in the ditch was the Host body of

As Jacob’s eyes flashed, Selmac spoke.
“I cannot detect the presence of the symbiot. I must conclude that Setesh has acquired
a new host.”

“Ya think?” O’Neill said sarcastically.
Looking along the road, he asked, “Where does this road lead?”

“It leads to the interstate.” Samantha

Turning to Jacob, O’Neill grimaced and
said. “Sorry, it looks like we’ve lost him.”

“It happens Jack.” Jacob said. “We’ll
find him again.” He added.

“Well, now that he thinks that the
Tok’ra control the military, it won’t be so easy to find him.” Daniel stated.
“He’ll try to keep a low profile.” He explained.

“He’s a Goa’uld. He thinks he’s a god
for Pete's sake. There’s no way he’ll be able to keep a low profile for long.
He’s too arrogant for that.” O’Neill said. “Let’s bag that and get back to the
mountain.“ O’Neill ordered as he waved his hand at the body.

Southbound lane, Interstate North of

Setesh thought deeply as he drove new
host’s car towards Seattle. Now that the Tok’ra had discovered him on Earth, it
would not be long before the System Lords would be following on their tails.
The Tok’ra would probably leak the news as a distraction in one of their
innumerable plots against the System Lords. Ra, because of his own failed plot
against him, would probably be the first one to turn up looking for him. With
the Tok’ra on Earth, the chapai had probably been uncovered. That or they flew
here. Either way it was time to leave this rotten planet. He still had that
small ship hidden away. After his aborted rebellion against Ra, it was the only
ship he managed to save. He’d carefully maintained it over the centuries and it
was his final method of escape if needed.

First of all he’d have to gather what
was left of his equipment in a central place. There wasn't all that much left
after several centuries, but he’d need all of it to set up base on a new
planet. Rifling through his new host’s memories, Setesh smiled in satisfaction.
Excellent! Simon Greeley held title to an empty warehouse situated in a small
town in California. The town was only a couple of hundred miles away from his
ship’s current hiding place. Yes, he thought. Sunnydale, California would be an
excellent place to prepare for his escape.

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