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Visionary: The Rewrite

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Visionary". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Rewrite of Visionary. 'Subtle' Slayer dreams send Buffy to Colorado and the SGC

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Stargate > General > Theme: Humor(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR131312,65933461,91518 Apr 0630 Apr 06Yes

Thor and the Tarithna

Chapter 13: Thor and the Tarithna

Hammond watched perplexed as the two teams staggered into the briefing room, and dropped into their chairs, pointedly moving away from Buffy and O’Neill, whilst they held their battered and bruised bodies. The guardroom had called and said he might want to see this and it appeared they were right, what had O’Neill and Buffy done to bring the two teams to the point of collapse?

“I have a motion to bring before the table” Xander eventually managed, after several false tries to force out, “If Buffy and O’Neill ever try to race again, we invest in a pair of Zats and shoot them, especially with the way Buffy drives”

“Hey!” Buffy protested, but was ignored.

“Seconded” Daniel replied, earning a glare from the Colonel, “It should have taken us thirty or so minutes to reach the mountain, not fifteen.”

Giles reached with shaking hands for his glasses, “Agreed.”

Hammond just shook his head, and considered himself lucky that he had hitched a ride on a supply helicopter bringing a spare iris to the gate facility instead of taking the Colonel up on his offer of a ride, “Thor should be here anytime, you should…”

He trailed off as a flash of light announced the arrival of the SGC’s most reliable and capable ally, “Never mind, Thor, welcome to the SGC”

“Isn’t that a Roswell grey?” Willow commented, her eyes bright as she looked eagerly at the small alien.

“Indeed, it is a pleasure to be here, however I believe you have a request for me?”

“Well, actually they like to be called the Asgard” was O’Neill’s reply, “Though they are the source of the Roswell Grey legends, thanks to their scout craft having a ‘shocking’ experience with a lightning bolt”

“Indeed we do, is your medical technology capable of replacing a human eye?” Hammond waved towards Xander.

Buffy and Carter groaned, THAT so called ‘joke’ was bad, even for O’Neill.

“Indeed I can,” Thor replied, his voice turning stern, or as stern as the little aliens voice ever became, as he continued “however I will not always be able to come for mere Medical problems.”

“Thanks buddy,” O’Neill butted into Hammond and Thor’s conversation, “Normally we wouldn’t ask, but Xander is part of the Tarithna’s team so…”

The aliens eyes widened slightly, “The Tarithna? She is here?”

Buffy stood up, and walked over to the Asgard, “Buffy Anne Summers, slayer at your service, O’Neill has told me you are the only ally Earth has who could be considered trustworthy and honourable, as such, it is truly a pleasure to meet you”

The Scooby’s gazed at Buffy shocked, their jaws resting somewhere on the ground at the unexpected and quite probably unprecedented display of good manners from the Slayer.

“Talk about piling on the charms” Willow commented finally, “Wonder where she got them from?”

“I can’t imagine” Giles said, cleaning his glasses.

“Hey!” Buffy shot over her shoulder, mock outraged, the glinting of her eyes merely hinting her pleasure at successfully catching her friends so off-footed.

“Honoured warrior of the Tau’ri, I will return momentarily,” with that, Thor vanished with the characteristic flash of light that signalled an Asgard transporter in use.

“Okay, that was… interesting” Buffy drawled, but she was not given time to sit down again before the Asgard Supreme Commander returned, this time carrying a small metal object in his hand, shaped like a bird of prey with forward swept wings, but made of a dark blue metal, with a rainbow oily hue. The small grey alien walked over to Buffy and grasped her hand, pressing the object into her skin on the outside of her hand, not the palm.

“Ouch!” Buffy cursed, snatching her hand back, the device coming with her, blood trickling around its edges, “what did you do that for?”

“It is a weapon designed for use by the Tarithna”

“Another one? See already got the nice Slayer Axe Will’o’the’wisp here used to activate the entire slayer line and you tell me she gets another weapon?” Xander groused.

The effect of his comment was predictable, and chaotic, as everyone grasped different parts as being significant.

“Will’o’the’wisp? The notorious hacker? Cracked the White House’s security protocols and put naked pictures of Kinsley on every monitor in the place yesterday?” Carter was stunned, how had she found the time between all the training? For that matter, where did she find the pic’s?

“Slayer Axe? What the hells that?” O’Neill muttered.

Eyes wide with shock, Thor asked, “Activated the entire slayer line? How is that possible?”

At this point Carters comment registered and everyone’s train of thought was very thoroughly derailed. Naked pictures of Kinsley? On every monitor in the White House? Hammond and SG-1 gave a collective shudder; they really didn’t want to know.

“So” O’Neill was first to get his voice back, though he still had a disturbed expression “what’s the nice weapon do?”

“Well I don’t know, maybe you would like to try it for yourself?” Buffy replied sarcastically, and then shoved her hand with the device forwards towards O’Neill.


“Opps…” Buffy continued weakly as O’Neill dropped in a foetal position to the floor, his hands clasped firmly around his family jewels.

“I don’t care what Galaxy you’re from,” Xander quoted Star Wars weakly.

“That has got to hurt” Teal’c completed the quote.

“As you have noticed Tarithna, the device throws bolts of electrical energy but unlike earth taser’s does not require wires for the energy to flow through,” Thor commented before he tapped on his chair, beaming O’Neill, Xander and himself back up to his ship.


Xander gaped in amazement as they materialized aboard Thor’s ship.

“Holy Alien Ships, Batman!” he commented quietly, his voice filled with awe as he gazed around at the sleek design, the curved surfaces, the luminescent oily metals…

“Nice set of wheels you have here, Thor” Xander was finally able to get out.

“As I have told O’Neill on many occasions, no Asgard vessel is equipped with anything as primitive as ‘wheels’”

Xander looked approvingly at the diminutive alien, “and he comes up swinging…”

“Indeed, a trait I have learned from O’Neill” Thor replied as he waved a small rod over O’Neill’s injury. Xander noticed it and snickered,

“Need a small rod to repair the smallest rod I see…”

“It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts” O’Neill replied, his voice pained, “and unless you’ve been looking, how would you know what size it is?”

“Don’t look, names not Andrew, and you didn’t deny the smallest rod comment,”

“I believe this is called Innuendo is it not?” Thor asked, looking mildly bemused, or at least as mildly amused as the alien ever did, “O’Neill, as long as you don’t… ‘Exercise’ for three days you will be fine”

O’Neill looked insufferably pleased as Thor beamed him off the ship; Thor it seemed had picked up innuendo, one of his less used skills from him. Made him wonder what else Thor had learned.

“Xander, Companion to the Tarithna, you have a choice, our technology can replace your missing eye with no problems, however we do have the option to… upgrade your sight. That will require that both your eyes are replaced though and there is a slight risk of loss of sight”

Xander dropped the goofball act, and asked carefully “What kinds of upgrades are we talking about…”


Xander grinned as the Asgard device relinquished him from its grasp; for once the Zeppo was going to have an advantage, for once he would have the advantage over the other Scooby’s… ‘Well actually’, Soldier boy butted in, ‘your greater knowledge of military tactics and operations has given you an advantage since you got to the SGC’.

‘True’, Xander noted, ‘but you didn’t protest the upgrades…’

‘Bloody right I didn’t’ Soldier boy replied, before he retreated, leaving Xander with his thoughts.

‘Bloody’ that was the first time Soldier boy had said, or done anything which indicated which country he might have been from. ‘Bloody’, that was Giles speak, was soldier boy from England? He shuddered, and then turned to thank Thor.


Xander grinned happily as he reappeared alongside Thor in the Briefing room, causing smiles to appear on the worried faces of SG-1 and SG-Scooby.

“Eye can seeeee yoooouuuuuuu…” he said, singsong style, to the visible disgust of the assembled people.

“Fixed the eye then” Buffy smiled, happy for her friend.

“Yep, and had a little upgrade added while I was at it”

Hammond looked up interested, “Upgrade? What kind of upgrade?”

“Oh, nothing much, just the ability to see heat when I want to, and the ability to see far enough to make any spotter really jealous”

“You mean infrared vision?” Willow asked, excited.

“Yep, pretty neat.”

“Interesting as this all is” Jacob Carter interrupted, “Anubis isn’t going to wait, neither is his fleet”

“Exactly how many ships are we looking at?” O’Neill asked.

“At least three motherships, and 14 Ha’taks, they are amassing at Tyrendula and we expect them to be ready to leave within the next three days” Jacob replied, his voice tense, “There is no way that you and your allies will be able to take that lot out in a fleet action, so it will have to be a covert assault as usual.”

“Indeed, we do not have sufficient ships available to consider such a move” Thor commented.

“Nor can we get a ship their in time to insert you; you’ll have to get in through the gate somehow.”

Thor interrupted “That can be arranged, however I will not be able to hang around, once you are in place, you will be on your own.”

“Indeed, then this is what we will do…”


To Be Continued…

The REWRITE of Visionary Part 1, Visionary is now complete.

Part 2: Bane of Anubis and Part 3: Slayer Hunting are completed and should be in my profile.

Note that whilst I am not currently writing a Part 4, I am considering it.

I wish to thank all of you who reviewed, it was very much appreciated.

And just as a reminder, I do not own, nor do I claim ownership of characters or concepts from Buffy The Vampire Slayer or StarGate SG-1 nor the word 'tarithna'. I do however own this story.

The bulk of the work in this rewrite was on the first few chapters.

The End

You have reached the end of "Visionary: The Rewrite". This story is complete.

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