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Visionary: The Rewrite

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Visionary". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Rewrite of Visionary. 'Subtle' Slayer dreams send Buffy to Colorado and the SGC

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Stargate > General > Theme: Humor(Past Donor)chaoseternusFR131312,65933461,67818 Apr 0630 Apr 06Yes

2: Colorado

Chapter 2: Colorado

Buffy stopped her rental car just short of the mountain, gazing at the entrance; it was exactly as she remembered it from her dream, except, she thought with a wry grin, for the guards who were taking a very active interest in her presence.

She rolled down her window as a blonde-haired female approached her car, a patch on her uniform identifying her as Staff Sergeant O’Malley,

“I’m sorry miss, you can’t park here” she calmly told the Slayer, who didn’t miss the alertness in the soldiers eyes, how close her fingers were to her rifles safety nor the carefully hidden turrets and gun emplacements that dotted the area.

Buffy looked up to the sergeant with a wary but wry smile, “Do you have a” she thought back to her dream, concentrating hard for a moment, “Teal’c working here? Tall black guy, funky gold tattoo on his forehead?”

O’Malley stiffened subtly, “I’m afraid I don’t know the name Sir, but if you come to the guardroom I could check for you”

“Sure” Buffy said, glancing around at all the guns that were suddenly not quite pointing at her, “and while you’re having me checked out, you can pass a message along to that person who may not work here…”

The look O’Malley sent her could best be described as ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’


The airman walked quickly into the cafeteria, gazing unnoticed around the room before he spotted SG-1 or rather the unmistakable form of Teal’c. Relived that he didn’t have to search any further, he strode swiftly across to the group.

“Excuse me”

“Yes Airman” Colonel O’Neill replied groaned, putting down his spoonful of Jelly, cursing whatever beings might be listening that once again, a simple meal with his friends looked about to be interrupted by business.

“Message for Teal’c sir”

Teal’c raised an eyebrow in surprise; it wasn’t often that an airman came looking for him; usually it was O’Neill, Major Carter, or Daniel Jackson, the other members of SG-1.

“The guards are holding a young lady up top; she refuses to identify herself, but insists on a message being brought down to you Sir”

“Secret admirer Teal’c?”

Teal’c ignored the comment and raised the other eyebrow, every female on planet he knew was either known to the guards, or a member of the SGC.

“The message is, ‘the Tarithna is at the gate’ sir”

Teal’c nodded almost complacently, then blinked, his eyes widening slightly.

Seeing the subtle signs of pure shook from their friend, his team-mates tensed, preparing for action but Teal’c was already out of the door.

O’Neill glanced at Teal’c chair as it bounced off the floor in shock, “Did Teal’c just flat out run out of the room?”

“Err, yeah” Daniel replied, brushing the remains of Teal’c dinner off of his fatigues.

“Did he look… shocked to you?”

“Very” Carter answered, glancing at her CO. The communication was silent, no words were needed and with a clatter of chairs hitting the floor, the rest of SG-1 ran after their comrade.
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