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Doctors Lament

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Summary: Something different happened during 'Heroes'

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Stargate > General > Characters: Janet FraiserMaineiacFR1843,6710148,56618 Apr 065 Aug 07No

Pain and Regret

Pain and Regret

See part one for disclaimer

A.N. I decided to change a few things from canon in TVs. Faith joined the Mayor, but never killed Lester. The only human she did kill was Deputy Mayor ‘Idiot’ Finch. Grad part 1&2 did happen. There was no body switching, and Faith did not go to L.A. Can you guess why?

SGC 2004

Lt Colonel Samantha Carter stood in the door way with her god daughter Cassie, watching the scene in front of her. Her best friend, a quasi sister, sat slumped in her seat beside her eldest daughters bed, one hand rested on the plain white sheet loosely touching the still girls arm. Hearing the soft gasp from beside her she looked to see the stricken look on Cassie’s face as she took in just how bad things were.

Faith was surrounded by machines and steel frame work, cables and wires seemed to be everywhere almost obscuring the slim figure. A tube was in her throat, providing oxygen to the motionless figure while another one snaked its way under the pale blue gown covering her chest, the red fluid replenishing her blood supply. Yet another tube that let the built up body fluids drain off hung from the beds frame work.

Five days ago when Sam had first seen the damage done by the staff weapon, she did not give Faith a one in a thousand chances of surviving. The list of her injuries had been extensive, and severe, Doctor Laten, the surgeon called in to replace an injured Janet, had not wanted to even attempt to work on her, only the combined front of SG-1 and General Hammond had made him try. Twelve hours later he had walked out of the OR grim faced and not too optimistic. Janet had not left her side for more then five minutes at a time since then.

Sam could not help but think of the first time she had seen the young girl. The circumstances had not been much different then now. Both involved a worried Janet, a scared Cassie and an unconscious Faith.

Colorado Springs 2000

Cassie had called, frantic, in the middle of the night shouting about men with guns and someone being hurt. Sam grabbed her cell phone as she rushed out the door, calling her team mates as she tore down the street, thoughts of the NID filling her head. The scene she rushed into was chaotic at best. The front door was hanging by one hinge and broken furniture and ceramics littered the floor. Bullet holes scared the walls and ceiling while a broken rifle lay discarded on the floor.

Holding her pistol in one hand, Sam made her way around the darkened room, keeping as quiet as possible, alert for danger. She wanted to call out, but didn’t, not knowing if anyone was here having to wait was better then being shot. She moved around the end of the sofa and pulled up short, seeing three men trussed up unconscious on the floor, all three sporting bruised faces and not a small amount of blood. Checking each one she found strong steady pulses, and on one the tell tale signs of a tranquilizer dart still embedded in his neck.

“Janet?” she called softly, knowing that if these strangers were still here that the feisty Doctor had protected Cassie and was somewhere in the house waiting for back up.

“Up here.” came the muffled response and taking the stairs two at a time, Sam made her way to Janet’s room. The scene inside did not make much more sense then the one down stairs

“What happened?”

“We don’t know.” Cassie told her. “When we got home those guys were already tied up and she,” pointing to the young woman her mother was tending, “passed out just after we got here.”

As Sam went to ask another question she heard the sound of brakes squealing out side and moved toward the window, peeking out through the blinds and a sense of relief washed over her as she saw Daniel and Teal’c pile out of Colonel O’Neill’s truck.

“Up here Sir.” she called, turning back towards the bed and the two quiet people their.

Janet had not made a sound yet, and as she looked closer, Sam could see the shock on her face, a open book held in her hands, and tears streaming down her ashen face. She had never seen the woman like this before.

The sound of alarms going off brought her back to the present, and her heart seemed to skip a beat as she realized the sound came from the room in front of her. She was all but run over as medical personal charged the room.

-* - *

The young corporal at the gate looked up as he heard a vehicle crunching over the gravel drive. Looking up, he saw a late model chevy pick-up with two men in it pulling to a stop. Moving to the small doorway in the gate, he saw the men looking at him, one and older man with greying hair and the other with dark hair and an eye patch over his left eye. Placing his hand on the butt of his pistol, he stepped up to the drivers window.

“Can I help you sir?” he asked as the window was rolled down.

“We need to see Doctor Fraiser.” the older man said, in a cultured British voice.

“I’m sorry, but she doesn’t wish to speak to anyone right now.”

“We know. We are friends of her daughters. Colonel Carter called us. I am Rupert Giles and this is Alexander Harris.” he replied, indicating the other man.

“Wait here please.” And turning away, the marine moved back inside the guard shack, making a call.

Inside the truck, Xander gazed off into the distance, wondering just how bad things were, while beside him, Giles was lost in memory. He had received the call less the a day ago, and he could not help but blame himself not knowing what had happened to his wayward child.

Faith had barely been sixteen when she first showed up in Sunnydale, a wild, lost child, but he had failed to see how truly lost she was, and not until the journal of Ms Covington had arrived in his mail had he realized to just what lengths the Council would go. Reading through the book, he had cursed himself, the Council, and Reginald Travers.

The Dark Slayer Prophecy had been fulfilled, but at the cost of a young girls happiness, for he had no doubts that had Faith been raised by her true family, so much heartache would have been avoided.

He had been called when she awoke, weak but still trying to escape when he had arrived at her hospital room, only the fact that eight months in a coma had left the Slayer at normal human strength had given him time to talk to her. Getting her out of the hospital had been easy, getting her away from the Councils goon squad had not. She took the journal, and the money he offered, and left, searching for her past. He had convinced her to keep in touch with him, and was relieved when she called him six months later telling him she had found what she had been missing.

-* - *

Cassandra Fraiser was not related by blood to the two woman in the cold grey room, but the were her family, closer then anyone else she could remember. Her own parents lost in distant memories, she held even closer to the new family she had. Hearing the sound of alarms going off, she had rushed into the room, desperate to help, only to see Faith’s eye’s wide in fear and panic. Fighting against the tube in her through.

It took four orderlies to hold her still, and her mother to calm her, yet still the fear showed in her eyes. When they removed the tube, she dry heaved and then fell back against the stark white sheets, exhausted. When her mother told her the awful truth, Cassie cried when she heard the whispered words of her sister.

“You should have let me die.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Doctors Lament" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Aug 07.

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