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Do I know you?

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Summary: BTVS/Supernatural/HP crossover: Willow and Sam are twins separated at birth

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Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Other
KarieFR151015,12812316,75221 Apr 062 Jan 08No

Chapter Two

Thanks so much for the reviews! =-) Sorry this took so long- I couldn't decide on how to get them to meet up. Future parts will definently be much longer. And as always, review and tell me if I'm doing it right *grin*


"Did you really think I'd let it go?" Willow Rosenburg stared over at her ex-girlfriend, who looked like she was barely holding onto her temper.

"Sorry, Kennedy, but you kinda have to," the redhead answered, glancing over at the crowded dance floor where her friends were gathered. She'd sat this one out, thinking that she could get a little bit of alone-time with her drink. With all the catching up everyone was doing, she was talking so much she wasn't getting half as drunk as she'd planned. Not that she did a lot of drinking, but tonight was a special occaision. A special occaision that had just been ruined. "I'd suggest you get out of here before Buffy gets back. After that last 'accident' I don't think she's very happy with you."

"That was an accident," Kennedy flipped her hair over her shoulder and stood with her feet braced shoulder-width apart and her arms crossed over her chest. Willow rolled her eyes and took another long drink of the fruity concoction Buffy had ordered for her. "It was, Will."

"Just like the other six 'accidents', huh Ken?" Willow sighed and leaned back in her chair. She wasn't worried about the other girl getting violent in here, not with everyone standing around. Besides, Willow could handle herself in a fight with anyone- including a mostly inexperienced slayer like Kennedy. "You know, if you're really trying to kill me, then you'll have to try a little bit harder than that."

"I'm not, Willow," the dark haired girl looked like she was trying not to cry as she knelt down in front of her ex-girlfriend. "I'm sorry, Will, really sorry."

"No, Kennedy," Willow snapped, getting to her feet. "You're just sorry that you got stationed in Alaska. I'm gonna go join my friends now. When I get back, you'd better not be here."

"Willow, please-" Kennedy caught her arm and the redhead froze, looking down at the bruising grip.

"I suggest you let me go," Willow warned quietly, her tone dangerous.

Kennedy dropped her arm like she'd been burned. Willow turned and made her way back through the crowd where Xander swung her up into a complicated dance they'd perfected long before they'd left Sunnydale. The dark haired slayer stood there for a few more minutes, watching her move with her friends, jealousy burning in her stomach. "I won't let you go. I can't."

When Willow, Buffy, Xander, Dawn, and Faith returned to the table, Kennedy was gone. "Wow, that was a little intense," Dawn said when they settled down again. "I thought you were gonna lose your temper there for a second, Will."

"Nah," Willow waved her hand, finally feeling a little bit of the alcohol taking effect. "That little girl is a waste of my time."

"Good for you, Red," Faith grinned and raised her glass in a toast. "To finally finding the strength to do what we've all wanted to do for a long time."

"Sorry, guys," Willow frowned and drank the last of her drink. "I didn't mean to make you suffer with her for so long."

"Hey, girl, it's okay," Buffy grinned, slamming back another shot. "I seem to remember all of us puttng you through some shit at one time or another."

Willow rolled her eyes and got to her feet. "I'm going for another. Anyone else want?"

"Yeah, I'll go with you," Xander grinned, finishing off the rest of his beer. He didn't really want to say it, but they'd all agreed that Willow wasn't supposed to go anywhere without one of them with her. They had all the confidence that Willow could defend herself if Kennedy got pissed and attacked. But that was only if the witch knew what was coming.

"Good thing we're walking home," Willow giggled as Xander had to hold onto her arm as they weaved through the crowd. One more and she was done. "I don't ever get this drunk."

Just about that time, she crashed head-to-chest into a tall man about her age. She dimly heard the sound of glass breaking, because an odd feeling ran through her. Her head went fuzzy and her vision did something weird. "You okay," she heard his voice then and she was left blinking up at a vaguely familiar face. His hair was too long in the front, falling down almost into his eyes. She knew she'd never seen him before, but he looked so familiar.

"Yeah," she heard herself answer. "Do- Do I know you?"

"Hey, Sam, everything okay?" another voice barged in and Willow became aware of Xander holding her slighly away from the man she'd bumped into. She looked over and smiled at the cute guy that had just interrupted. Her first thought was that Faith would have a cow and then try to jump him.

"Everything's good," the other guy- Sam, said, glancing away, then back at her.

"Sorry 'bout that, guys," Xander cut in then, his face transforming from the slightly menacing look to a friendly grin. "Join us for a bit and I'll buy ya some more beer."

"Sure," Dean grinned, elbowing his brother, who was still staring at the redhead. "Let me get Casanova here back into the land of the living, then we'll join you."

"Sure, we're right over there. Look for a loud-mouthed brunette and a pretty blonde."

"Xander," the redhead giggled and swatted his arm playfully.
"That's not- Well, it is pretty accurate. Now let's go get more alcohol."

"See ya in a few," Dean said and then grabbed Sam by the arm and dragged him back over to their table in the corner. "What the hell was that, Sammy?"

"What," his younger brother blinked and started gathering up their papers. "She looks familiar, Dean. In a weird, I've never met her kinda way."

"All right, that makes a lot of sense," Dean snorted, but grinned, waggling his eyebrows. "So maybe little brother'll get lucky tonight."

"It's not that kind of feeling, Dean." Sam frowned, but followed his brother back to the table where the redhead and her friends were laughing about something.

"Hey again," the redhead giggled and handed Dean a beer. "I'm Willow, this is Xander. The blonde is Buffy and the mouthy brunette is Faith. And that's Dawn. Touch her in any way and you'll find yourself without a-..."

"Here, Will," the now red-faced Dawn handed the other girl a cell phone. "You got a call from Giles while you were at the bar."

"I'll call him later," the redheaded witch waved her hand. "Probably wanted to ask about that-"

"Report he wanted about the... Warehouse case," Dawn was quick to interrupt. "You know how he gets with those reports."

Willow frowned and put her drink to the side. She was at the point where she knew she needed to slow down, especially with strangers joining them. She'd almost let something slip. It was time to have some fun. "Okay, I've had enough. Anyone wanna dance?"

"Let's go," Dean grinned over at his brother, who glared at him before being drug out on the dance floor by the small blonde. Faith grabbed Xander, who grabbed Dawn. Soon they were all out on the dance floor- Sam being the only one who looked uncomfortable. Dean was dancing with the redhead, ignoring the death-glares Sam was sending him. Really, if the boy wanted to dance with her, all he had to do was step in. While she was really cute, she wasn't exactly his type. He was just doing it to rile his brother.

Now the blonde that was currenly grinding her hips to the music was more his type. "Go dance with her," the redhead- Willow, grinned and pushed him in her friend's direction. "I'm gonna go outside for a second."

Dean glanced over at Sam, who nodded and started to follow her. Dean shrugged and went to dance with Bunny... Or whatever her name was.


"Hey, Giles," Willow leaned against the outside wall of the club as she called the senior watcher. She straightened up immediately with a deep frown. "Well, shit. Why didn't you call us back? I would've answered the second time. All right. I'll get the others. Where are they at? All right. Try to radio them and tell them help's on the way."

Sam frowned and stepped back into the shadows as she rushed back into the club. He waited a few seconds before following her, watching as she gathered her friends with a few soft spoken words. He slided up beside his brother as they were kinda ignored in their haste to get outside. "Call me," the blonde pressed a slip of paper into Dean's hand with a wink before they disappeared out the door.

"So, we follow?"

"Yeah, there's definently something off here." Sam sighed and followed his brother out the door. Why did he have a bad feeling about this?

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