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Do I know you?

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Summary: BTVS/Supernatural/HP crossover: Willow and Sam are twins separated at birth

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Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Other
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Chapter One

Title: Do I know you?

Summary: Willow and Sam are twins separated at birth... *shrug* just read it =)

Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS, Supernatural, or HP

Warning: This is going to be a major AU for HP, but except for the obvious changes to Supernatural and BTVS, most happens according to cannon.

Feedback: Please! =0) This is my first Supernatural crossover and I need to know if I'm doing it right, or at least okay *grin*


"Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"No, Alice. I've only been doing this since we were teenagers."

"Sorry, Sev. It's just..." There was a pause and the dark haired woman looked down at the tiny babies lying in the basinet. "It's hard to let them go."

"Keep your head, woman," the sour potions master snarled to cover his own misgivings about what they were doing. "This is for their own good. Do you really want them to be found?"

"No," Alice shivered and stroked the boy's cheek. They were so different, but then so much alike. The girl had her mother's light strawberry-colored hair and the boy had his father's dark curls. It was too soon to tell, but she thought that the girl had her father's green eyes while the other had the dark Longbottom eyes. Both had such pale, soft skin and rosy cheeks. They were beautiful children, barely two weeks old. Their mother had died giving birth, and their father was the reason they had to be hidden. "No- they must never find them. Dumbledore knows what he's doing, and so do you."

"Good. We're ready. Your husband going to be here for this?"

Alice shook her head, tears pooling in her dark eyes. "He couldn't bear to be here. Their mother was his sister, Severus. He-"

"We don't have much time," Snape cut her off abruptly to hide his own emotions. He took the potion he'd been brewing for the last three weeks and went to stand over the infants. He gently poured a few drops of the potion on the top of first the girl's head, then the boy- then spoke the words to a spell to erase the magical signature that surrounded the babies. It didn't get rid of their magical abilities completely, just made it harder to detect. When the time was right, it would be lifted and they'd be found.

"Now say your goodbyes, we leave in ten minutes."

Alice Longbottom kissed her niece and nephew, pulling then up into her arms. From nowhere her husband reached out and took the little girl, holding her sleeping form up to look at her. "I knew you would have to say goodbye, love."

"I didn't want to," Frank told her, his deep voice unusually somber. He was a big man and his hands completely encompassed the small child. He brought her closer and pressed a kiss to her face. "But I can't let them go without seeing them one last time. They're all I have left of her- of my sweet sister."

"We have to protect them," Alice cradled the other baby close, his little face buried in her neck. She could feel his warm breath on her skin and she never wanted to let him go. "They're not safe here, not with Narcissa knowing about them. It wouldn't be too long before she tells her snake of a husband, and we all know what happens then."

"Aye, Alice-love," Frank leaned over and kissed his wife before laying a hand on the other baby's small back. "They'll be taken care of, Severus will make sure of it."

"It's time," Snape interrupted the touching scene relunctantly. The young couple turned to look at him, their faces etched in sadness. He took the babies and held them tight as he apparated out, leaving the Longbottoms to grieve the loss of their only link to what was left of Frank's only sibling.

Twelve hours later, Severus Snape stood in the living room of the last stop of the night. He'd gone to California first, because the family he placed the girl with needed more 'work' than this one. Memories had to be replaced and things had to be rearranged in the Rosenburg residence. But now, standing in front of John Winchester and his wife, he knew that they would care for the young child without needing extra motivation- or memories.

One look at the sleeping child, and the young couple had melted. They had been chosen carefully, as had the Rosenburgs. But while Ira and Shelia had been chosen for location, the Winchesters had been chosen because of their background. He and Dumbledore had agreed that John and his wife would protect the child with their lives if necessary.

His task made easier by Dumbledore's advance letter, Snape soon found himself apparating back to the gates of Hogwarts. His heart was heavy as he made his way through the tunnels leading to his dungeon rooms. This was just one step in many he'd taken to gain his redemption for his past mistakes. If Voldemort knew the location of the twins, it would be devastating for all concerned.

As it was, it would only be a matter of time before Narcissa Malfoy told her husband. And then all hell would break loose. But as of now, the babies were safe in their new lives as Samuel Winchester and Willow Rosenburg.

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