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Ticket No. 12099

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Summary: A response to nemo_gravis's challenge on the pygs_lj community: "Open your email client and go to your spam folder. Pick a subject line at random. Write a drabble based around that subject line." Technically, this is a triple drabble (300 words).

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Television > LostLearnedHandFR131302021,09821 Apr 0621 Apr 06Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. I am making no money from their use.

So much had changed. She had changed.

During the first few months, she had no focus, no discipline. She did whatever felt right at the time. Sometimes, she would go for weeks without even thinking about how things were before. Other times, she would spend entire days doing nothing but thinking about how things were before.

It had been during one of those fugue days that a wild boar almost got her. She snapped out of it in time, and jumped out of the charging animal's way. She even managed to kill the thing, making her a hero to some as they ate roast pork that night. But she was no hero. Not any more, at least.

Still, hero or not, her getting killed wouldn't do anybody any good, so she set up a routine. Early every morning, she climbed to the highest point she could find, confirmed that it was predator-free, and meditated until she felt like she was done. After that, she was able to focus on the world around her, and avoid potentially fatal daydreaming.

Avoid potentially fatal anything, actually. Because she realized, early on, that if she died, everyone else would be stuck in this dimension forever. She had somehow brought everyone here, and if she could just figure out how, she should be able to send everyone home.

In one set of memories, she was Dawn Summers, who jumped into a portal and died saving the world. A hero.

In her other set of memories, she was Kate Austen, who killed her abusive father and got her ex-boyfriend killed saving her own skin. A criminal.

Despite the confusing conflicting memories, one thing was certain. She was the Key. And only she could save them all.

She just hoped she didn't have to die this time.

The End

You have reached the end of "Ticket No. 12099". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking