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Dark Moon Destiny

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Summary: There is a new Big Bad rising in Tokyo-and the prophets are enlisting the Slayer to help a moon princess. Buffy/Spike, Serena/?-Mystery Guy

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Running Away

Dark Moon Destiny

By Water Block

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or any other previously formed, cashed in upon idea that is in this fic. The plot, any new/ original characters, and/or places are mine. (Leonard is actually a real place. NO ONE wants to own that, though!)

Summary: There is a 'new' enemy in town that's been picking off the Scouts. The only problem is, is they had no idea they were being hunted until it was too late. Who will be left to protect our little Princess, with the Scouts MIA!

Chapter 1

On the Run…Serena is Scared

Serena had been on the run for about a week, now. She could only bring as much as she could carry, amazingly her sub-pocket (AN: Chiky-B reminded me that’s what it’s called!) was Not infinitely large, so she only brought the essentials; pictures of friends and family, and a couple of other things.

She was scared, and I mean really, truly Scared! Not that fake scared she had when, before…


It all started a week ago. Actually, it really started about a month ago, but her uncontrollable fear and life on the run, now That started a week ago.

A week and a day ago she had two remaining friends and a family. A week ago her friends died and Serena collapsed in grief. Luna and Artemis were nowhere—even now, she still had no idea where they disappeared to; and she started to panic. Serena really needed someone to talk to, so in a moment of desperation, she called together her family and told them everything, hoping they could help. I mean, when your friends are dead, who else can you turn too?

At first they were angry, and worried and, and they almost called the nut house. Then I had to transform, and then there was shock, and strangely, more anger. Only, it was a Lot more, and sadness, too. Mother burst into heaving sobs, Sammy was speechless and Father, he was livid.

But it was mom who really tore in. She suddenly looked up, and in a dead calm, dead serious, dead…, ‘got to stop think’ that word,’ said,

“So, it was all a lie? You’re just some reincarnated snobby princess, just born to us as a way to survive? You’re not really mine. I always had this feeling you weren’t, I mean just look at you!”

By now, she was purple with rage. Mrs. Tsukino had to stop for a second to catch her breath, and Serena; along with her Dad and Sammy, were hoping she was done. No such luck was found, however.

“ And now, after years of sneaking around behind our backs, being this, this, Moon person, you Only tell Us because your friends are Dead and you want a New bunch of BODYGAURDS to protect your Princess self! Well, missy, you’ve put this family in enough danger and I am saying, No More! I’ll give you an hour to collect a few Essential items, and than… I never want to see You Again.”

Through out this whole speech, the Father had attempted to calm his wife, but she just shrugged him off.

Sammy wanted to run to his hero, his sister, and hug her, and comfort her, but he was too intimidated by his mother’s anger.

The males were left, helpless, as they watched Serena fighting back heart wrenching sobs as she turned and walked as dignified as she could to her room, where she would pack her belongings, and then disappear from their lives forever.

Mr. Tsukino, wanting to reason with his rage-filled wife, pleaded with her to give Their Daughter another chance. The Mrs.’ never answered.

“Can’t we at least give her a little money, you know, to help her start out?”

She turned with a hiss of rage, and said in low, harsh tones, “We’ve been supporting that… Thing, for seventeen years! No. More.” With that, she ignored him.

Finally, the hour was up and Serena went to the door. Her dad and brother came to hug her, while Mrs. Tsukino stayed on the landing of the stairs.

First Sammy hugged her fiercely. “I have something for you.”

“Oh. What is it, sweetie?” Serena asked tenderly.

Sammy held out his little Buddha money bank. “It has seventeen dollars and thirty-six cents in it. I want to help.”

“NO! Samuel Tsukino, don’t you Dare give that Monster that money!” (You can all guess who said that!)

In a much kinder voice, with sweeter words, Serena replied, “Ahhh, Sammy! I love you so, So much. I just wouldn’t feel right taking your money—just like some common playground bully! Thank-you.” The last was said in a whisper only Sammy could hear as she leaned down and gave him a big hug.

Next was her father. He didn’t say anything loud enough for his family to hear, but he leaned down and gave his only daughter a great big bear hug, whispering his love, “and to be careful of this boys!” while secretly slipping something in her backpack.

“Daddy, I’ll miss you!” This caused both to start, well, to sob harder.

When the wife ‘harrumphed;’ they broke apart. Serena walked away, never looking back.


She hadn’t realized her Father’s gift until later that night, when she was sleeping under the jungle gym in the local park and was scavenging her backpack for food—her mother had been guarding the kitchen, so ‘essential’ food items like food were not available.

It was a thousand dollars, in cash. Probably so Mrs. Tsukino couldn’t cancel the gesture.

The next day Serena deposited half in a high interest account, the other half in a checking account, but she had no intentions of really using it. She just wanted to have it there for the emergencies she knew her father was trying to protect her from.


In just a few short days, or one Really long month, Serena had grown up quite a bit; she didn’t klutz out or cry as much, she daydreamed less and less, and she Actually thought about the future—not a few centuries ahead, future with Crystal Tokyo, but of the day to day future, like a job, and apartment, how she was going to survive, etc.

Knowing she needed shelter, and not having enjoyed her stay on the cold, hard, and grainy ground of the sandbox in the park, that also had the wonderful feature of Not being windproof; yet realizing she did not have unlimited funding, Serena commenced a search of the district. The best she could find was an abandoned warehouse, just about ready to collapse. It was a two story building, made of red brick, covered in graffiti and looked like it had seen a turf war or three. Maybe even a fire.

Having found an inadequate, yet temporary shelter, our lost little bunny started looking for suitable employment. This also proved harder then she expected, I mean, who wouldn’t want a cute, blonde high school girl without any job experience working for them. Just about no one, but every ‘business’ around her ‘shelter’ were too shady or screamed of ‘perverts and death! Run away!”

Having no home, she was forced to wear the same thing constantly; a choice between two pairs of faded blue jeans, a tie-died long sleeved hoody shirt on colder days, and her favorite t-shirt, her friends got her on her birthday. It was a grayish blue with a directional star on the front, and moon bunny on the back, like a jersey would have.

Needless to say, she was becoming a little rank.

After a week of these conditions, with low food in-take, barely adequate shelter, and the feeling of constantly being watched and followed, she was growing increasingly paranoid and jumpy.

This feeling of paranoia proved to be correct.

While on her way out of the poorer dock areas, the blonde rabbit got a feeling that she was being followed, so she walked faster. Yet it didn’t go away, she proceeded to jog, beginning to build up speed until she was running blindly through the dark wharf.

Eventually, Serena just ‘collapsed’ against a dingy wall to catch her breath, searching frantically for her pursuer. She didn’t find them, but she Did notice she was in front of some sort of late night tavern, and there just so happened to be a ‘help wanted’ sign posted in the grime encrusted windows!

AN: This chapter was a lot longer, but I wanted to break it up a little bit, so this one Really long chapter (16 pages of my note book paper) will be divided into two, maybe even three chapters. Plus, this is a nice in-between chapter!

Please Read and Review—It is Much appreciated!
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