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Dark Moon Destiny

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Summary: There is a new Big Bad rising in Tokyo-and the prophets are enlisting the Slayer to help a moon princess. Buffy/Spike, Serena/?-Mystery Guy

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Inappropriate Touchin

Dark Moon Destiny

By Water Block

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own Sailor Moon, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Author's Note: I stayed home sick from school today, and in guilt, and a spurt of inspiration/boredom, decieded to update. In return, please leave me a review! It will make me feel better. Cough, Cough I'll die if you don't Insert Puppy eyes

Chapter 5.5

Tokyo Airport…11:45 pm

Last Time on Dark Moon Destiny…

A Week Later…

“Giles! How the hell are we supposed to find this girl! It’s been a week already and all of our known sources have been tapped!” Buffy nearly shouted in frustration. Upon seeing his slightly hurt expression, she sighed and said in a consoling, yet slightly whining voice, “You know I’m not angry with you, I just get so irritated. I had to meet that girls’ mother today,”

“I know I was there” Giles interjected.

Continuing as though she was never interrupted, “Did you see the way she looked at me? When I asked her where her daughter was, she just looked at me like pond scum and said in this really evil, angry voice, ‘I have no daughter,’ and attempted to slam the door in my face! Can you believe that bitch!

“Buffy! She may not have been the most outstanding woman, but there is no reason for you to call her names.” Giles said, trying to sound shocked and fatherly.

“Oh, that’s easy for you to say. She invited you in for tea, just because you said, wait-what did you say? I didn’t really understand her reasoning for liking you and not me.” Buffy said in fading anger.

…Now, on with the story…

(This will be in Buffy’s POV, mostly…)

Giles suddenly appeared quite red in the face, and refused to say anything. Buffy become increasingly interested, because it was very rare for Giles to Not want to give out information-in fact, this had to be the first time in history!

“Come on, Giles. Spill it! What did you say to make her like you and not me, and is also having the concurrent power of making you speechless with embarrassment at this very moment?” Buffy asked in a wheedling, and troublesome, tone of voice that held the threat of much pain if he were to deny her, her requested knowledge.

Thus, Giles just sighed and mumbled in a hurried fashion, “”

All Buffy could do is stare at Giles for a minute, trying very hard to decipher the gibberish that flew from his mouth. She had been worried about him at first, imagining some demon was trying to possess him, and he was speaking in tongues, but then realized he was trying to say everything as quickly as possible, in a low, mumbling sort of voice.

“Can you repeat that, please? Ah, ah, and slower this time.”

“All I Said Was That She Was A Lovely Young Woman Who Couldn’t Possibly Have An 18 Year Old Daughter, And Would It Be Very Much Trouble If I And My Impertinent Companion Would Be Allowed To Enter Your Beautiful Domicile”

Again, Buffy was in shock mode, but this time it was mixed with and incredulous anger. “How the hell were you able to spew all that crap, A) without me hearing any of it, and B) without punching yourself out of self-loathing?” Her anger won out.

Sighing, Giles replied “Buffy, you must learn to be diplomatic in the regular world if you wish to acquire necessary information. Not everyone is a demon you can do battle with, just for information; you must you finesse. You were too angry to hear anything when I ‘spewed all that crap’ But don’t feel bad, Buffy. I think our allowance inside had more to do with my being a stately, middle aged British man with my sensual British accent, than it had to do with the compliments.”

Suddenly, Buffy looked a little green, and a little more than a little disgusted, so she asked in a quavering voice, “Why would you think that!”

“Well, you see, uh. She kept making sexual advances on my person, giving me glances and licking her lips a lot during said glances. And, there was some inappropriate touc-“

“Eww! Gross! Giles, If you ever say another word like that, I am afraid that, Watcher or No Watcher, You will have to die by my hand!”

And no more was ever again said about the inappropriate touching, or adulterous happenings of our Moon Bunny’s Earth ‘Mother.’ At least not while in Buffy’s presence.

The only thing you must know about this now hush-hush event, is that aside from the taboo happenings with Giles, Buffy was unable to discover much about what happened to Serena. There were no longer any pictures in the house to indicate there had ever been an 18 year old girl living here, ever, and when she investigated the second floor, she discovered three bedrooms; one, a little boy’s room, two, a master bedroom, and three, an extra bedroom with white washed walls and a neutral color scheme. Buffy had a strong suspicion this used to be the girls room, but didn’t have any proof, except her Slayer-Sense tingled at the feel of great power, and despair.

Buffy had proceeded to comb the Juuban district after the bust in the family route, while Giles made phone calls and researched extensively, all in the comfort of their new home, “While I get to do all the leg work.” Buffy grumbled this last bit aloud. “And it is extremely difficult to find ONE girl in this sea of people. Not to mention the men here have absolutely no sense of the danger zones of unfamiliar touching-especially the middle aged businessmen.” This sort of grumbling continues for awhile, so let’s just skip ahead. (AN: I felt like Andrew there. Shudders) She didn’t even have a photo of this girl!

“I have crawled through old factories, parks and Homeless shelters. I went to all the homes of missing Jane’s’ friends, who were no help whatsoever. Most were dead, and within the last month, apparently, and the others hadn’t heard from Serena since a few days before she was thrown out at home.”

Buffy continued ranting to herself as she walked down the street. People were looking at her like she was insane, but she didn’t have the time, or the energy to notice, and didn’t care one way or the other, anyway.

“Well, one good thing happened! At least I was able to discover all the demon haunts and bars. I was even able to find a few probable vampire/demon nesting grounds. This will make Slaying SO much easier.” And Buffy was smiling again. (And the people around her were quickly scrambling to NOT be around her. Discreetly, of course.)

It was almost dawn, yet again, and Buffy just had one more bar to check. If this was a bust-and she was entirely anticipating that, she would just go home and continue her search the next night. Maybe.

As Buffy entered, she noticed the name hanging above the door. “The Sea Shanty. Hmm, how lame can you get?” ‘I mean, isn’t a little obvious, being so close to the docks.’ Sighing, Buffy proceeded inside, and took a quick survey of the scene. The bar tender was a demon, there were five demon patrons of non descript origin, a couple of Chinese vampires, and three humans-two of them customers and the other a waitress. Too tired to beat on anyone’s ass, and really just there to have a drink before turning in for the night, Buffy just went up to the bar and ordered an alcohol free strawberry margarita, (Hey! She was going to order a drink, not necessarily an intoxicating one. Beer and Buffy are NOT good friends.) without once looking as the person taking her order.

“And will that be all, miss?” an unsure, yet musical voice asked. Looking up, Buffy saw the human waitress was serving her.

This girl looked to be around 17, 18 years old, had long, shimmering, golden hair in a strange style of two buns on the top of her head with two long streamers that hung down to her shoulders and looped back up to her buns, and she was wearing a white apron over a pair of jeans and a blue tee shirt.

As Buffy was inspecting the girl, her stomach protested long and loud at the abuse it was receiving, having last been fed last afternoon. Blushing slightly, Buffy asked, “Uh, do you serve any food?”

The waitress giggled lightly and replied, “The house specials are hamburgers, pork-rinds, fried fish, and questionable peanuts.”

“Three hamburgers and two bags of pork rinds, please.” Buffy replied, her stomach groaning once again.

“Your food should be out shortly, ms!” The perky blonde chirped, before disappearing to the back.

“Three burgers, Orphy!” The blonde called, as she flounced into the back, having far too much energy for the crack of dawn.

“Orphy?” Being a demon bartender rarely gave him a chance to acquire such a…cute, nickname.

“Yeah, don’t you like it? I’m sorry, I…”

‘Orphy’ interrupted “No, it’s fine. It’s just, unexpected.”

“So, how is it?” Blondie asked, after Buffy took her first bite.

Tasting thoughtfully, she replied “It’s really good! Juicy, Tasty. And this is the best Margarita I’ve ever had!”

The girl blushed in pride, having mixed it herself. “Is there anything else I can get you?

“No, this is fine. Thanks, though.” Buffy replied in gratitude. Now her stomach was no longer planning a rebellion.

“Alrighty then, enjoy your meal!” And with that, the strange girl with the interesting heir style flounced off, without Buffy realizing once how close she had been to her querry. When she eventually discovers her mistake, she will blame all on her appetite and her sleep deprivation.

End Of Chapter.

Next Chapter Will Be In Serena’s POV, on the rest of her first night working in a demon bar. I could have written more, but felt that was enough for one day. Remember, I am a procrastinator, and I have not had enough reviewer encouragement.

Now, I know there is a new rule out on this site that doesn’t allow for us author type personages to give individual reviewer responses, But I think that’s just stupid. Therefore, I have created a list of all my reviewers on my profile, and would like to thank them profoundly for their reviews. They make me so happy! Also, thank-you to everyone who has read my story, even if you don’t review. (All 508 of you)

Well, until next time!

Sailor Says; Be a good reader and leave a review to the nice author. Otherwise you will have a monkey gnawing on your ear!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dark Moon Destiny" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 06.

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