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Dark Moon Destiny

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Summary: There is a new Big Bad rising in Tokyo-and the prophets are enlisting the Slayer to help a moon princess. Buffy/Spike, Serena/?-Mystery Guy

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Dark Moon Destiny

By Water Block

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or any other previously formed, cashed in upon idea that is in this fic. The plot, any new/ original characters, and/or places are mine. (Leonard is actually a real place. NO ONE wants to own that, though!)

Summary: There is a 'new' enemy in town that's been picking off the Scouts. The only problem is, is they had no idea they were being hunted until it was too late. Who will be left to protect our little Princess, with the Scouts MIA!

Timeline: Sailor Moon- Needs to be surprise. (Dark Moon Family) I never got the chance to watch the show past that season, but I know they get stronger powers, so it is set during that season, but it is sort of-extremely AU.

Buffy: Remember AU episode, where Anya first came in? Set kind-of in that reality. Buffy never came to Sunnydale-but this is my twist on what happened when she didn’t come there. Also AU!



“Master! Mercury and Jupiter have been dealt with.”

“Where are they now?”

“In the Awakening Chamber, sir.”

“When will we they arise?”

“We expect at moon rise, tomorrow.”

“Excellent. Leave. Oh, and barge in that rudely again…”

The underling swallowed nervously, bowed extra-low, and proceeded to walk backwards from the room. The man on the throne didn’t seem to notice, though, as he was entranced by an image of a girl on a pedestal. Before the messenger interrupted his thoughts so abruptly; a usually deadly pass-time, he had been staring broodingly at this image, worrying that his planning still might not be enough for her. Now, he had a deadly looking smirk plastered on his face, as he stared and planned…


In a temple on Cherry Hill, found three girls kneeling I front of a fire and two alters. The raven haired girl was attempting to do a fire reading to find the location of their enemies; and possibly, their friends, no matter how hopeless it may seem.

The first to go had been Amy, which was a month ago. The second to disappear had been Lita, just a few after Amy. The police declared them legally dead the night before.

Amy had been at the college library studying for a botany exam; that’s the last place anyone ever seen her. They found her books in a study room and puddles of blood on the desk.

Lita was last seen applying for a job at a local restaurant. Her book bag and a trail of blood were found in the alley behind the restaurant.

Now, the three remaining Scouts were gathered at Rae’s. It was no coincidence that two Scouts were missing, probably dead. So Rae, Mina and Serena liked to stick closer together these days, it gave them a sense of security and helped them deal with the grief.

“Uhhg! Nothing! The only thing I’m picking up is cold and fear; nothing helpful. It’s like this enemy doesn’t even exist.” Rae burst out.

(AN: Don’t know how to fit this in, but it will be, in this story, that she picks up on the thoughts/Aura thing people have. Since vampires are dead, she’ll only see darkness, like coming against a plate glass window.)

Mina and Serena, who were kneeling in front of alters with portraits and items of their friends, praying, sighed in despair. No matter how futile it was, they had held out hope. They even had Luna and Artemis scanning the city with a computer similar to Amy’s, and shifts of stalking the back alleys and the places where they disappeared. They were all losing hope, and fast.

“Guys, you might as well go home. I can’t do it again tonight, and you should spend some time with your families.” Rae stated.

“Do you think it’s safe to walk home, y’know, alone?” Serena asked hesitantly.

“Pretty sure. There hasn’t been an attack in a month, and there’s no reason to expect one tonight.” Rae answered.

The unspoken, yet unanimous thought of all the girls, was that Amy and Lita’s attacks weren’t expected, either.

All three girls got up and had a group hug, all silently praying that they would live to eat cheesecake together another day. Then they turned separate ways and headed home.

Evil Head Quarters…Same Night

“Are they ready Spike?”

“Yes, Brother. It’s not like I haven’t been training them all this time.” Was the sarcastic reply from the bleached vampire.

Being the irritating, little brother gave him privileges- like speech pattern, without the threat of defenestration.

“Then, tonight is the night their training will be put to use. You will supervise; and remember only Mars and Venus, Not Moon. If they’re together…retreat.”

“Hey! William the Bloody does Not Retreat!”

“Alright, call it whatever you wish. Just comeback and wait for a more opportune moment.”

“Question. Why don’t we just nab the Moon nibblet along with the others? I’m sure I could handle her.” Spike mouthed off cockily.

“Because, dear brother, we, well-I, am not stupid, and refuse to screw up what I have been waiting forever for. Now Go!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Spike grumbled as he went and fetched his trainees.

Temple…Later, the Same Night

She was agitated, and had no idea why. She had bathed, eaten, cleaned her room, swept the temple; and yet she still Could Not Sleep. And it was pissing her off.

“I know, I need some music!” Rea exclaimed with forced enthusiasm.

Bouncing out of bed, she went to her stereo to put in a Ramones CD. Most people have broad reasons (such as education, money, or boredom) for wanting to learn another language. Rea’s was because she got a Ramones CD by mistake at a retro-disk Shoppe, and their songs sounded so great, so energetic and beautiful, she just had to know what they were saying.

When she tried turning on her Player, it didn’t cooperate, so she checked to see if it was plugged in. It was

“What the heck? Maybe Chad was messing with the electricity, or was ‘jamming’ with full power, and blew a fuse.”

With this thought in mind, she decided to just ‘pop’ down to the basement and check out the breaker. Yet, as she turned to leave her room, the door slammed shut, a gag stuffed down her throat and her hands restrained, all in about two seconds.

“Wha’ è f’k a ga’ ng àn! À eemn’ àt òo è f’k ‘le mme ga!” Rea yelped in obviously strangled sentences, which translates to mean: “What the Fuck is going on! I demand that you let me the Fuck go!”

As Rae struggled against the icy vice-like grip of her captor, and swore profanely in her own gagged way; her as yet unknown captor smelled her victims’ strawberry-scented raven’s-hair and tantalizing neck capillary. Finally, Rae’s intruder whispered in a low and throaty voice; “Why, Rae! Is that anyway to greet and old friend?”

Rae’s eyes popped out and she choked out a strangled “’Mi!”

With an evil little chuckle, Amy; the Scout of Mercury, said: “Yes, it’s me, Mars. I’ve risen from the grave, so to speak, and I have a little present for you.”

And without further ado, Amy’s face contorted from her normally pretty and calm features into hideous wrinkles with Giant, Pointy teeth, and Chomped on Rae’s translucent neck flesh. When she felt her victim stop struggling, she withdrew the gag, bit open her wrist’s vein, and forced Rae to drink her newly vampiric blood.

When she was satisfied her mission was complete, she phoned Spike on a modified version of her Scout communicator.

“Sir, Mission is Complete. Mars has had my blood and is well on her way.”

“Good, pet. Now come home.” Spike answered in that sexy British accent.

“Yes Sir.”

The screen went blank. Amy hefted Rae over her shoulder, grabbed a few things, like Rae’s communicator and her other Scout memorabilia, and teleported home.

(AN: I know I didn’t explain, but well, I forgot. Chad invited Amy in-she didn’t kill him, though, since she was under orders to only ‘kill’ Mars. He’s just knocked out.)

The Street…After Mina Left, On Way Home

Mina and Serena live in opposite directions. So, there would be no safety in numbers on this uncertain night. Mina had been walking for a few moments, and… ya know that creepy feeling on the back of your neck? The one where you just Know someone is following you, or just watching you intensely? Well, she had that Right Now. She was really starting to regret following Rae’s advice; she didn’t even have Artemis with her tonight-he was on a ‘date’ with Luna.

“Miii-nn-aaa…” whispered the wind.

“Who IS That!” Mina exclaimed, searching frantically her surrounding area: the trees, the street ahead and behind, but all she saw was a deserted street, with impenetrable darkness surrounding all her possible escape routes.

The voice whispered again, with a familiar drawl, yet with an odd, mocking edge to it. “Why, Mina! I’m Hurt.”

Where had she heard that Voice! It felt like she should just instantly Know, but the slight differences, and the level of volume were making it exceedingly difficult.

“C-Come out, who ever you are.” She wanted to know who this creepy little stalker was. She just hoped her slight stammer hadn’t been noticed by this predator.

“Come ON! Gone for just a month…” the Voice said from a distance down the street. Like she-no, It had become bored and offended,

“…And it’s like you never even existed.” It finished by her ear, followed with a proper gagging. (Can’t possibly have the non-existent knight-in-Shining Armor become alerted to a Damsel-in-Distress’ Need.)

That was when Mina noticed that it was Lita’s strong, yet feminine arms restraining her. Lita’s face, altered with a mass of bumpy wrinkles and a large set of Teeth (teeth a shark would be jealous of) that was currently buried in her neck.

When Mina gave up struggling, when she was just about to welcome the dark, warm arms of Blacking-Out, her world was suddenly awash in Crimson and the liquid filling her mouth, throat, flooding her senses; Tasted like Ambrosia…

“Mission Complete, Sir. Venus is Successfully Converted.”

“Then come back to base, Pet.”

Lita hefted Venus, much the same as how Amy had dome for Mars, making sure she had Venus’s Communicator and other Scout paraphernalia. And then she was gone.

“Four Down. One Left…”

Tsukino House…Later

Serena was worried. On her walk home, she suddenly felt as if someone had stomped across her grave, and she got a flashing picture of Mina, saying “Love ya’ Serena. See ya on the flip side.”

It was just like when Amy and Lita disappeared. As soon as she got home, she phoned Mina. She wasn’t home, and when she thought to use her communicator to call her, it was gone.

Later that night, as Serena lay in bed, worrying about her MIA friends, she had the same gut wrenching feeling and image flash. Only this time it was Rae, posing and saying “See ya’ Meat Ball Head! Miss you.”

And Serena Knew, even before she called the temple and heard that Rae vanished, that she would Never see Any of her friends again.

She collapsed, sobbing, onto her bunny and moon bedspread, with heart breaking despair, begging any and all deity’s out there for an explanation for why such obscenely horrible things happened. No reply was forthcoming.

Same Night…America

Rupert Giles lived an exciting life. He was British, loved rock and was/ is a Watcher to The Slayer- Buffy Summers.

It took him an extremely long time to find her, possibly due to the fact that she never came to Sunnydale, California-the place where he was waiting for her, before he revealed himself as her new Watcher. There was a dreadful incident while Buffy and her Mother were getting ready to move to Sunnydale: Joyce Summers, the subjects’ mother, was murdered at the Art Gallery she was going to open.

Joyce had come to arrange a few things for the opening, and she was attached by an unknown Vampire. Her body was sent back to L.A. There was a funeral, and then Buffy disappeared. At her mother’s funeral, she apparently vowed to be the best Slayer possible, because no one deserved to have their families “Offed” just because she was a “Crappy” slayer.

Those were her words on the subject when I attempted to broach the subject, anyhow.

Basically, Buffy had been drifting from evil to evil ever since. A nomadic Slayer, if you will.

“Which is all very poetic, and Philosophical, but it’s a pain in the arse to carry an acceptable amount of resources to analyze the demons, apocalypses and any other strange phenomenon that nay arise. Not to mention, the poor accommodations.”

This week they happened to be occupying a little known town in Minnesota; a Leonard, with a population of approximately 50.

Amazing, really, how large and dark, the evil aura was surrounding such a small place. There were no hotels, so they had to camp out in the old, yellow school bus they converted into a mobile home/ demon Slaying central base. They were the bloody Partridge family! And since this place was so E-Vile, Giles was naturally doing the thing he did best-research in ancient, gargantuan tomes.

This particular book was entitled: Predictions and Signs of Impending Doom, and You: What to do, and Where to Look for Help When You Know the End is Near, by a ‘Short, Dead, Dude’ (as Buffy remarked.) (AN: I also own none of the dialogue from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.)

Said book had been a great asset in the past; especially on the numerous occasions they had come up against William the Bloody- better known as Spike, for very intriguing circumstances, when something abnormal occurred. (More abnormal than usual, anyhow); the chapter dedicated to Premonitions and Apoplectic Occurrences of the Orient, suddenly went blank. Moments later new information flooded the pages; mostly the Signs were pointing to a large rising of ‘bad Mojo’ in Tokyo, Japan. Nothing really solid, until the last page of the chapter, which listed: the name of a girl, Serena Tsukino, the area where she could be found in; Juuban Crossroads. And a Very familiar name: Spike, William the Bloody, Scourge of Europe.


“Mmhm, yeah, evil person disrupting my sleep?”

“We are going to Tokyo.”


He stared off into space for a moment, his mind still boggling with the new information, and its enormity, then answered in a slightly choked voice; “…Now.”

A few hours later: seen the Slayer and her Watcher on a plane. Having the Watchers’ Council taking care of legal problems was nice, (even if they were terrible skinflints on a regular, ‘normal’ basis), and their traveling home was safely stored. Giles would Not be parted from his books, though, so they were in special storage on the plane.

The duo was on their way to Tokyo for an unknown evil, having only a few vague premonitions, and area to search and a name.

This was going to be a loooonng trip.

So? What did you think? This is my first story to be put on the Net. I would greatly appreciate some feed-back.

Thanks for reading, and please Read & Review!
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