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Devious Will's adventures

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Summary: *AU : BtVS* X-Over with Cutthroat Island. A writer leaves the coast in hope of finding the true identity of the pirate known as Devious Will.

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Movies > Cutthroat IslandSerenaFR1312930184516 May 0316 May 03No
title : Devious Will's adventures
author : Serena
rating : PG... for now.
pairings : it's a surprise... *grin*
Crossover with Cutthroat Island. AU BtVS.
disclaimer : I own nothing.



A long time ago, down south, in the Caribbean’s waters, lived a famous pirate known as Devious Will. Noone had seen him and lived to tell the tale. The pirate and his crew were well known all the way from Cuba to Jamaica and all the islands nearby. It was said that his ship hid in Bermuda’s triangle until the time came to rob another ship from its treasures.

But as nobody had met Devious Will and lived, he became more of a legend or a myth than reality. All his exploit were signed in black ink, beautiful curved letters. But still, except that signature, there was no other proof that the famous pirate really existed. He became a story to frighten kids who didn’t want to go to sleep, just like the sandman.

Noone truly believed in Devious Will anymore, noone except a young writer. Another Will. The writer believed in the tales of the pirate. He was bound to find out where he was hiding in order to become Will, the writer who wrote Devious Will’s adventures. He was a long way from knowing in what kind of adventures he’d get once he’d know the legendary ocean prowler.

Many were those who tried to stop him from going into that crazy quest. “He doesn’t exist,” some said. “Devious Will is a myth,” others said. But the ambitious writer didn’t listen to those who claimed to be his friends, but were mostly people who pitied the poor writer.

So one day, listening only to his courage and his thirst for knowledge, adventures and, of course, glory, he sailed away from the jamaican cost and headed right toward Bermuda’s triangle.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Devious Will's adventures" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 May 03.

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