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Charming Angels - 6 - Family Matters

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Summary: The world of Charmed meets with the world of Angel to create an entirely different outcome then what you know. Double the twists, double the demons and double the heartache. Enter my favourite constructed reality and enjoy.

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Chapter 10: Who are you?

Chapter 10: Who are you?

“Okay, so there’s a ripple in a time portal.” Piper said. “So? How are we supposed to fight a ripple?”

Everyone in the team, excluding Connor but including Faith, was in the Halliwell kitchen discussing the ‘problem’ Angel had brought them from the Elders.

“It’s a warning.” Leo said. “Something is coming and it’s going to be from another time.”
“Yeh, but if we don’t know what it is, how can we presume to fight it?” asked Faith. “I’m with Piper on this one.”
“Honey, I gotta say, it’s not a lot to go on.” Phoebe said gently.
“I guess…” Leo agreed. “I’ll go check with them again. Maybe there’s some more news.”

Leo kissed Phoebe goodbye and then orbed away.

“Okay!” Piper said. “What’s everyone got planned for tonight? Cos the club is ready and raring to get some business.”
“Well, I was-” Gunn began, but he never got to finish his sentence.

A deafening bang sounded from the hallway causing all six of them to jump.

“What the hell?!” Faith asked.
“Oh if that is a demon I am going to be so pissed!” Phoebe said marching into the hallway. What greeted her made her wish she hadn’t moved.

Two grotesque demons with large eyes and spiny legs stood before her. They each had a rather small but round head, a bone sticking through their nose and three talons coming off their hands and feet.
“Well they are just not pretty.” Faith said joining Phoebe.
One of the demons saw Phoebe and Faith and opened its mouth. It shot a stream of green slime at them. Phoebe levitated out of the way and Faith held up the jacket Phoebe had just given her in front of her face. In that time, the others had come in from the kitchen. Connor came in from the conservatory.

“What are those things?” Fred asked, clearly grossed out.
“I don’t know but don’t let them spit at ya.” Faith said.

She held up her jacket. Directly where the demon’s slime ball had hit was now a burning hole.

“Acid fire.” Gunn said. “Great.”

One of the demons snarled and spat acid at them. Piper froze it quickly.

“Everybody! Fire techniques! Duck and cover!” Piper yelled.

Gunn pulled Fred back into the kitchen. Phoebe and Faith took cover hiding behind the wall near the dining table and Angel actually flipped up the table creating a shield for himself, Piper and Connor. Phoebe noticed the sculpture Piper had brought back from Vegas when she was younger sitting on the table beside the wall. It was heavy and had been carved out of granite. Thinking it would be a good weapon; Phoebe picked it up, ducked out from the wall and hurled the statue at the demons. It clubbed one right in the skull and it fell to the ground.

“Yes!” Phoebe yelped happily.

The still standing demon looked at her and screeched.

“No!” yelled Phoebe.

The demon jerked its head at Phoebe and she few through the air, crashing high into the wall above the stairs.

“Phoebe!” Piper yelled from behind the table.
“I’ve got her!” Faith yelled, coming out from behind the wall.
“Faith, don’t!” Angel yelled.

But it was too late; Faith took off for the demon. So Angel took off after Faith and Piper took off after Angel. Knowing that she couldn’t get to Phoebe without first getting through the demon, Faith started to fight. She hit the demon in the head twice. It took the hits and then reared back, getting ready to fire its acid. Faith knew this was coming and ducked just as it released its venom. The acid flew over Faith’s head and headed directly for Piper.

“Piper, look out!” Angel yelled.

He grabbed Piper and twisted her around so that he was using himself as a shield. Angel copped the full fire of the acid and screamed. He fell to his knees. Connor came out from behind the table and started to fight the other demon that had just gotten up off the floor. Piper was amazed at how good her son could fight. He was definitely better than she was. He kicked the demon in the side before punching him once and then reversing the punch and getting him again.

Faith jumped up from the floor and smashed her fist into the demons skull. It went flying through the air and landed at the foot of the front door. Faith looked a little stunned at her own strength.

“LEO!” Piper called.

Moments later, Leo appeared in the hall and saw what was going on. Connor kicked his demon in the side of the face and it hit the floor, sliding down the hall almost exactly where the other demon was. Suddenly, they both flew to their feet and stormed down the hallway towards them. Both opened their mouths and fired huge amounts of acid towards them all. Piper gasped and raised her hand to freeze the room. Faith, who had been ducking, fell to the floor and grunted. Leo was frozen mid-run on his way to Phoebe who was unconscious on the stairs. Angel was frozen mid lunge to grab Piper out of the way and Connor was covering his face with his hands.

“Move! Everyone move!” Piper yelled.

She carefully unfroze everything but the demons. Angel stopped lunging and rushed with Piper to the living room, out of the acid firing range. Connor moved over to where Faith was hiding behind the wall by the stairway closet and Leo was safe healing Phoebe on the stairs.

“Get rid of them.” Angel said to Piper.
“I don’t have a spell.” Piper said.
“Blow them up!” Angel said.
“Oh no. They are made of acid! It’ll ruin the house!”
“We can fix the house!”

Piper accepted this and raised her hands. She exploded both of the demons. They didn’t actually blow acid everywhere; they disappeared in whisps of fire. But the frozen acid that they’d already fired became mobile and shot down the hallway, hitting the dining table and chairs. Moments later, they were just melted piles of would and cloth.

“Oh no.” Phoebe said as she came down the stairs with Leo. “Oh, that is not going to clean easy.

Angel went over to survey the damage as Fred and Gunn came in from the kitchen. Connor went over to look as well. Faith was following, but she was rubbing her shoulder. Piper went up to her.

“You okay?” she asked.
“Yeh, I just banged by shoulder on the floor when they spat that stuff at us.” Faith said. “I’ll be okay.”

Piper stopped walking. Faith continued, not noticing Piper had stopped. Piper had a quick flash. She’d frozen the room. She’d done it on purpose and frozen everything. But Faith hadn’t been frozen. There were only two reasons why Piper’s power didn’t work. One was that some demons are immune to it and the other is that good witches do not freeze. And since Piper knew Faith was human, which meant only one thing. Faith the Vampire Slayer was also a witch.

The End

You have reached the end of "Charming Angels - 6 - Family Matters". This story is complete.

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