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Charming Angels - 6 - Family Matters

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Summary: The world of Charmed meets with the world of Angel to create an entirely different outcome then what you know. Double the twists, double the demons and double the heartache. Enter my favourite constructed reality and enjoy.

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Chapter 1: That Son of Mine!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters of either Charmed or Angel. The credit for these characters goes completely to their creators and the directors and writers of both TV series.

N.B. - To all those who have read my story and know that Paige was really Piper with Paige's name, it has been changed. The character of Paige is now named Piper. I think it makes it easier. And also, the character of Spike has been written out - it was just too hard with so many characters to keep the story moving. Sorry if this annoys anyone. For those who have read my previous instalments of this series, i was a lot younger than i am now when i wrote them so they're a little more light hearted. Now they're getting darker (at least i hope that how it comes across) so they are actually heading in a different direction than i first thought. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Charming Angels

By Kat

Piper Halliwell thought that she had lost her son. Wesley had given him to a demon thinking that he was saving him, but he was wrong. Now Connor is back, but he’s not the little baby that everyone remembers. He’s a teenager now and more powerful than anyone ever imagined. But a lifetime in a hell dimension has caused him to become wary of everyone he meets. Piper desperately wants to be a good mother to him, but how can she when her own baby boy doesn’t even remember her? Angel is trying to re-connect his family, but how will he be able to when his own son thinks that he’s evil? What will become of Wesley now that everyone knows what he did? And are you ready for the biggest surprise in Charmed Angels history?

The sixth part of this series is called:

Family Matters

Chapter 1: That son of mine.

“Connor? Are you hungry? I made you a sandwich.” Piper said to her son.

It had been almost a month since he had shown up out of the hell portal. The gang had managed to piece together what had happened. Being vampires, Angel and Spike know a lot about what goes on in the Underworld and they told the gang that time goes a lot faster in some places down there. Connor had told them about where he had been living and it was one of those places. It was a particular hell dimension called Quartarth that went through time a lot quicker. Although to the person down there it seems like normal time, it’s actually faster then it is on earth. That is how Connor was now a sixteen-year-old boy after being gone only a week. Spike, being his spontaneous self, had left Angel and the team and set off for Italy. He said he’d keep in touch, but hasn’t, and would be back, which he’s not. But with one less person, or vampire, to worry about, everyone could concentrate on what the hell Connor was back for.

“No thank- you, Piper.” Connor said.
“Okay, well, I’ll just leave this here and if you want it later then you can have it.” Piper said as she put the plate down on the bedside table in the guest room.

Piper desperately wanted Connor to call her mum, but she understood why he couldn’t. He didn’t know her; she was just a stranger to him. As were Angel, Phoebe and Leo. Piper was trying to be as gentle as possible when she talked to him, she didn’t want to push him into anything. Especially magic. Connor was very quiet about his powers and had not used them since his return, but then, no demons or anything had even attacked the gang since Connor came back. Leo thought that this was because Connor was so powerful and they all knew that they didn’t stand a chance up against him.

Piper and Phoebe wanted to introduce Connor to magic, to the Book of Shadows, to his family, but they didn’t know how to initiate it. They were sort of in limbo, not knowing where to go from here. Connor was alone in his room after his mother left the room. It was hard for him to get his head around what had happened. He couldn’t really believe that he was in this house with two people who said they were his parents and two others who were supposedly his aunt and uncle. He knew that he had magical powers because he had been told of it, plus he had seen Piper and Phoebe use theirs. But he was still unsure about them, about magic. He didn’t seem to think that it was as important as these two were going on about. And this Angel guy, who said he was his father, had this amazing strength. Connor found out that it was from when he was a vampire.

Now he has a soul so he’s not evil anymore, but Connor is still very wary of him. Although he thought that the liked these people, he wasn’t sure. Gomak, the demon who had raised him, told him not to trust anyone that they could all be out to get him. Before he had been sent back, Gomak had told him that it was time for him to be with his family. Connor had not wanted to leave. Quartarth was his home, it was all he knew. He didn’t know how to live anywhere else.

Through all the hell of losing Connor and having him return so suddenly and in such a different way to when he left, Piper and Angel were no longer together. Piper couldn’t handle. They couldn’t keep a secure, strong relationship going with all the things that had happened. They both agreed that they only way they could possibly hope to create a normal life for Connor is if they weren’t together. They worked better that way. So Angel had moved back to the Hyperion hotel while Piper stayed at the Manor. Connor lived in the Manor, too. But he was rarely there. Many a night Piper found him sleeping in a corner in the attic or the basement. She just assumed it was a consequence from living in a hell dimension for so long.

* * *

“I don’t know what else to do, Angel. What else can we say to him?” Piper said to Angel.

They were sitting in the kitchen alone. Phoebe and Leo had gone looking around newspapers and magazines to try and get Phoebe a job. Now that she knew she wanted to be a newspaper/magazine article writer, she was having more fun trying to find out where to work.

“What can we do? We’ve told him everything we can. It’s up to Connor now, whether he trusts us or not.” Angel said.
“I just want to help him.”
“I know, so do I. But he has had the hardest life. I mean, one week he’s a little baby in our arms and he next he’s a teenager, walking and talking around the house. He doesn’t know this world, our world. All he knows is darkness.”
“So, how can I make him see that we’re not like that? That we aren’t evil? And how do I get him to embrace his magic? I mean, he has powers. Probably more than just his shield now and even that has probably grown. And he needs to use them, he’s meant to.”
“No! You’re wrong!” Connor had been listening outside the kitchen door and had heard enough. “I do not have powers! I am not involved in this whole magic thing!”
“No, I won’t let you talk me into this anymore!”
“Hey! Don’t speak to your mother that way!” yelled Angel.
“Angel, it’s okay.” Said Piper.
“No, it’s not Piper. Are you just going to let him talk to you like that?”
“Stop it, Angel.” Said Piper, then she looked at her son. “Connor, I know that this has to be hard for you but you need to know that we’re here for you, for anything that you need. You just have to trust us, to believe us. We are your parents, Connor, and we love you. And you are so special…and so powerful. You are a magical child with magical powers. You need to learn how to use them.”
“I-I don’t want to,” Said Connor.
“Look, you don’t have to decide anything today. But I would like to show you something. Come with me.”

Piper led her son into the living room. He sat on the couch. Piper got a photo album from the shelf and sat next to her son. She opened the book. Connor looked inside; there were pictures of a baby boy. There were heaps of photos, mostly with Piper and Angel. But there were a number with Phoebe and Leo and the rest of the gang that Connor had met.

“That’s you.” Piper said to her son. He took the book off of her and looked through it. Piper got up and got another album down for him to look through. The ones had the same sort of pictures, but there were three other people in some of them, people that Connor didn’t know.
“Who are they?” He asked Piper.
“That is your great-grandmother, your grandmother and your aunt.” Said Piper.
“They’re dead.” said Connor, as though he’d known all along.
“Yes, they are. These photos are them as ghosts at your Wiccaning.”
“A magical christening. It’s supposed to give you extra protection.”
“How did they die?”
“Well, your grandmother, my mother, died when I was four. She was killed trying to fight a Water Demon on her own. My grandmother, your great-grandmother, Grams died about three years ago from a heart attack. And Prue, your aunt, died a year ago in a car accident.”
“So demons took your mother?” Conner asked.
“Yes.” Piper replied.
“Don’t you hate them for that?” Connor asked her.
“Of course I do. And that’s why I fight everyday.” Piper replied.

“In Quartarth, I killed those who sought to do me harm.” Connor told her. “I didn’t use magic or spells. It’s a waste of time. Why settle a fight with rhymes when fists do more damage?”
Piper, clearly irritated at her son’s blatant disrespect to witchcraft, starts to challenge her son. “Well, that’s quite a thing to say, mister man, but no matter how much you claim to hate magic, you’ve got it in you. You are a witch.”

Connor jumps to his feet, angry. “Don’t call me that!”
Angel comes in from the kitchen. “What the hell is going on in here?”
Connor doesn’t look at Angel, he keeps on at Piper. “Don’t call me that again.”
“Don’t threaten her, Connor.” Angel warned.
Connor turned to his father. “Don’t tell me what to do. I was sent back here for a reason.”
“Oh yeh, and what’s that? To give your parents attitude? To turn away from all the people who love you and missed you? To throw away the one chance you may have at actually having a family!?!”
“No!” Connor yelled back, shaken at his fathers’ words. He walked up to Angel and looked him right in the eyes. “I was sent back here to kill you.”
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