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Dawn Winchester?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Dawn Winchester verse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Dawn isn't a magical clone, she's Buffy's daughter and John's. This story has been partially rewritten.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real FamilydragonfanFR151222,3262467106,55424 Apr 0628 Apr 06Yes
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Going Head to Head with Glory

Chapter Twelve

It was time. Willow had paid Caleb, the weapons had been practiced with, and the ambush spot had been picked out. All that was left was to go over the plan one more time. Dean was acting as the general; he was the one who was going to have to kill an innocent, creature, person, whatever, and Buffy was more than willing to hand that responsibility of that over to him. She wasn't happy about not being in charge, but she didn't want to have to order him to do it either. At least he knew how to do it right; listen to the watcher types, listen to the people who knew the area, and listen to Xander when it came to group tactics. It didn't mean he took all of their suggestions, but at least he listened.

Dean leaned over the map spread out on the research table. It showed a park close to the building that Glory had taken over as her temple. "Ok, ladies. You do your imitation Key thing here. You sure you can do it well enough to get Glory's attention?" Tara and Willow nodded. Tara, having checked Dawn for her soul, had gotten a good look at what the Key's energies felt like. They would be fairly easy to fake. "This may sound stupid, but make sure you keep up the bait until Glory is being pounded on. Buffy and Spike will be keeping the minions off of you. Once Glory is being pounded, drop the illusion and help Spike and Buffy with the minions.

He turned to their two heavy hitters. "I know the two of you don't like being regulated to the sidelines but you'll both have plenty of things to kill. Plus, if someone gets through and hurts the lovely witches, our plan gets shot straight to hell. Spike, if she sends in her crazy zombie people, trade places with Xander.

"Anya, don't argue. Xander will be close enough to trade places quickest. Xander, you and Anya will be here." he pointed to a spot on the map. "You two will have the grenade launcher. Xander, don't think about the math so hard. Figuring out these types of calculations is pretty much instinct for you.

"Joyce and Giles, the two of you will be here. Giles, remember, the rockets are point and shoot. What you are looking at is what you'll hit.

Dean looked over at Buffy and grinned. He had heard all about the rocket launcher Xander had gotten her one year for a birthday/mini-apocalypse present. "And yes, Buffy, I'll let you play with whatever rockets are left over. These aren't going to be very effective against the lemmings. That's what the other things Caleb sent are for.

“Sam and I will be here. I'll fire the first shot. That'll be your signal. Pound the bitch with everything you've got. Any minions that get in the way will be blown apart, so this is going to get gory." Dean waited but there were no questions.

Everything about the plan for the night had been gone over as well as they could. Plans were made for Glory's not showing up, and for her not to be physically connected to her vessel. Dean was skeptical about that though. She might be able to overcome the vessels physical appearance, but every possession he'd ever heard of had the demon dwelling within the body of the possessed. And he had read everything Sam had dug up on the hellbitch and it sounded like a straight forward possession to him. They had even made plans on who could shower where after the fight.

Sam handed out the launchers to those who would be using them and watched Joyce urge everyone into the correct car for the drive to the park. ‘She really was an amazing lady,’ he thought. ‘You never would have guessed that this was the first real fight she had been a part of.’

With everyone loaded up and the small caravan headed for the correct position in the park, Dean was going over the contents of his pockets, making sure that he had what he needed to perform last rites if the vessel turned out to be human. He didn't want to condemn an innocent soul to hell and was glad that he had asked a priest he knew just what to do in the situation he found himself in. Performing this version of the last rites would free the person's soul from any taint of the demon, no matter how long they had been possessed. After that, it was up to God.

It was just after dusk, and Buffy only had to kill two vampires to clear out the area they were using as an ambush point. Dean went around checking to make sure that everyone was ready with what they needed. He did think it was odd that Willow would be supplying Tara with the power for the bait, but didn't ask any questions. It not only wasn't his place; but he really didn't want to be turned into a rat. The fact that the ladies kept a pet rat that was really a person, had helped Dean to keep a lid on his mouth.

Joyce was going over the instructions for the rockets under her breath and Dean gently reminded her that most supernatural creatures had very good hearing. She blushed and nodded and then went back to going over the instructions again, this time in her head.

Anya was insisting on trying to make out with Xander while they were waiting. Dean put a stop to it and told her if she messed this up with her overactive sex drive he was going to ask the witches to turn her into a rat. Buffy and Spike smirked at him when they heard him telling off Anya, and gave him a thumbs up when he went to check on them. Sam merely nodded at him when he looked in his little brother's direction. The look Sam gave him promised him that this was one hell creature who would not survive the night.

Dean patted Tara on the shoulder and said simply, "Go." He then jogged back over to Sam. Once Tara started, it didn't take long. The minions came charging out of the building and Glory herself was not far behind them. Dean thought that perhaps she was getting a little desperate to get her hands on this Key. Buffy and Spike met the minions head on.

It was hard for Dean to sit tight and watch the fight, but he had to. He had a part to play in the whole thing and it wasn't in dealing with minions. He did however appreciate for the first time what truly being a slayer was all about. Buffy moved like pure poetry, not that he read any. How she could make an all out chaotic fight for survival seem like a dance he didn't know. What he did see was that nothing managed to get past her or Spike.

Then Glory entered the firing area. Not so close that the witches would be in the line of fire, but close enough that all three shooters had a clear shot. Dean waited until Glory had reached the spot he had mentally marked. Then he squeezed Sam's shoulder. They had argued about who would man the rocket launcher, and Sam had won with the remark that Dean would be killing the vessel, he at least wanted a chance to pound on the hellgoddess too. Sam fired.

What followed was a terrible barrage of light, explosions and sounds. Minions tried to fling themselves between the rockets and grenades, and Glory, but Spike and Buffy prevented most of them from doing so. However not all were so lucky, as they were blown to pieces rather than dying from broken necks and the like. Pieces and fluids from the minions coated everything in the clearing.

Finally Glory fell down and didn't get up. At that point, Sam fired flares at the other's positions and Dean ran for the place where Glory had fallen. When Dean reached her, she wasn't a female at all, but a young man in Glory's dress. Dean shot him in the stomach, to make sure that he wouldn't be able to survive if a minion got him away. Then he knelt down and began the last rites. With Sam standing over one shoulder and Buffy over the other he completed the ceremony and then drawing his pistol, shot him right between the eyes.

It was over. He stood up and walked away, leaving the surviving minions to clean up the mess the battle had made. As he did so, two cell phones were opened and the same message was sent. Glory's Dead.


John sat on the bed in his daughter's suite, listening to her stumble through a Latin exorcism when both of their cell phones rang. When they looked at them, they smiled at each other. It was time to go to Sunnydale.

The end

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn Winchester?". This story is complete.

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