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Undercover Xander

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Summary: BtVS/Kinky Boots/Eroica...The Scooby Gang need an artefact to avert an apocalypse - and they need special help to get it. Warning contains SLASH!

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ZiraFR152898032,85025 Apr 0626 Apr 06No

Chapter Two

Yeah...not mine!


“So, explain to me again just who we’re going to see?”

They had flown into London Heathrow, and so far England really didn’t seem worth it. It was cold and grey, and the rain hadn’t let up once. Only Buffy, Faith and Dawn had come with him, and Giles had been waiting for them with a people carrier. Now they were on something called a motorway heading north. The girls were glued to the windows, staring at a country that they hadn’t seen before, but Xander was too irritated to be amazed that he was in a brand-new country.

“Gunn’s cousin.” Faith said, not looking around. “Apparently he has some family over here, and they can help.”

“Help!” Xander exclaimed, picturing the demon-hunter and lawyer Charles Gunn, and then thinking about the task ahead of him. “Don’t we have all the weapons we need?”

There was a snicker from the front seat, and Xander glared at the back of Giles’ head.

“Simon isn’t a weapon’s supplier.” Dawn told him, grinning. “We’ve got a contact at NATO for that.”

“So…he’s what?” He was feeling even uneasier now.

Buffy looked around.

“Well…he’s the guy who’s going to make you over.”



Northampton, if possible, was even drearier than London had been. The Midlands, Xander decided, was not the place to retire to. The tiny bed and breakfast they were staying in was cute, in a granny way, but the factory matched its surroundings. The girls, naturally, found everything adorable. This included the statue of a shoe in the town square, and the little pub call ‘The Boot’. Unfortunately, they weren’t there to do any sightseeing, and Giles herded them towards the factory down the side street.

“Hey, I’ve heard of this place!” Buffy said, looking up at the sign that proclaimed proudly ‘Price’s’. “They were at the Milan fashion show last year. Don’t they make…” She was cut off by Dawn and Faith slamming a hand each over her mouth.

“Let’s not scare Xander off just yet.” Faith muttered to her sister Slayer.

Giles led the way to the front entrance, and knocked. The noise from the machines inside spread out onto the pavement as the door opened to reveal a petite woman with a pixie-like face and hairstyle.


“Hello.” Giles smiled down at her and adjusted his glasses. “We’re here to see Mr Price. I believe we’re expected.”

“Oh, you must be the group from America. Lola’s dying to meet you. Come in!” She turned and began walking back into the factory.

“Do I sound like a bloody Yank?” Giles asked, annoyed as he followed her.

“Hey!” Buffy protested as she ushered the others in.

“Who’s Lola?” Faith muttered, glancing cautiously out before shutting the door behind them.


A/N: So...short but sweet. What'd ya think?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Undercover Xander" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Apr 06.

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