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Summary: Memories- they are like grains of sand that can slip away or be forced into a compacted space. Who is he really? What is the path he must take? He has forgotten those times to be left waiting for the call. Yet on all hallows eve a mistake shall awaken him

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Chapter Two: Forged in blood

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire slayer, Noir, or Naruto. All rights belong to their creators and producers so please do not sue.

Author Note 1: This is my second attempt at a BTVS fanfic and my first attempt at a crossover of this magnitude so make sure to give me feedback.

Author note 2: To those who know my work no I have not given up on “Mazoku” I do intend to finish it but this story will not die in my head and demands to be written.

Author note 3: I am in the market for a beta reader please let me know in the review if you would like the job as I am quite desperate.

Author note 4: I have never attempted a story like this and anyone who truly knows the world of “Noir” that might help me out after this chapter I would greatly appreciate it.

Summary: Memories- they are like grains of sand that can slip away or be forced into a compacted space. Who is he really? What is the path he must take? He has forgotten those times to be left waiting for the call. Yet on all hallows eve a mistake shall awaken what he has lost. Given the mind of a genius murderer and the return of what he never knew he lost. The legacy of the third will be written in blood.

Now on with the Show


Chapter One: Forged in blood

Alexander or Xander to those who knew him stood in the middle of the courtyard of Giles apartment complex. It had been three days since Halloween and the English Watcher had utterly refused to allow him to return to the Harris household. So after much arguing he had relented and surprisingly less then a day later he had been legally put under the guardianship of Rupert Giles. The speed at which everything had been accomplished set off every alarm in Xander’s head it was like city hall went out of its way to make sure the towns residents were happy or lacking that appearing to be in a normal or caring environment.

‘It takes longer to forge passable new identities’ He thought as he watched the sun crest the horizon.

Dressed in the dark purple shirt and black pants of his costume he began to stretch and do warm exercises. He had decided to tell Giles about his secret or at least some of it. Until he knew the answers to his questions his loyalty had to remain to Soldats and Althena but he could and would explain to Giles about Itachi and his new found fighting skills if the man swore not to tell the others.

Finished with his warm-up he closed his eyes and allowed his body to slide into an easy ready stance. Starting slow he began to perform katas for well over half a dozen styles of martial arts his body’s movements graceful and elegant like ballet yet powerful and deadly at the same time. Switching halfway through he began drawing on the taijutsu forms and styles preferred by Itachi and flowed into them ingraining them into his muscle memory and making them his own. The words of Althena rang in his head with each strike or movement.

‘Do not allow your opponent to anticipate your movements. Flow from one attack to the next constantly changing what style you use so they can never adjust their defense. Think fast and act even faster if they have time to draw breath you are not moving quickly enough. Watch and listen to their body and you will be able to predict every attack.

Pushing his body further he opened his eyes and began flowing through every style never attacking the air the same way twice. People from the other apartments had by then noticed the young man and watched from their windows as he continued his deadly dance. Taijutsu and martial arts blended and separated as sweat began to roll down his body but still he continued to move and strike or dodge and flip around the courtyard. He suddenly stopped his body low to the ground right leg extended for a leg sweep when he heard Giles open the front door and yell for him.

Rising he headed inside already prepared for the talk Giles undoubtedly had in mind for him.

“Xander where on earth did you learn to fight like that?” the Englishman asked as both sat down in his kitchen.

“Actually that is what I wanted to talk to you about this morning G-man” was the reply.

“Oh then do tell”

“Well you know how Buff can now suddenly speak French and sew because of her costume from Halloween” he started.

“You don’t mean?”

“Yeah I have the knowledge and skills of both the original Itachi Uchiha from the anime and the knowledge and skills of the variant that was created when I added those items to the costume. The original was a genius Ninja while the other was more an assassin both combined has well really juiced me up. I can fight unarmed or with almost any weapon you can name. I can kill a person without even a sound being heard or hack a computer system and create a fake identity and that’s just the tip of the iceberg I think.” He had not lied but still there were things he held back because he had yet to see if any of the more dangerous skills were even usable in this dimension.

“My lord Xander why didn’t you say anything to me sooner”

“Well you were busy wit the guardianship thing and I don’t consider this a big deal it’s not like I am possessed again or any different I am the same old Xander Harris or would that be Giles now? Only better equipped to help Buffy”

Giles couldn’t fault his young charges logic. He also swelled with a little pride that the young man was willing to even carry his name. He would have to look into making that official when he had gotten some free time. Still though there were bound to be side effects from this but he could trust Xander for now.

“I suppose you have a point but if there are any signs of negative results from this” He trailed off letting Xander figure it out for himself.

“Now then as I see your taste in clothing has thankfully changed how about I allow Buffy the day off from training and you and I see about getting you a new wardrobe?” he asked after a few minutes.

“Uh as great as that sounds G-man I really don’t have the money for that sort of thing and you already did so much for me I can’t ask you to spend that kind of money”

“Nonsense Xander I consider it a duty of being your parent. No Giles will be caught dead in the attire you frequently adorn”

‘I don’t have a last name I never did. Harris was just the name of the people who I lived with but still even I can’t be that cold in the face of his obvious happiness’ Xander thought as he listened.

“Alright already you win I swear if all Brits are this pushy I am never going to England” he sighed in surrender though inwardly he smiled.

Restfield Cemetery

Alexander moved through the tree’s his feet making no sound nor disturbing the branches in the slightest. He was dressed once more in the black cloak with crimson clouds. Underneath it he wore a black copy of the original shirt and black pants and his normal sandals. He carried his guns, Kunai, shuriken, and katana along with a few stakes and holy water vials. Tonight he was hunting to test his skills against the undead or demonic. If he could not kill them what chance did he have in killing a protected target?

The day spent with Giles had been enjoyable enough. They had picked him out several outfits mostly consisting of dark blues, purples and blacks. The clothes were loose enough to be comfortable but tight enough that he could fight in them. He had also He had bought three different pairs of shoes, A pair of black boots and two pair of simple black shoes that could be worn in place of his sandals. The last stop of the evening had been to get Xander a suit, to which he barely protested. There day had ended when Giles told Xander that he did intend to fully adopt him as a son.

Stopping suddenly he peered through the leaves and spotted a group of five walking amongst the headstones. The dead giveaway that they were vampires was one of them strolled around in his funeral suit still covered in fresh dirt. His eyes shifted becoming the crimson of the sharingan. He had finally been able to figure out how to use his chakra in a way similar to the ninja world of Itachi. In this world his chakra was just like the energy parishioners of magic use to cast spells and since he did not have the staggering chakra supply of Itachi he could not use his ninjutsu or genjutsu without becoming weakened it would worsen depending on the skill as well so he would most defiantly avoid using them unless things were dire or he had no chance to escape. The sharingan had changed as well to adapt to this worlds rules it seemed. It would not increase his vision greatly even allowing him to pierce the darkness or even improve his near perfect ranged accuracy. Along with all this it helped him in predicting an opponent’s moves though if they were faster he would still likely be hit. He could hold the sharingan for a little bit of time but he preferred again not to use unless it was necessary.

Taking out a vial of holy water he coated four of his shuriken with it along with two of his kunai and continued watching the vampires as they started walking past his position.

As their backs became facing him he launched the ninja stars at them. The spinning blades flew with unwavering accuracy right into there unsuspecting targets. The two in the middle were caught in the back of the neck sending them forward in pain and shock as the connection to their brainstems was severed. The vampire to the left found one of the four points of the shuriken buried deeply in the back of his skull temporarily shutting down his body until like the other two the damage was regenerated. The last one took the shuriken into the middle of his back easily severing the connection to his spine and robbing him of the use of his legs.

Jumping from the tree he flipped forward and landed with his knee’s bent behind them. Acting quickly he moved to each and stripped them of any money or valuables before plunging a stake into their hearts. As he finished the last his ears picked up the sound of a twig snapping and his senses registered a presence.

‘Behind me’ He thought before jumping up and back flipped which caused the vampire that had been trying to sneak up on him to miss his mark.

Landing he instantly drew his Beretta’s and fired two shots which ripped through the back of his enemies knee’s sending him to the cold ground next to the rest. Walking forward he shot pit the elbow joints for good measure before rolling him onto his back with a foot.

“Normal bullets won’t kill you but they can easily disable you thanks for proving me right” he said in a cold dead voice his right hand switching out the gun for a stake.

“Wait, I have information about a powerful demon in town, if you promise to let me go I’ll tell you everything” the vampire begged wearing its human guise. A moment passed before he received a sharp nod to continue.

“He’s called Drexil, supposed to be really ancient and powerful. He was run out of New York and decided to come here and take over the Hellmouth and kill all his rivals off. Down at the docks in warehouse 25 is where you can find him.” He rushed out hoping it never got out how a human had taken him apart.

Alexander then slammed the stake down into his heart watching his face morph into the vamperic face.

“But you, you promised to let me go” he whispered.

“I never said a word” was the chilly reply as the body dissolved into dust.

Picking up the spoils of his first set of kills he leapt into the trees and disappeared into the night.

Willy’s Alibi Room

Willy blinked from his place behind the bar as one of the Slayers friends sat down on the stool in front of him. He had seen a lot of scary people and a lot of looks in his day but the way he was dressed and the chilly state of his eyes told Willy to be very careful when dealing with this kid.

“What can I do for ya kid?” he asked while he noticed some of his more violent regulars were eying the human.

Alexander suddenly spun his stool around and threw his right hand out towards the closest demon, which just happened to be a 7ft red scaled monster. The room quieted down more then usual as the demon suddenly slumped back in his seat with a kunai embedded in his forehead.

Turning back around he then sat a wad of bills on the bar and slid them over to Willy, who noticed they all seemed to hundreds. He could almost tell the exact amount before the kid’s voice interrupted him.

“There’s a new demon in town named Drexil. What do you know about him?” the voice was calm and quiet yet it still sent shivers up Willy’s spine.

“He’s a nasty fellow that’s for sure and has bagged himself more then a few of the biggest names in slaying over the years. A lot of people on both sides of the curtain want him dead because of that if you get my drift. Far as I know he wants to take over Spike and Dru’s territory and is grabbing up all the muscle he can find for just that.” He answered before counting the money.

Next he saw the kid slide him a slip of paper that was face down.

“Tell the parties interested that they can contact me through that information if they’re serious. $10,000,000 and Drexil goes away permanently and they will receive his head in a box as confirmation.” Alexander then rose and moved to the dead demon ripping his kunai out of its head.

“Kid you’re serious?” Willy asked in surprise.

Alexander walked all the way to the doors before turning back and staring at Willy.

“Yes and if you don’t deliver my message Willy you will live just long enough to regret it. Oh and Willy I wasn’t here understood?” at the bartender’s nod he exited without a sound.

Two seconds later Willy was on the phone.

Sunnydale High School

Xander stifled a yawned as he listened as Willow discusses something or other about Angel and some girl he’d been seen talking to by Buffy. It wasn’t that he was tired more like bored out of his skull with teenage drivel and ‘Girl Talk’.

"Buffy; Buffy Summers?"

Buffy turned around at the sound of her name and a beaming smile crossed her face, "Ford!" she said jumping up from her chair in the students lounge and diving in for a hug. "I don't believe it, what are you doing here?"



"My dad moved here, I'm coming here for my senior year"

"Wow" Buffy said her grin threatening to cut her face in half, "That is so cool."

"Eh, hi" Willow said meekly but with a smile from behind Buffy.

"Hey there, I'm Ford" Ford said.

"Willow; is me" Willow told him taking his offered hand and shaking it gently.

Ford looked to the last member of the threesome sitting next to Willow with a look of boredom written across his face. Though he would swear there was a searching look in those eyes.

“Xander Giles nice to meet you” a hand was extended to Ford who shook it with a smile.

‘Something about this boy is not right’ Xander thought even as he maintained conversation with the others and made plans to meet at the Bronze that night.

“Well I will see you guys tonight. I have to clear it with the G-dad” Xander said rising and using his new nickname for his parental figure. Receiving only nods he instead began making his way towards the computer lab.

Classroom of Miss Jenny Calendar

Xander had luckily made it before the start of her next class and found Miss Calendar alone at her desk. Approaching his steps were silent and so the beautiful Techno-pagan was startled when he cleared his throat.

“Xander? I didn’t even hear you come in what can I do for you?” she asked the brunette as he chuckled.

“I wanted you to check someone out for me on the computer if it was possible.” He responded though his voice had taken on an eerie even tone.

“Depends on why you want me to do it”

“Billy Fordham, he’s an old friend of Buffy’s that transferred her but I don’t know something about him isn’t right. I know I am being paranoid but please humor me if not then do it for my oh so lovable father to whom you have a date with this week”

She looked like she was about to say no before she sighed and nodded.

“Thanks Miss C, here whatever you find out send to this email. Thanks bye” he said passing her a slip of paper and leaving the room before she could change her mind.


Giles was out of the library most likely off to talk to Miss Calendar and Buffy was showing Ford around with the help of Willow, which meant he was alone for the moment. Alexander had his laptop out and logged onto the schools web connection hands moving over the keyboard in order to get him to his destination.

The private and secure email account loaded and with the messages Willy’s calls must have spawned.

‘Who better to advertise then a professional weasel’ he thought with a chuckle.

He had three clients who would pay his price for killing Drexil. After considering for a moment he selected one and backtracked the email. When he found the source he accepted the job and waited for the money to hit an account he had set up in Switzerland for just this sort of deposit.

‘At least one of those were Soldats I am sure of it. I never thought I would be working for a New York crime family though but then if anyone was to know about the darkness in the world it would be them.’ He thought before closing the laptop down when the money hit Zurich.

He had just slid the laptop into its case when Giles walked back into the library.

“So young man what is your excuse for not being here hmm? I say what is it with your generation in my day we were around when our children need us.” He spoke imitating Giles British accent poorly.

“Is there something you needed Xander?” the librarian asked seemingly off in his own little world.

“The guys are taking an old friend of Buffs out to the Bronze tonight so I will do a light patrol and join them if you don’t mind”

“Oh yes have fun” was the absentminded reply.

Xander shook his head and grabbed his things leaving the library.

Warehouse 25

Alexander was hidden behind a stack of boxes across from the warehouse watching as vampires and minor demons flocked to and fro. It seemed Drexil had acquired quite the following in his short stay in Sunnydale. He was defiantly going to be a threat in the future if the contract had not been put out on him.

‘Doesn’t anyone ever learn? The more muscle you hire the bigger the bull’s-eye on your chest.” He thought before looking around for the proper way to begin.

Spying a truck he allowed himself the thinnest of smiles.

Drexil was large even for a demon. Standing at 9ft tall he was covered in purple scales thick enough to stop a bullet with ease. His hands bore only three fingers each tipped with razor-like claws. Muscle knotted his entire body and his head was a true visage of horrors, with two long bull-like horns protruding from his skull and a maw full of dagger like teeth. The golden-yellow of his eyes only seemed to add to his intimidating presence.

Thought that illusion was shattered when the east wall of the warehouse was ripped through by a large truck. Once it had broken down the wall the sound of a gun was heard followed by the vehicle exploding spewing smoke and fire all throughout the room. Debris covered in flame smacked into vampire and demon alike as the warehouse dissolved into chaos.

The sound of several things hitting the concrete floor filled the room before a thick white mist began pouring out making the vampires scream in agony as their skin burned. Demons began falling shortly after as shurikens came flying through the hole in the wall each one deadly accurate.

Drexil in the span of a few mere moments found himself alone the rest of his subordinates dead or dying from the holy water mist. That’s when he saw a single figure calmly walked into warehouse his body covered in shadow by the roaring fires a cloak seeming to billow around him. Drexil could hear something though soft it was like a whispered song from his attacker.

“Dilly dally, shilly shally” were the words coming from his mouth as he continued forward somehow heard over the dying vampires and burning fires.

‘His natural armor is to strong for most bullets and I don’t want to use my better rounds until I have found someone to make me more. I suppose I have little choice but to use it then. I should have just enough chakra to kill him with it and make my escape. Wherever you are Kakashi-sempai thanks for the technique you taught Itachi during his ANBU days.’ Alexander thought as he stopped a few yards from the mammoth titan of a demon.

“Who the hell are you?” Drexil finally roared in a bestial voice.

Drexil was only rewarded with watching his opponent bringing his hands together and running through a set of signs with them. Next he pointed his right arm down and wrapped his left around the wrist. Lightning seemed to crackle in the air around his hand and slowly begin wrapping around his arm with a blue color to it. The sound of a thousand birds chirping overpowered all sound in the warehouse becoming almost deafening

“Chidori” Alexander’s voice rang loud and he suddenly darted towards Drexil. The lightning gathered in his hand dragging on the floor ripping a deep gash into it yet his speed was unhindered.

Drexil felt an unbelievable pain in his chest and looked down to find a lightning covered hand piercing his chest and spearing his heart. The face of his killer now illuminated to reveal a human teenager with cold dark eyes yet also a twisted smile of contentment across his lips.

Drexil mighty lord among demons had been bested by a mere human adolescent. Darkness and death claimed him a second later.

Alexander pulled his hand out of the demon’s chest and quickly with his waning strength removed its head and beat a hasty retreat.

Giles Residence

Xander collapsed onto his bed and simply stared at the ceiling. The Chidori while a powerful attack was not the strongest jutsu Itachi had known and yet using it even once had nearly killed him with strain and chakra drain. Then there was also the feeling that had run through him when ended the demons life.

‘I think I felt it the night I killed Jesse it’s almost like euphoria that comes from killing but doesn’t distract me. I may have felt it the night I executed my first contract for Althena as well it could be one of the contributing reasons for Soldats taking my memories and sticking me here. I relied on a jutsu tonight, that cannot happen again or next time I might just collapse or worse die on the spot. My contract is complete that is all that matters for now I will simply not rely on offensive chakra use like that.’ He thought before slipping off to sleep.

His mind was haunted that night with scenes of his training and the massacre of the Uchiha clan.

Rosenberg Residence

Willow nearly fainted when there was a knock at her window. No-one did that any more. Not since Xander had grown up and stopped coming over when his parents fought and well since he lived with Giles now. So she was even more surprised to find out that it was in fact Angel at her window.

"Oh! Angel! What are you doing here?" Willow asked in surprise.

"I wanted to talk to you."

"Oh, well…" Willow trailed off gesturing for him to enter.

After a moment she looked at him, "Well?"

Angel grimaced, "I can’t. Unless you invite me, I can’t come in."

"Oh!" she said nervously, "Well, okay, I invite you to come in." She turned around and saw her bra lying on the bed and pounced on it, shoving it behind her back quickly flushing red.

"If this is a bad time, I...”

Willow cut him off, "No! I just… I’m not supposed to have boys in my room." she told him weakly.

"I promise to behave myself." Angel said with a smirk.

"Okay. Good." she said with a nod of her head.

"I guess I need help." Angel began

"Help? You mean like on homework? No, ’cause you’re old and you already know stuff." Willow babbled.

"I want you to track someone down." he said nodding at her laptop, "On the Net."

Willow smiled, happy at being able to actually help him out, "Oh, great! I’m so the Net Girl."

"I just want to find everything I can. Records, affiliates, I’m not even sure what I’m looking for yet." Angel admitted

"Good. What’s the name?" she asked, her hands hovering over the keyboard.

"Billy Fordham."

She lifted her hands from the keyboard and gave him a pensive look, "Angel? If I say something you really don’t want to hear, do you promise not to bite me?"

"Are you going to tell me that I’m jealous?" he asked running a hand through his styled hair.

"Well, you do sometimes get that way." She said with a small smile.

"You know, I never used to. Things used to be pretty simple. A hundred years, just hanging out, feeling guilty… I really honed my brooding skills. Then she comes along. Yeah, I get jealous. But I know people. And my gut tells me this is a wrong guy."

"Okay. But if there isn’t anything weird…" she said tapping away before trailing off with a 'look' on her face, "hey, that’s weird."

"What?" Angel said enthusiastically

"I just checked the school records and he’s not in them. I mean, usually they transfer your grades and stuff, but he’s not even registered." she said slowly, double checking her results.

"He said he was in school with you guys, right?" Angel asked, looking over her shoulder.

"Let me just see if I can…" Willow began, only to be cut off by her mother calling up the stairs"

"Willow? Are you still up?"

"Go!" she said to Angel, then in a louder voice she replied "I’m just going to bed now, mom!"

Angel walked back out onto the balcony as Willow held the window up for him "Come by tomorrow at sunset. I’ll keep looking." she told him in a hoarse whisper.

"Don’t tell Buffy what we’re doing, all right?" Angel said as he climbed out onto the ledge.

"You want me to lie to her? It’s Buffy!" Willow asked in a worried tone of voice.

"Not lie no" Angel said, "Just don’t bring it up until we know what’s what."

"Okay. It’s probably nothing." Willow said hopefully.

"That’d be nice." Angel said dropping out of the window.

Willow turned back to her laptop with a worried expression on her face.

Sunnydale High School


Willow span around and as she saw who was walking up to her began to fidget nervously.

"What’s up?" Buffy asked

"Nothing" Willow said with all innocence.

"Do you wanna hang? We’re cafeteria-bound."

"I’m gonna do work in the computer lab on school work that I have, so I cannot hang just now. Hi, Ford." Willow said in a rush.

"Morning" Ford said with a pleasant smile.

"Okay, Will, fess up."

"What?" Willow asked with a worried tone and expression.

"Are you drinking coffee again? ’Cause we’ve talked about this." Buffy asked with a laugh.

"It makes me jumpy. I have to go. Away." Willow said taking the ball Buffy had handed her and running with it.

"Nice girl!" Ford said with a smirk.

"There aren’t two of those in the world." Buffy replied with a fond shake of her head as she and he walked back into the school.


Xander read over the information Jenny had sent him nodding to himself about certain details. He had sent out his proof this morning to the client so they would have it by the next day with the courier he used.

‘Jenny is quite good I think her skill exceeds my own if I could trust her she would make a great partner ill be it only handling computer work. As it stands though I cannot trust her and need to cut any attachments I have as I may have to leave here one day’ he thought.

Closing down his laptop he put it away just as Willow made an entrance into the library. He watched her fidget for five minutes before deciding to speak up.

“Will’s you look like someone told you something bad again that or your mom finally let you have coffee again.”

The redhead squeaked and started to squirm even more, which was all the tip off he needed.

“Ok spill Will’s you can’t hide anything from me your also a terrible liar.”

Willow if anything knew when to cut her losses and thus began spilling everything that had happened last night after Angel had come by.

“Guess we will be busy tonight then won’t we?” he said in a rhetorical sort of voice.

Willow merely squeaked.

The Sunset Club

Angel, Willow, and Xander stood outside the former bomb shelter turned hang-out after sunset and blinked when they watched several people wearing either leather or cloaks going into the place.

“Wow talk about copy cats eh Angel?” Xander joked while eyeing the souled vampire.

All he received was a growl and a sharp look from Will, which did not dissuade him from laughing. After they had entered Xander got the odd feeling he had just walked into an Ann Rice novel.

‘Wow angel would really fits in with this crowd. Maybe this is what he did for those first hundred years or he is secretly the author.’ He thought with a chuckle.

Before he could start interacting and pumping people for information Angel succeeding in making an idiot of himself by insulting the entire club and drawing attention to their group.

‘Troublesome, this is why you never take liabilities into any situation concerning a job or potential recon for a job’ He thought as they left the club.

Giles Residence

Xander returned home to find Giles sitting on the couch drinking a cup of tea or at least he hoped that was tea.

“So the date go well G-dad?” he asked.

“Well not the evening I envisioned I can happily say I didn’t do anything ill-advised.”

“Where did you two crazy kids go?”

“Something called a monster truck rally it was rather loud for my tastes” the Watcher replied and watched as his adoptive son proceeded to laugh at him.

“Ya know it’s sad when even my dad sees more action then me” Xander remarked before Giles stopped him and explained the rest of the night to him.

“Did he get anything valuable?” Xander asked

“No not really just one of the schools books”

“Well that’s good I think I will hit the hay then Night.”

“Goodnight Xander.”

New York City

A yellow hat box arrived that morning at the home of the Minuchi family with very special contents.

“Hmm seems there is a new player in the game, he does good work too” was the only words given at the sight of the demon head inside the box.

Graveyard Two Days later

Buffy Ann Summers stared at the grave of her deceased former friend Billy Fordham contemplating and lamenting the increasing complexity of life. She had fallen into his trap and barely gotten everyone out of the Sunset club alive though it had cost Ford his life, a life she knew he was losing to a brain tumor. So distracted was she that never heard the approaching footsteps of Xander or notice his presence until she felt his hand on her shoulder.

"It’s not easy to know who to trust?” She asked thinking it was really Giles behind her.

“That’s what it means to grow up Buff” Xander replied in a quiet almost dead voice.

“Does it ever get easy?” she asked

“What do you want me to say?” he asked in return.

“Lie to me” she replied.

“I’m really an assassin that goes by the name Alexander trained as a child to be a weapon of an organization older then the Watchers council but had my memory sealed and reawakened on Halloween along with a truck load of new skills and memories” He said to which she glanced at him and bent over laughing.

“Thanks Xand I needed that you, really are good at joking at helping someone get over their problems” She said before laughing again and walking off.

“Hey Buff” he called out before she could get away.


“I’ll be gone to LA this weekend tell Will’s for me ok?” She just nodded and took off.

Alexander turned back to the grave and pulled from his black jacket a black rose. Kissing the petals he laid it down upon the grave and turned beginning to walk away.

“Jokester indeed Mon chere Amie at least until I have found the truth or the others.” He spoke his voice cold.

Los Angeles CA

Alexander smiled as he approached the front desk of a rather expensive and upscale hotel in LA. He had convinced Giles to let him come here for the weekend in order to watch a basketball game and just unwind from the pressures of the Hellmouth. In reality a client had put out a contract for a certain vampire he couldn’t go after publicly and needed him dusted before Monday. Usually preparation for a job outside your hometown or city should take longer but the client had offered him a bonus if he handled the target on time.

‘Russell Winters turned a few decades ago and now one of Hollywood’s biggest directors. Information shows he also has a habit of luring prospective actresses to his home with offers of parts and then feeding off them. When I get to my room I’ll look over the blueprints to his house and devise an attack strategy.’ He mentally reviewed the data he had collected after accepting the job.

“How can I help you sir? Are you checking in?” the tuxedo wearing desk attendant asked.

“Yes I had a reservation under Uchiha Alexander Uchiha” he answered showing the Fake ID Willy was able to get him in a rush for the right amount.

“Ah yes. Mr. Uchiha we have been expecting you. Your suite is prepared I’ll have your bags taken up immediately please sign here” the man said showing Alexander where to sign to which he did.

Alexander’s Suite

After calling Giles and reassuring him he was fine along with giving him the phone number and room number to call if he needed him. He laid out the blueprints he’d been able to acquire on the computer for the targets home. He also had an arms maker to see while in town, to hopefully get more of the special bullets he needed without a trail leading back to him.

‘He’ll obviously have some sort of protection most likely vampires or lower level demons that can be bought. The chances of running into professionals are fairly low but I better be prepared just in case. After all someone is protecting him from the public eye and helping him pass for normal.’ He thought as he planned a route for when he had entered the house.

Ordering room service he enjoyed a nice Italian meal that reminded him of the country of his training under Althena and Soldats.

‘I must stop living in the past like this it’s immaterial to consider those times until I run across a situation that requires me too. If I ever run across them then I will reminisce.’ Finishing his food he took a gym bag with him that contained his clothing and gear for the night.

The hunt was on.

Home of Russell Winters

Alexander crouched low to the outside wall on the north side of the house staying just the mounted camera’s line of sight. He watched it pan left and quickly moved to the right of the front gates and under the next camera. Jumping as the camera began a pan he was able to latch onto the edge of the rock wall and flip himself up onto it. Looking below him he spied a security guard in golf cart going by jumping he landed without a sound and crouched on its roof.

‘A human security guard? He must keep all the muscle close to him or else this will be easy.’ He though as he remained low and listened in on the guard reporting in to whomever handled security.

As the cart passed a tree he leapt off and pulled himself onto a branch. The house was close now and in his opinion it was a little small for the amount of security that was employed, which meant the target was rich but not flashy in how he spent it.

‘Sharingan’ he thought his eyes witching immediately.

Eyes enhanced as they were he was quickly able to spot the three men on the roof and predict the pattern of their movements showing the gap in them as well. Looking around he also noticed a few human guards that walked a figure eight pattern every ten minutes. Drawing a pair of kunai he waited and when his opening appeared ran to the edge of the branch and with the application of a little chakra he launched himself off of it flying right at the east wall of the house. There was a slight sound of metal piercing stone as he used them as handholds to attach himself to the wall. Bringing his feet up he focused his chakra and stuck his feet to the wall pulling out and putting his kunai back within his cloak.

‘Guess this is what being Spiderman must feel like’

Walking up the wall he stopped near the top and counted down in his head waiting for the break in defenses, when it came, he flipped up onto the roof and deactivated the sharingan.

‘Time for some fun’ he though as he drew one of his guns and took aim at the electrical meter.

‘BANG’ and the entire fell into complete darkness.

The three roof guards came running a second later. Faces deformed into demonic faces eye glowing a sickly yellow. Two of them dusted immediately and the third a second later. All the third had seen was a flash of silver then nothing.

Alexander slid his sword back into its sheath and moved past the dust piles after retrieving his stakes.

Moving to the roof entrance he slid into the house easily and started making his way around in search of the target. Several candles had evidently been lit and more moved around being used as light by the non-supernatural security or guests.

‘Looks like they’re securing him in the main room with vampire guards and leaving the humans to patrol for any intruders. Perfect’ he thought looking around a corner and spying his target being moved.

Running towards the railing of the stairs he flipped over and fell down to the first floor landing silently in a crouch each hand holding a kunai. Having not been spotted he replaced the kunai with guns loaded with vampire killing rounds, Hollow points filled with holy water and liquid wood each engraved with a blessed cross. Setting them down he drew a handful of gas bombs each filled with smoke made from boiling holy water. Throwing them wide he watched the white mist fill the entire first floor and listened as the vampires including Winters started to scream.


Rushing forward he dove into the main room and rolled up to his feet his eyes instantly tracking threats. The load retort of his guns first ended Winters un-life then began picking off any and all threats or anyone who caught sight of his face.

As the sound of security mobilizing caught his attention he threw a normal smoke bomb into the hall and quickly made his way out through the confused masses and into the night.

Contract Executed.

Alexander’s Suite

Alexander finished packing his bag including his new store of ammunition. The visit to the arms maker had been pleasant enough and everything had gone well and the man agreed to make him a custom pair of guns and other weapons and have them shipped to him ASAP. Hearing the door to his suite open he slipped a kunai into his sleeve and grabbed his bag walking out like he had heard nothing.

In the living room of his suite was a woman dressed smartly in a business suit carrying a briefcase she smiled to him as he came out.

“I think you have the wrong miss unless they are bringing someone up before a guest checks out these days” he spoke his tone even.

“Ah Mr. Uchiha or is it Giles? My name is Lilah Morgan I am an attorney at Wolfram & Hart and I came to speak to you on behalf of the Senior partners about retaining your services.” She responded though it seemed not to faze the young man.

“I’m afraid I don’t what you could possibly want with me Miss Morgan I am after all only a high school student?” He said not giving anything away his hand flex and poised to end her life with a quick draw of the kunai if need be.

“It was a wonderful job you did on Russell Winters you have one of my co-workers up in arms and the firm would like you using that same flair for us exclusively” she attempted the flattery tactic and yet again the teenager did not show any reaction.

Alexander just shifted his bag and walked towards the door his left hand snapping out and catching the card that was thrown at his back.

“In case you decide to take our offer”

“If you have a job I might like then ask like everyone else Miss Morgan. Good day” he replied and exited.

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