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Freedom Lives Forever

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Summary: Xander gets to take over for a fallen hero. No Pairings, One Shot

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DC Universe > S.H.A.D.E.DarkElfFR1311,702054,08125 Apr 0625 Apr 06Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or any characters from DC comics. I just come up with this crazy stuff.

Freedom Lives Forever

Xander looked at the girls who had been his entire life for a while now and he knew he was breaking their hearts.

“Buffy, Wills, you both know I need to do this. It’s a chance to really do something for myself. And when I get back I could be
even more help. And we all know I don’t fit into this college thing”

“But Xander…”

“Wills. I need to do this. I’ll write, I promise.”

Then two bone crushing hugs later. He got on his bus.

Along with all the other army recruits.


The first weeks of basic were the hell they were supposed to be, but once Xander’s body got into shape it wasn’t all that bad. He had been able to dig up plenty of memories from soldier boy and with that he got along well enough. Maybe too well. Because when he was only two thirds of the way through basic he got the call. He was brought into the office of the base commander. But what surprised him was that that was not who was sitting there.

“Sit down Cadet Harris we have much to talk about.”

The man who spoke wore a strange black uniform that looked only vaguely military. He had long white hair that hit his shoulders, as well as a well trimmed mustache and goatee.

“Uh Excuse sir, but I thought I was here to see the base commander.”

“No cadet. That was just to get you here. You see kid, you surprised several of your instructors by knowing things you shouldn’t have known.”

“Sir. I told my instructors…”

“Yes kid I know what you told them. I also know that your line you gave was total bullshit. We looked into you kid, and I must say the information on your town surprised. With that in mind I came to recruit you. Your hometown is one of many hot spots on this world. Places that have recently come under my jurisdiction. But I need more people with experience. And you have that experience. I want you to lead one of my teams.”

“Doing what sir.”

“Fighting the bad guys kid. I thought you got that.”

“Will I be able to help my friends back in SD?”

“Yeah kid, you will. In fact if some things I have looked in to go as bad as I think they will that might be your first assignment.”

“Then you have me sir.”

“Good. Gather your gear. You leave in half an hour.”

“Yes sir.”

“And by the way. Enough with the sir, you will call me what everyone else in the organization calls me. Father Time.”


5 Months Later…

Buffy Summers had seen better days. At this very moment, she looked like she had been through a war. That was close to the truth. She was currently kneeling on the ground cradling her broken arm. The arm had been broken when the monstrous creature known as Adam had caught it then snapped it with apparent ease.

“You can not defeat me Slayer. I am more powerful than you could ever imagine.”

“That may be. But I won’t let you win. I won’t lose.”

“Then you will die.”

His arm then morphed into a gun which he set point blank at the slayers head. Which is when a blast of blue white energy melted said gun.

Both Adam and Buffy turned to the source and saw a very strange sight. Standing at the mouth of the hallway were three strangely garbed people. The woman on the left was dressed in a suit of green armor that covered most of her body and was stylized like a futuristic version of the Statue of Liberty, and in her right hand she even held a torch. The man on the right was dressed in a black armored bodysuit with whit stars on both shoulders and at his belt buckle, a black mask covered almost all of his face though his forehead and his black hair showed above it. If you looked hard you could also see that there were several more men who looked exactly like him farther down the hall.

But the man who had fired stood a few steps ahead of the others. He was garbed in an armored suit similar to the man on his right, but his was red white and blue. His hair was blonde, and a strange blue mask covered his eyes like a pair of sunglasses. His outstretched hand still glowed from the energy he had released that had destroyed.

Adam looked enraged at those who had broken into his fortress base.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?”

“The name is Major Victory and this is my team, and we are here to kick your ass, courtesy of the US government. And by the authorization of the President of the United States I am placing you under arrest for the murder of to many people to count. Will you come quietly or do you intend to resist.”

“I don’t recognize your authority to do anything to me.” Scoffed Adam.

“I was hoping you would say that. Get him Team.”

At the call the woman extended the torch she held in her hand, it glowed for a moment then unleashed a blast of green energy that struck Adam square in the chest. Though it didn’t pierce his armor it did scorch it and it knocked him off balance, which gave the black garbed men time to both attack him and rescue the slayer. Two of them grabbed Buffy, while the other two through heavy kicks into the staggered cyborg’s knees. This knocked him even further off balance. Which is when another blue white blast from Major victory hit Adam square in the face.

Once Buffy was out of the way the other two black garbed men moved in to aid their fellows. And with all four attacking Adam and with the repeated blasts from both victory and the woman with the torch Adam was not getting much chance to fight back. Finally the black garbed men each had a hold of one of Adam’s limbs and the green lady was sending a direct stream of energy at his chest.

“So long you trumped up Frankenstein wannabe!”

This was said by Major Victory as he charged at the trapped Adam with his right handing glowing with the blue white energy. And that same right hand slammed through the part of the chest that his female cohort had damaged. With the power blazing in it his hand went completely through Adam’s chest. And on the other side his hand held a round object that would later be identified as Adam’s primary power core. When Major victory pulled his hand out, Adam dropped to the ground.

“I know this would only stall you till your backup power source comes back on, but you won’t get the time.”

Major Victory hands once again glowed with that blue white power and this time he unleashed it, point blank into Adam’s head. When the light died, Adam’s head was gone.

“Alright, you guys get the body to the chopper, we don’t want anyone getting a hold of what’s left of it.” With those words to the black garbed men he then turned to the wounded slayer. “Thanks for keeping him busy, it took us a while to get here when we learned what had happened.”

“Who are you people?” asked the slightly shell shocked slayer.

“We work for the federal government. We deal with some of the more powerful problems, and occasionally we get called in to deal with government messes like this one. We are called the Force of July. You already heard my name, the red head in green is Lady Liberty and the dark haired gents are the Silent Majority.”

If Buffy’s arm wasn’t still very painful she might have laughed at the names. But she realized that would also be very rude to the people who had just saved her life.

“Thanks for saving my life.”

“No problem, as I said, its what we do.” He then stopped for a moment and one hand went to his ear. “Yes sir. I’ll tell her.” His attention went back to the girl. “My CO says that we can’t be here all the time, but if you really need us you can call this number.” He then produced a card from the belt on his uniform. “This is a direct line to our organization, it might not be my team sent, but you will get help.”

Buffy took the card in her uninjured hand.


“Now then lets get you to a hospital.”

5 hours later at an undisclosed location…

“You did good work out there team.”

“Thanks Father Time.” This came from Major Victory whose team stood before a desk. Sitting behind said desk was the so named old man.

“Alright, you guys get leave for two days. Use them well. Dismissed.”

The Majority and Lady Liberty left but the Major remained.

“What is it son?”

Before speaking the Major reached up and removed the small mask that covered his eyes, and as he did the minor hologram they produced faded away revealing slightly softer features and much darker hair. Where Major Victory had stood now stood Xander Harris.

“Why wasn’t I allowed to tell Buffy?”

“Kid you know the rules, we have to maintain security. Maybe if things in Sunnydale ever really calm down we can bring her and your other friends in but till then you can’t always be there. Don’t worry though. If she calls and your team isn’t on assignment, I will send you, so you will see her again.”

“Thank you boss.”

“Ah just go enjoy your weekend off.”

“I will.”

AN: This is what happens when I stay up far to late after reading a bunch of comic books. This is one of what I think of as Xander as DC Style. I really enjoy DragonHulk’s Xander as Marvel style, but I have always been a DC boy. I have a few more of these in the works and I will see how soon I can post them.

The End

You have reached the end of "Freedom Lives Forever". This story is complete.

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