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Death Eaters on the Hellmouth

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Summary: When the portals were open during “The Gift”, Voldemort and some of the Death Eaters were brought to Sunnydale. *Warning: Character Death* Temporarily on hold.

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Harry Potter > GeneralLamiaFR1531,371022,03726 Apr 0626 Apr 06No

Dark and Insane

A/N: Okay, I know I said this would be a longer chapter, but it isn't. They may get longer as the story progresses, but I'm not making any promises. :-)

Voldemort took in his new surroundings. Another cemetery, different from the one he was in a moment ago. His muggle father’s tombstone was not present here, and neither was Harry Potter. What manner of magic is this, he thought. It appeared that the boy had conjured some sort of portal to send him and his followers away. Does he think this will save him? He has only gained a few more moments of peace, and much more pain. He has made me look a fool, and I will see him suffer greatly before he dies. He will beg for death before I finish with him. Voldemort could not allow the boy to make him appear weak in front of his followers, but it would be a simple matter to apparate back to the proper scene to destroy the Boy Who Lived.

There was an audible crack as Voldemort vanished from sight. A second later there was another as he reappeared. He made a few more attempts at apparition, to the same results. He was becoming increasingly angrier as he realized the boy had somehow stopped him from apparating back to his father’s grave to finish the task of killing Potter. But how? His Death Eaters, their masks raised from their faces, shared confused looks. Had Harry Potter stripped their master’s power yet again?

A dark haired woman was approaching from behind the Dark Lord, her sing-song voice carrying through the darkness. “Dark warriors, so far from home. The stars said you would come, to help me free my Spike from the children of light.” Drusilla danced around Lord Voldemort, smiling dreamily, at things only she could see. “Poor lost kitten, doesn’t know how far he’s gone. Can’t go home, must make a new one here. Little green key brought him to me, like the stars said she would.”

“Be gone, addled woman, or you shall suffer the wrath of the Dark Lord.” Voldemort fingered his wand, ready to hex this obviously insane woman. But Drusilla was unfazed by the menace in his hissing voice. She slowly waved a finger at him.

“Tsk, tsk, dark kitten. Play nicely, or I won’t tell you what the stars have whispered to me.” She smiled again, and danced away, coming to stop in the middle of the circle of dark wizards. Voldemort was not one to play these games, so he decided to end them. As Drusilla turned to face him he pointed his wand, saying “avada kadavra.” A bolt of green light flew out, striking Drusilla in the center of her chest. She laughed, and the sound sent shivers down the spines of the dark wizards. She touched the spot the curse had hit her, and purred to the Dark Lord, “that tickled a bit, do it again?”

Voldemort was taken aback by this, though he was careful not to show it. His voice was calm and steady as he spoke to her. “What manner of muggle are you, to withstand the killing curse.”

She glided up to him as she answered. “Not a muggle, little kitten, but not like you. Let me share with you the secrets the stars have told me.” She stood in front of him. Using her hands on his shoulder to pull herself closer, she whispered in his ear.

“You fear your magic waning, but its not, the stars have told me. Your death magic can only kill what lives.” She grabbed his hand and placed it over her dead heart. “I have had my death. Your power is great, kitten, but even you can’t kill the dead, and you can’t go home, not now. Little green key brought you, little green key must send you home. But I can help you, kitten. Come home with me, and we will bathe in the blood of our enemies.”

She pulled him by the hand, leading him away from the graveyard. He followed silently, for the moment intrigued by what she had said. If it were true, she could be valuable to him. If not, well, magic was not the only way to kill useless people.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Death Eaters on the Hellmouth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Apr 06.

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