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The Notorious Adventures of the Mini!Scoobies

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Summary: An unexpectedly troublesome vampire banishes Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Spike away from Sunnydale and into new lives. Will Willow be able to convince them that they aren't the five-year-old siblings of various Hogwarts students before it's too late?

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The Littlest Scoobies

A/N: This is a response to littleoldme's "Little Scoobies" challenge (though I did make them about a year older than she stipulated, mostly because it's way easier to write five-year-olds). Mostly, it's just a fun distraction for me from some of my more serious and pressing projects. Plus, the challenge was just too darn cute to pass up!

This takes place BtVS in a slightly AU late-ish season five in which Ben got hit by a bus. No Glory to worry about after around Intervention-ish, but there is a Dawn, and Joyce is still dead. HP GoF, somewhere in the spring, not terribly important. And yes, I made up the Family Weekend at Hogsmeade, so sue me. They should have had one anyway :P

Oh, and despite what I just said, please don't sue me- I'm poor. I don't own HP or BtVS characters.


“This is all that stands between me and the Hellmouth?” the robed vampire scoffed, fending off Xander’s blows easily before flinging him into the bushes with a wave of his hand.

“Hardly, mate,” Spike said from behind him, catching him off-guard with a cruel blow to the face. The strange vampire stumbled back several steps, but he didn’t fall. He fell on Spike with a flurry of blows that had the blonde on the defensive, but he wasn’t able to keep up the pace for long before a thrown stake caught him in the shoulder, barely missing his heart.

“Just the one?” Buffy asked as she leapt into the fray. “And here I thought this was a serious attempt at opening the Hellmouth.”

“You haven’t even begun to see how serious, little girl,” the vampire answered with a smirk. “You cannot stop me, and once the power of Boca Del Inferno is mine, my minions will overrun the earth!”

“Xander!” Willow shouted, ignoring the battle as she ran to his side. “Are you okay?”

“Define ‘okay’,” Xander groaned. “If I can be okay while my spine is getting to know my ankles intimately, then yeah, sure.”

“I have to say, that’s an interesting fashion statement,” Buffy stated as she landed a kick to the vamp’s head. “Not many go out looking to take over the world in a bathrobe. I hope you at least remembered to brush your teeth before you left your skanky lair this evening.”

“You are a stupid girl, to take your enemies so lightly,” the vampire chided.

“Really? Cuz you’re a pretty stupid vamp, to take on the Slayer,” she said.

He just chuckled. “You think a little mystical strength is enough to stop me?”

“Yeah, I do,” she answered, punching him several times in the gut. “Or haven’t you heard? We’ve stopped everything we’ve come up against,” she said as she drove a stake deep into his heart. She turned and brushed off her hands before walking toward Willow and Xander.

Xander was now on his feet, checking to make sure all of his limbs were still attached. He looked up in time to see the vampire pull the stake from his chest and point something at Buffy with one hand, holding what looked like a glass orb in the other.

“You haven’t come up against me,” he said.

Everyone reacted as one. Buffy whirled around to face him as Xander, Willow, and Spike all rushed to her, to knock her out of the way of whatever the vampire was aiming at her. The vampire’s words rang out loud and clear over the football field behind
the ruined school, the only sound besides the pounding of feet and the rushing of breath.

“Vester ipse abscidi!”

A light shot out from the slender stick of wood at them, exploding as it reached Buffy, knocking the Scoobies to the ground. Something bright flew from each of them to the orb. They were all too disoriented to react when he pointed the stick at them and spoke again.

“Vita mei electus!”

Everything changed.

Willow blinked blearily against the early morning light that creeped through her curtains. The house-elves had a tendency to be careless with her room; they knew she wouldn’t mind if the curtains weren’t drawn as tight or if her bed wasn’t made perfectly. She knew if her mom found out how much she let them get away with, she’d be very angry, but Willow didn’t like yelling at the elves, and she really didn’t care.

As she stepped out of bed, she remembered what day it was. They were all going to Hogsmeade to see her brother! She grinned widely to herself. It had taken a lot of begging on her and Draco’s part, but they’d managed to convince their parents to partake in Hogwarts’s family weekend. Her mum and dad weren’t actually planning on going, but they were letting Willow attend, and that was all she really cared about anyway. She missed her brother while he was away at school, and she was excited to see him before summer vacation. He always said he wished he could take her with him, because everyone at school was a boring wanker and not half so much fun as her. She couldn’t wait until she was old enough to go to school! She’d get to learn about everything her brother talked about when he was home, and she knew she’d make the best friends ever.

-A flash of brown hair and dark eyes over a friendly smile-

Willow shook her head at the impression and started to get dressed, skipping cheerily over to the closet. She took out her second-best robes and put them on; her parents never let her wear her very best to anything but the most important functions, they didn’t want her to ruin them. She knew her mother would be upset if she knew Willow was getting dressed without assistance, but she was perfectly capable of doing it herself, and the house-elves would be busy with breakfast, anyway. She was better at most things than her parents knew; she could dress herself and tie her shoes and even read some. Draco said she was really quick, even if her parents didn’t notice. He said someday she’d be a really good wizard and she'd be able to hex their parents into toads for being dummies.

She used the large mirror over the over-sized vanity chest to help her see as she pulled her hair into two braids that hung most of the way down her back- something else her parents didn’t like her doing. It wasn’t a “dignified” hairstyle, her mother said, but Willow liked it.

-A pretty blonde girl and the smiling boy laughing and braiding her hair-

Willow blinked. Something niggled at the back of her mind, something that knew the names of the people she’d seen in her momentary vision. Her fingers faltered in their task, causing a few strands of hair to slip from the braid. She sighed and concentrated on fixing her hair; her mother might let her out of the house with neat braids, but messy hair was unacceptable. Willow thought unacceptable was a very stupid word.

She made it down to the breakfast table without further incident. Neither of her parents were there yet, but a bowl of porridge and several scones with jam were waiting for her. She ate her breakfast as quickly as she could, positively bouncing in her chair in anticipation. She was terribly anxious to go back to Hogsmeade. She’d been there once before, but this time would be even better because it would be just her and Draco. She knew he’d take her to the candy shop, even if their parents told him not to.

-Giggling and eating Halloween candy with the Scoobies while Giles, wearing a sombrero, stands over them with a large book.-

Willow knitted her eyebrows in confusion. She didn’t know anybody named Giles, did she? And her parents disapproved of Halloween; it was a Muggle holiday, they’d told her, and not suitable for Wizard children. Odd words and names whispered in her mind. She felt like she was trying to remember a dream, only she’d been awake.

“Good, you’re up,” her mother greeted as she swept into the dining room. “I need to send you off soon, your father and I are very busy today.”

“Morning, mum!” Willow greeted around a mouthful of porridge. Her mother sighed and wiped Willow’s chin with a napkin, tossing it to the side when she was done. A diligent house-elf caught it before it even hit the floor.

“Really, must you be so messy?” she scolded. “I’ve told Draco when and where to meet you. Wait for him there if he hasn’t arrived yet. Do not get into trouble; I won’t have time to pick you up if you don’t make your port-key home, and I don’t want to hear anything from the other parents about your behavior. Do you understand?”

-A different mother, this one with darker hair, just as distracted but not so cold-

Willow nodded dumbly, confused. She looked at the ornate mirror that hung on the wall across the table; she saw herself, wide-eyed, red-haired, five-year-old Willow Malfoy, but her mind whispered she should be seeing someone older, someone with a different name. Someone with friends, people she needed to find, to help. A witch-

“Willow! It’s time to leave, stop daydreaming,” her mother interrupted her confused thoughts irritably. “For the love of- I swear I’ve told the elves not to do your hair like this, it’s positively mundane. Well, come on!”

Willow clambered off of her chair and scampered after her mother, trying to remember why everything felt so wrong as she followed her into one of the sitting rooms. She dutifully crossed to the bust of Slytherin they so often used for a portkey. She waved goodbye distractedly as she reached out to touch it.

As the tugging began at her stomach, a dam seemed to break in her mind. Memories of friends, of vampires, of a place in America called Sunnydale... they overwhelmed her.

The world settled around her again, the living room gone and replaced by a quaint little village. Hogsmeade. A boy with white-blonde hair, Draco, walked toward her with a friendly smirk on his face, but she didn’t notice.

She was too busy looking at her hands. At her entirely too-small chubby fingers.

“Well, crap,” Willow Rosenberg sighed.
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