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Sliding and Slaying

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Summary: Third in Strange Encounters series. Buffy learns to never trust a pretty face

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Television > SlidersGreySerenitatisFR1311,179051,33930 Apr 0630 Apr 06Yes
Author: GreySerenitatis
Email: hahahahhaha
Strange Encounters Series: Btvs / Sliders
I don’t own them, someone else does.
Summary: Bet you’ve never slid into a world like this! Buffy learns never to trust a pretty face.

“Next time when Giles suggests a road trip, I am so not going.”

Buffy nodded vehemently at Xander. Giles had suggested to the group; Buffy, Xander and Willow, that they take a weekend trip to San Francisco while the demonic population was laying low in Sunnydale. Which by all accounts, they should be having a good time in Sunnydale; not in San Francisco looking up obscure texts, examining countless artifacts and patrolling the streets, which by the way, that was what they were doing.

What was meant to be a relaxing trip, Giles had turned into an opportunity to purchase more texts for research and some field experience for Buffy.

“It’ll help you, you know. Slaying in other places you’re not familiar with will force you to rely on instinct.”

Willow had stayed behind with Giles in the occult bookstore (“I really should open one of these myself.” “What a great idea Giles!”) while Xander and Buffy walked the streets.

So far they hadn’t run into any vamps and Buffy was getting increasingly annoyed. But as they turned the corner into a dark alley, she felt something; the tingle on the back of her neck that alerted her to the supernatural. She grabbed Xander’s arm to stop him from going any further and he looked at her questioningly.

“I feel something.”

Seconds later there was a bright flash of light and above them the point of light spread and got bigger until it was big enough to pop four people out and onto the ground. The light then shrank and disappeared.

“Wow, Buff. You’re good. Where can I get me some Spidey senses?”

Buffy frowned as she stared at the people who were getting up from the ground. “As neat as that was, that’s not what I felt.”

The four people, three men and one woman, seemed to finally notice Buffy and Xander and walked hesitantly over.

“Look, whatever you saw--” The youngest looking male began.

“Save it. I’m not interested in you.” Buffy cut him off.

“Vamps?” Xander asked, looking in the direction Buffy’s gaze seemed to be.

“Yeah. Four. Xander, keep them back.”

“Um, excuse me? Vamps?” The woman asked. She looked between Buffy and Xander.

“Yeah, Vamps. Of the fanged and creature-of-the-night variety.” Xander responded. He was trying to get them out of the alley, but they weren’t having any of that.

“Vampires!” The oldest man exclaimed in a slightly accented voice. “You must be joking!”

The youngest spoke up again. “Vampires don’t exist.”

The other man who had been quiet up until now exclaimed, “We slid to a world that has vampires!

“Yes vampires exist, so do demons, witches and every other thing that goes bump in the night.” Buffy argued.

But the man kept disagreeing. “No, they can’t.”

“Look, what’s your name?” She asked, ready to lose her cool.

He looked wary for a moment but then responded. “Quinn Mallory.”

“Quinn Mallory, I will bet you $50 that vampires do exist. In fact, we’re about to meet four very hungry specimens. Deal?”

He seemed sure of himself. “Deal.”

Buffy nodded and turned back to the alley. She heard the woman ask Quinn “How much time do we have?” to which he responded, “Ten minutes for the next slide.” Buffy pulled her stake from her boot and got ready. Sure enough four vampires came stalking down the alley, they grinned, thinking they were going to have an easy meal.

“Well well, don’t you know it’s dangerous to be in dark corners late at night?” One of them asked, licking his lips and running his tongue over his fangs.

“Yeah, for you!” Buffy rushed the group, taking them by surprise and made quick work of the inexperienced vamps that were obviously fledglings. She brushed the dust off her jacket and walked back towards the group, all were amazed except Xander.

“Those were really Vampires?” The woman asked with a shake to her voice.

Buffy grinned. “Yup. They didn’t stand a chance against me.”

“Not against the Vampire Slayer, huh Buff?”


“This is just amazing. There’s a world where vampires exist. You did say witches and demons too?” The old man asked, he was reminding Buffy of Giles more and more every second. He seemed to have that quality of “educated abroad”.

“So, you guys want to explain the light show?” She asked. When they shifted nervously she sighed. “Look, are you here to destroy the world?”


“Take control of the people and use them as slaves?”


“Open the Hellmouth and bring forth armies of demons and vampires to eat the human race?”


“Become president and outlaw shopping malls?”

“…No, definitely not.”

Buffy smiled. “Then we’re good.” She walked up to Quinn. “Which by the way, someone owes me fifty bucks.”

The timer on the device Quinn was holding went off and he glanced down. “Time to go guys.” He looked back at Buffy and smiled apologetically. “We’re from an alternate earth. We’re just trying to find our home world.”

He raised the device to the sky and a beam shot out and created another light show. When he looked back at her, Buffy noticed that he looked good when he smiled. “Take care.”

“Hey! What about our bet?!”

He shrugged. “Sorry, no time. You could always get the ‘me’ of this world to pay you!”

And the four jumped through the portal and disappeared.

They were about to leave San Francisco when Buffy had requested one last stop. Giles looked confused and Willow just shrugged. They stopped in a relatively normal looking neighborhood and Buffy took Xander with her as they approached the house.

“You know Buff, if he was telling the truth; it’s not really him who lives here.”

“Yeah I know. But a bet is a bet.”

When she and Xander had come back from patrol she asked Willow to do a little extracurricular research for her.

Buffy knocked on the door and waited. It slowly opened a moment later. “Quinn Mallory?”

The man at the door nodded. “Yes, I’m Quinn Mallory. What can I do for you?”

Buffy just smiled sweetly, pulled back her fist and sucker-punched him in the gut. Quinn kneeled to the floor in surprise, gasping for breath. Whatever he was expecting from the pretty blonde, this wasn’t it.

“You owe me $50 from our bet last night.” She rolled him over and retrieved his wallet from his back pocket, took the bills she needed and placed his wallet back, taking care to give him a pinch on his butt.

She and Xander walked back towards the car, but before she got in she shouted back, “Oh if you have any plans to make a device to travel to alternate earths, here’s some advice; Don’t!” She hopped into the car and drove off leaving Quinn wondering what the hell that was all about.

And how the hell did she know about Sliding? His eyes widened in alarm. “Oh man…”


The End

You have reached the end of "Sliding and Slaying". This story is complete.

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