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Summary: 20 minutes with Giles. A little side trip during one of the longest days of Jack Bauer's life

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Television > 24selkieFR131751031,9881 May 061 May 06Yes
Disclaimer: not my characters, not my worlds, no infringement intended


"My name is Jack Bauer, and I'm a federal agent. I need everyone to clear out of this coffee shop right now," Jack said, flashing his badge to the small crowd in the English tea room. Most of the people there complied with his request, but one man remained at his table, magazine in hand, and a teacup and pot of tea to the side. "Sir, did you hear me? I need you to leave the shop immediately."

"Sorry, I can't do that right now," the man said, speaking in a crisp English accent.

"Sir, I've got an important meeting with a contact who specified that I needed to be here and totally alone as of 9:35am. If I do not meet with him, five hundred thousand people in the Los Angeles area might die today."

"That's all? I'm afraid that my needs will take precendece over your meeting in the short term. I also have someone I need to meet up with in the next five minutes, and if I don't stop a certain event from happening, then five billion people will die."

The British guy was crazy, and Jack didn't have time to try to reason with him and bring him back to sanity. So it was time to use force against a civilian, even though Jack hated it when he ended up having to do that. As the man watched him, Jack shifted in place just enough that the man could now see his gun sticking out from the folds of his coat.

However, before he could move his arms to reach for the gun, he found himself pushed into the wall of the tea room, his back pressed against a trellis of fake ivy that passed for decor in the shop. Then the ivy began to move, twisting around his arms and body so he was knit practically immobile into the wall.

"What the hell?" he managed to ask the British man, who still sat at his cafe table as he watched the vines overwhelm Jack.

"I'm sorry about that, but stopping an apocalypse trumps some minor regional dispute that your government is having. As for the how, it's only magic."

"That can't be magic. The only time I've seen real magic down in Mexico, not just the illusionist stage kind, there were hugely complex rituals and formulas the brujas had to follow in order to get it all to work."

"I'm stronger than most of those women," the man said as he glanced down at his watch. "Look, you seem like you'd be good in a fight, and I'm always glad to have some reserve support. Would you be interested in saving the world today?"

"Today sounds as good of a day as any to do that."

"I'll let you down then," the man said. He waived his hands, and the vines released Jack from the wall. "Our demon du jour is about seven feet tall and purple. Aim for the kneecaps with your gun. Don't shoot the other people who are helping us out."

"I'll help you out."

"Good. Come along then."

The British guy led him out of the shop just as the purple demon got out of a car. It carried a young girl in its arms.

"Faith!" the man yelled, and two people ran out of the laundromat net door. Jack fired his gun at the demon's knees. As it collapsed, it dropped the girl, and Jack and the Brit pulled her to safety. Meanwhile, the laundromat people, a dark-haired woman and a man with an eye patch, went to work chopping off the demon's head, and removing the demon's abdominal organs. Finally, the two people were finished, and the Brit said a brief spell that caused the demon's body to dissolve on the spot.

"Thanks for your help, Agent Bauer," the Brit said. "Got a little bit of a blood splatter on your coat, I see. Let me give you my card in case you would like my people to take care of your cleaning bill."

At that, the man passed him a card with the name Rupert Giles and a phone number on it, the woman named Faith gathered up the girl the demon had been trying to kidnap, and they vanished into a car that the one-eyed man had pulled up to the curb. Jack found himself hoping that his 9:35am meeting with Roberto Garcia would go as smoothly as the demon-hunting operation had just gone.

The End

You have reached the end of "9:07-9:27am". This story is complete.

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