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Master Xander's Tale

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Summary: Xander's road trip revealed. A Star Wars crossover.

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredBurniningicecreamFR1821,7201249,3713 May 067 May 06No

An Jedi in Xander Clothing.

“Regular Speech”
[Mind to Mind Speech]

A Jedi In Xanders Clothing

Xander Harris was in the Magic Box, looking though old dusty book after book, looking for some sign, on how to kill Glory. They recently found out that Dawn, Buffy’s little sister was the Key. Some kind of mystical key thingy, someone that could rip through the fabric of space and time. Now she had some women calling herself a goddess, running around Sunny-dale causing ruckus. He was due over at Buffy’s house in half an hour, apparently she had been attacked by more knights. But for some-reason she told them to be there in two hours instead of then. So he spent the time researching, if there was one thing he had gotten good at over the years it was that. He thought darkly ‘all I need now is a trade-federation ship to show up and blow the planet to smithereens. Although that could possibly solve the Glory problem… Although the planet would be destroyed making it a moot point.’

Suddenly as if to interrupt his train of thought, the door was kicked open, it went flying off it’s hinges and banged against the wall. Xander dropped into a fighting stance and waited, then in stepped Glory, in all her, well, glory. Xander swore, before looking around, hoping Buffy was around or something, only to come up with nothing. He sighed, before running through the Magic Box, he vaulted over several things, and almost flew out the back door. There was no way he could face Glory, unless he wanted to end up a smear on the ground and he knew it. ‘Long ago I would have been able to kick her ass with no sweat, and now…now I’m running away, I’m pathetic, I’m worse then pathetic. First they get Tara, which hit Willow and now there are going for me, which will hurt both…. And will crush Willows spirit, then finally Giles… She’s taking out the supporting people, after all, without us, Buffy and Willow would be dead by now.’ Xander ran faster it to Buffy’s.

*The old Gas Station*

Xander swore, the knights attacked Buffy’s house, forcing them to flee, so they fled in an old bus. But ended up attacked, Giles is hurt badly and slowly fading. Xander walked through the gas-station, looking for other entrances. Suddenly he felt an odd presence around him, and through him which he immediately recognized it as Willow’s magic. But there was something weird, it was faint, so faint that it had to be something he had felt before, for him to even feel it. Xander sat down in a meditative position and did something he hadn’t done in years. He stretched out his senses, feeling the hundred or so Knights waiting for them outside. His he also felt, Willows shield, and the Dark-side that was interlaced with it.

Just then Xander heard a familiar voice in his mind [Hello Alex Kain... Or should I call you Master Harris?]

Xander said, [Hello my old friend, it is good to hear from you. Knowing you, this isn’t a social call.]

Qui-Gon Jinn replied, [No it is not, Alex. It has been a long time since the council has requested your aid.]

Xander said [Because they thought I was dead, and with the extinction of the Jedi… There is no council for them to call upon me, even if they thought I was alive.]

Qui-Gon replied [We need you to go back, we need the Jedi.. the Return of the Jedi is upon us, or it will be in a couple of years.]

Xander said [I cannot go back! I quit the Jedi Order, I fell too far into the dark-side. I betrayed that which I stood for, that which I was taught to believe.]

Qui-Gon replied [ You returned to the light, you came back. You chose the hard path, that led away from the Dark-side. You were forgiven, A long time ago, the key to your redemption, is to forgive yourself. You spent 40 years doing the right thing, saving the people of the Galaxy, to make right your wrongs.]

Xander said [For years I cut a bloody path through people, pillaging, burning, city’s . slaughtering, men, women and children. Killing everything in my path, friend or foe.]

Qui-Gon replied [Forgive yourself my old friend, as I forgave you all those years ago, I knew of your path, I knew of old ways, I saw you hunt and kill some of the worst people in the galaxy. Protecting those same innocent people that you once would of slaughters, and killed those that you would of once helped.]

Qui-Gon continued [You may believe yourself wrong, but soon you shall see, and know the truth, Your destiny is upon you, my old friend.] His voice faded as he said [May the Force be With you]

Xander whispered out loud “May The Force be with you.” He opened his eye’s and found Buffy staring at him. Buffy asked “Did you say Something Xan?”

Xander said “No Buff, I kind of dozed off, Sorry about that.”

Buffy just nodded her head, and continued back towards the others. Xander stood up and stretched, getting the kinks out of his neck and back, all of a sudden he heard a call of “Xander, come here quick!” Xander ran to the front of the store, and watched them all peeking through the cracks in the window boards.

Xander looked out through a crack and he saw……

AN: If you are wondering where the Mind to mind speech comes from, Qui-Gon is dead and part of the Force, all he needed was for Xander to open his senses before he could talk to him.. Next chapter, The cliff hanger will be reveiled and so will some of Xanders Jedi Past..

The End?

You have reached the end of "Master Xander's Tale" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 May 06.

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