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Master Xander's Tale

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Summary: Xander's road trip revealed. A Star Wars crossover.

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredBurniningicecreamFR1821,7201249,3713 May 067 May 06No

Chapter One

I Do not own Starwars nor do I own Buffy The Vampire Slayer, these charactors are not mine and are owned by their separate parties.

*Cue Starwars music*
*Starts scrolling yellow words*

Deep with in the heart of the ruins of the Jedi temple, there rests a chamber, a chamber of Masters, where the decisions had once been made, for each and every Jedi. Those Masters were known as the Jedi Council. Upon the council sat, the best, the wisest, the most powerful, and those of great distinction. Those people were the leaders, that each Jedi Knight strove to be like, that each Padawan-learner had held in the highest regard. They were legends, and the best of the best.

The Jedi were the peace-keepers of the galaxy, they also served as the last line of defence, but also the first. The Jedi were legend. They policed the Galaxy, they were the champions of the republic. But now they were outlaws in the eyes of the republic turned Empire. They had no friends, no ally’s, except for other Jedi. All across the galaxy the Jedi had been killed off, one at a time, over the years. The Jedi purge, caused the death of every Jedi, but three.

Two of them hidden away; Master Yoda on the swamp planet of Dagobah, waiting and biding his time, for what he knew through the Force would come, The Return of the Jedi. The other, known as Obiwan, on the Desert planet of Tatooine. He guards what come from his past, as he watched, the child, of his greatest failure grow up, all the while trapped in the memories of his past.

But all of this was about to change for one of them, for you see, there was a third Jedi out there, one that the Masters of old had remembered, and the dead enemies cannot speak of. He appeared one day, in the Jedi council chambers and as it turned out he was a traveler, of a different sort, chosen by the force. He was un-ageing because of it, and had become a Jedi Master. He had left the Jedi, 40 years before the Twilight years first started, after being lost to the Dark-side of the force. He had recovered slowly over a matter of years, and brought himself back to the light-side, before swearing off the use of the force, so that he wouldn’t be submerged again. For 60 years he had wandered the galaxy, as a hit-man for the Jedi council and then after the clone wars, for The Rebellion. He was thought to be dead, as those who were capable of feeling it, felt his presence in the force extinguish.


It was late evening when Master Yoda, who was deep in meditation felt a disturbance in the force nearby, still the short .66 meter tall, Jedi didn’t move a muscle, he just extended his senses trying to find the intruder. He was disturbed when he heard a voice say from just in front of him “Master Yoda..” Yoda was up in a flash, his Light-sabre was out and on with a *snap-hiss* Yoda opened his eye’s only to be met by the force-presence of his friend, Mace Windu.

Mace said “Hello Master Yoda, I bring news for you, and a quest..”

Yoda gave him a disgruntled look and a hmph “Rude that is, sneak up on me you do not!” Yoda picked up his gnarled staff and proceeded to hit Mace Windu with it.

Mace rubbed the spot that was hit “How… I’m pretty sure that has been tried before”

Yoda replied “There is no try, only Do or do not. Now news you shall give me”

Mace said ”We need the remaining Master to help bring back the Jedi, unfortunately he was sent back home. Now we need you to retrieve him, you are the only one, Master Kenobi is busy with his task.”

Yoda nodded head “Find him I will, bring him back I shall.. The errors of his way he shall see.”

Mace began to fade out and his last words to Yoda were “May The Force, be with you”

AN: Ok it's short.. but this is the prologue.. more or less... and I know there is no Buffy Charactors, but in the next chapter there will be... Next time "The Jedi in Xander Clothing"
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