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The Beginning

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Summary: The first battle of the apocalypse has just begun.

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Stargate > GeneralVampieGirlFR1311,021051,9814 May 064 May 06Yes
Nevada, USA

Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter padded over to the fridge flipping the TV on as she went; she turned to see what was happening in the world today. She barely felt the bottle of milk slide from her hand; the smash went unnoticed as she stared open mouthed at the television screen. Where the terrified journalist set against the burning ruins of LA was hysterically trying to describe what was happening, but words weren’t necessary as a dragon swept down breathing fire and igniting the Hollywood sign.

“Sam is…” Jack never finished as his eyes were drawn to the TV screen

Rome, Italy

“Give it!” Buffy growled trying to grab the remote; her sister was taking advantage of the fact that she was several inches taller.

“No!” Dawn squealed as Buffy tickled her sister’s underarms causing Dawn to jerk her hands back down.

“I’m older”

“So” Dawn pouted

This meant war. Buffy grabbed one of Dawn’s socked feet and began to tickle her sister’s foot mercilessly “Give me the…” Buffy let go of Dawns foot reached over to pick up the phone. Dawn looked at her sister then at the TV screen she saw the dragon, the remote clattered to the floor forgotten.

Colorado, USA

General Landry had barely had time take off his coat when the phone rang “Have you seen the news” The President asked. His blood ran cold the president didn’t usually phone him at home. He knew that one day the truth about the SGC would get out. It amazed him that it hadn’t happened before, that the public continued to swallow the increasingly weak and outlandish cover stories.

“No sir” he replied walking into his living room and turned on the TV, there would be only one news story if fears were true but that wasn’t to be the case.

Moscow, Russia

“Surprise” Faith laughed as she jammed her cold hands down the back of Robin’s neck. He pulled her down on to the sofa Faith straddled him and used her slayer strength to pin him to the sofa. Not that he minded it was always the same when Faith came back from patrol. She had taken some of the newer slayers for a sweep.

Just when Robin was about to stop thinking all together Faith stopped “FUCK!” she exclaimed.

Robin was about to say something crude when he saw what Faith was seeing and all pleasurable thoughts fled from his mind.

New Delhi, India

It wasn’t often that Riley and his wife got time to themselves. It was his teams anniversary present to them a demon free day. It felt weird to be doing something so normal, as shopping. Sam was bartering for some spices she was going to cook. God he loved this woman she could kill thing with her bare hands and cook what more could a guy ask for.

Maybe just one day to themselves, he tapped his wife’s shoulder as he saw Graham pushing his way through the crowds. “There’s a trouble in LA, we fly out in an hour”

Cairo, Egypt

He sat down at the bar and ordered something strong he really didn’t care what; He had just told another family that their daughter was destined to die. He knew that these girls had a better chance at a life than any slayer before them but they were still destined to die.

He downed the shot in one gulp and indicated for another.

Xander might not understand a word on the battered old TV set in the smoky noisy bar, but he did recognise the pictures. He got to his feet he could be back in England in a day.

Rio, Brazil

Willow walked into the apartment she shared with Kennedy, placing the bags on the table. She was about to regale her lover with how she had managed to find the special herbs she needed, She looked over at Kennedy who sat frozen on the edge of the bed clutching the phone loosely with one had and flicking through the channels on the remote with the other.

“Baby what’s wrong!” Willow asked as she wrapped her arms around Kennedy.

They both gasped when Kennedy found the channel she was looking for.

Within minutes Willow had teleported them both back in England.

Westbury, England

Giles reached up to polish his glasses; his calculations were clearly wrong because according to this the apocalypse was over due. His hand froze halfway to his glasses; the BBC Radio 4 program he had been listening to was interrupted by a special bulletin.

He knew the moment the brief and to the point report was over that somehow the ancient magic that had protected and threatened humanities existence since the beginning had suddenly ended and that his calculations weren’t wrong after all.

Willow and Kennedy materialised in the middle of the library and the phone on his desk rang.

Los Angeles, USA

Spike crawled out from under a pile of rubble he stumbled to his feet using a burnt out car to pull him self up. He looked at the burning remains of LA. What Bloody hell had they done?

Gunn hadn’t lasted more than a few minutes, Illyria had launched herself into the battle with a blood thirsty lust for violence and had been lost among the bodies she sent flying, Angel was dust somewhere having failed to take the dragon out.

He felt the first few rays of dawn, obscured by the smoke filling the sky

Why was he alive?


I’m in every man, woman and child.

I was there at the beginning.

I will be there at the end.

Humanity can no longer deny me.

The Hellmouth was just the beginning, the first of many battles in this war; the final apocalypse. The first true battle of the thousand year war has just begun. The veil of magic that has bound humanity to this realm has been lifted by those who thought that removing my instruments would disrupt my plans.

Silly fools how could they even conceive of my plans.

Humanity will no longer deny me.

I am the First

The End

You have reached the end of "The Beginning". This story is complete.

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