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Black Knight

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Summary: Angel never made it to Sunnydale so the PTB pick another to watch over Buffy

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaThewanderFR15312,87354312,6774 May 0612 Jul 06No

Chapter One

Title: Black Knight
Author: Robert Jackson
Permission to archive: yes, just let me know where.
Pairing/Characters: Buffy/Xander
Rating: PG13 To R. (Language, adult situations)
Summary: Angel never made it to Sunnydale. So the PTB got another to watch over Buffy.
Warnings: None really, Character death.
Notes: you can find most of my stories at

Early 1970

It was bad. He slipped again. He drank human blood. He had not wanted too but it was just too much. The guy was dying anyway. He could have walked away but he didn’t. He just drank it down.

“God forgive me.” He whispered to himself. And stood there. The sun was just peeking over the horizon. He stood up. He would go to his judgement. If it was hell so be it, he never wanted to hurt anyone again. And this was the only way to make sure.

In a flash it was over, Angel the vampire with a soul was gone. And with his death the future changed.


Sunnydale night, the Bronze

Xander had arrived late tonight. He could see Jessie being shot down yet again by Cordy. It was kind of sad, but she was Jesse’s dream. Thank God, she wasn’t his.

His was the blonde he saw today. The New Girl. But she'd seemed a little strange, however that was of the good. Hell, he was a little strange.

Xander looked around the club. Nope, there wasn’t any sign of Buffy. Just Willow dancing with a guy. Then he had to stop and do a rewind.

Willow, Check. Willow with a guy, again with the check. Then Willow dancing with said guy. Double check. Xander had to come to a complete stop on that one. As long as he had known Willow, she had hardly ever talked to other guys, unless it was about school work. He had to twist her arm to start talking with Jesse. And here she was not just talking, but dancing.

Maybe this Buffy was good for them all. He looked around for the blonde girl, finally spotting her on the upper level talking to some old guy. The new Liberian he thought. Kind of creepy, when he thought about it, a guy as old as his parents hanging out with the kids.

Xander decided to wait for Buffy to come down to talk to her. He waited, then waited some more. Watching as Jesse was shot down once again. *Man, when will you learn? * Xander thought as Jesse walked away from Cordy and her sheep.

Just then Buffy brushed passed him heading for the bathroom.

*Well, when you gotta go you gotta go. * He thought as he watched the blonde love of his life rush though the crowd. *I’ll just catcher her after she's done. *

As Xander stood there shaking his head with the music, he saw a flash of blonde hair heading for a swing seat.

*It’s now or never. * He thought to himself building up his internal courage.

As he came up to the seat, the blonde was facing away from him. Looking over the crowd.

“Hey want to go out some time?” Xander said in a rush. Only realizing it wasn’t Buffy when the girl turned to face him.

“Why sure, handsome.” The girl said, looking him up and down.

“Uh, Sorry I thought you were someone else.” Xander stumbling over his words, and looking very confused. Then it hit him she said yes.

Glancing up he could see Buffy and Jesse talking heatedly. Then leaving together.

“Damn,” Xander said looking around, again. Willow was gone with her man, and Jesse just took off with the woman of his dreams.

“What's the problem lover?” The blonde asked.

“The girl of my dreams just left with someone else.” He replied desponded, “Why does this always happen to me?”

“I don’t know,” The Blonde said, “But maybe she wasn’t meant for you. It could be someone else here is the one your looking for.”

“I guess you're right.” Xander looked back at the girl, she was gorgeous. “Say what's your name anyway?”

“Darla.” She told him, looking around, “Its kind of noisy here. You wanna go for a walk?”

“Sure.” Xander smiled at her, this was the best he had ever gotten with a woman. Mostly they just turn him down and laugh at him. But not this time. Maybe his luck had changed.

Darla walked Xander through the graveyard.

“I don’t know about this.” Xander said looking around. It was dark and creepy. And something was off about the girl he was with, Xander seemed to stumble over every root and bit of uneven ground, while Darla was as graceful as ever.

“What's the matter darling boy?”Darla asked with a sweet voice.

“Umm,” Xander looking at her with wide eyes, “Walking through a graveyard at night, what else could be wrong?”

“Nothing wrong with a graveyard.” Darla said, with a sexy smile, “they kind of get my juices running, if you know what I mean.”

With that confession Xander went nonverbal, being as he found himself with this girl, this hot girl, and here she was talking about her juices. It was entirely foreign to him. No girl had ever told him anything like that before.

“You don’t want to leave do you?” Darla asked

“Well, yeah” Xander said not really sounding sure of himself. “I mean, can’t we go out Friday night or something?”

“I don’t know,” Darla said, with a smile, "you might be dead then.”

“That's soooo not funny!” Xander said drawing away from her.

“Sorry.” Darla said, pulling him closer to her, “Let me kiss you, to apologize.”

“Ok, sure.” Xander said, inside he jumping for joy. A girl wanted to kiss him. A beautiful girl wants to kiss him. It never even registered that this small girl held him in a grip that was no way he could have broken away, even if he had wanted to.

Darla slowly drew Xander into a kiss. It was nice, soft then growing in intensity. Xander let little moans as the kiss grew and turned to little nibbles, then she worked her way to Xanders neck.

Xander just sat back and enjoyed the kissing soon, the kissing on the neck turned to nibbles then a sharp pain followed by sucking.

*She’s giving me a hickey! * Xander thought, *Just wait till Jessie sees that! *

As Darla kept on kissing Xander's neck, he found himself getting more and more light headed. Darla drew back and for a second Xander could swear that her face was . . . wrong. Not human, evil. But then it was normal.

“Come,” Darla said, “My beautiful boy. I have someone that wants to meet you.”

“Yea,” Xander whispered, light headed from the kiss and blood lost, “Right behind you.”

Xander stumbled off behind Darla, who all but danced ahead of him. Soon she moved into a tomb, with Xander following her.

As Darla walked in, Willow tried to push out. Only to be thrown back into the tomb.

“This the best you can do?” Darla asked the guy in the room.

“She’s fresh!” The other vampire growled.

“Hardly enough to share.” Darla said with a dismissive look at the teenage girl.

“Well, why didn't you bring your own?” The other vampire snapped out at Darla.

“I did.” Darla said looking pissed. Just then Xander staggered his way into the tomb.

“Xander!” Willow called out looking at her oldest friend. There was blood on his neck.

“Heya Wills.” Xander said looking bleary-eyed at her, “I got a hickey!”

Then he all but collapsed on the floor.

Everything swam around Xander and the world became a series of disjointed images.
The new girl, Buffy, had been there, and she had been fighting Darla and the guy with Willow. Jesse had been there as well. They had been trying to get him and Willow to go somewhere, but Xander had been too tired, and he'd fallen down. Then there was some really ugly old guy, with red eyes, in what had looked like a huge cave, or maybe a church, it was weird, and the old guy was biting Xander's arm. He next remembered being in a smaller tunnel, with some guy he'd never seen before in front of him, holding out his wrist, and something coppery tasting being forced into his mouth, him being told to drink, and then as he was still swallowing the fluid, the guy had exploded into dust, the coppery taste turning to an ashy one which Xander remembered swallowing as well.

Next there was some weird guy, kneeling in front of him, asking him all kinds of questions. He couldn't really remember, what he was asked, only that it was important. Then he smelt something, but he couldn't place it. But it was familiar, then a sound. Down the hall. Getting up he started to walk down toward the sounds. As he walked, he realized has been in a sewer tunnel. Turning a corner, he suddenly came across Buffy and Jesse.

“Hey guys!” Xander called out.

“Xan!” Jessie called running at him. Buffy following behind at a slower pace.

As they got Closer it dawned on him. They smell good. Like Twinkies.

*What's going on here? * Xander thought as his face tightens up. Jesse gasped and backed away.

“No Xan.” Jesse whispered but to Xander it was loud and clear.

“What?” Xander asked "What did I do?"

“Jessie, it's too late!”Buffy called out, pulling him away from Xander, “We've got to get out of here.”

Just then the shadows erupted with dark figures. Buffy stood her ground, using a stake to stab the figures, which then turned to dust. Xander suddenly realized they were Vampires, like in the movies. Xander looked over at Jesse and found him just standing there, watching Xander, with an expression of loss and sorrow on his face.

“I am sorry man.” Jesse whispered.

“Sorry about what?” Xander said looking at his friend, “I'm good, I feel great. Better than I ever have before, Bro. I can even hear your heart beat.”

“You’re a monster,” Jesse whispers.

“Come on.” Buffy said pulling Jessie along with her.

As they fought their way out, Buffy pushed Jessie ahead of her, toward the open manhole, and the safety of the daylight beyond it.

"Jesse, climb, now!"she called out, "I couldn't save Xander, but I can save you, now GO! I'll,
I'll be right behind you."

Jesse looked back and only seeing a few of the closest vampires in the light filtering down turned his back and started up the ladder. Unseen in the dark, Xander watched her fight, and his love for her grew. She was giving her all for his friend. Buffy was still fighting, her stake flashing out as she whittled the numbers of her opponents down, five, then four, then three, then just two left,
Other than Xander who was just standing there, watching. But then she slipped, and one of the remaining two vampires knocked her stake out of her hand, sending it flying across the tunnel to bounce off the wall near Xander. And without even thinking about it, he acted, grabbing the stake and moving with far more speed and coordination than he ever had before in his life, Xander slammed the stake through the back of the closest Vampire, watching in wonder as the creature burst into ash. The other one had managed to subdue Buffy however, knocking her in the head so hard she was almost unconscious.

Leaping over her, displaying far greater strength than he had imagined himself capable of, he slammed the stake into the chest of the last Vampire, turning it to a floating cloud of dust.
His recently enhanced hearing though could clearly detect the approach of more footsteps, so sliding the stake into the top of his jeans, he bent over and picked the small incoherent blonde girl up, throwing her over her shoulder as he started to climb the ladder.

He had to stifle a scream of pain however, when his leading hand strayed into the broad beam of sunlight lancing in through the open manhole at the top of the ladder. Cringing back from the burning rays, he shifted the girl, and with an effort even for his enhanced strength and reflexes hurdled her toward the opening even as he himself fell back, smoking, into the darkness below.


Jesse crouched at the top of the manhole, trying to lean over and see into the darkness, watching for Buffy, without blocking the sunlight going into the hole below. He thought he could make out the gold of her hair on the ladder, but it looked wrong somehow, almost like she was climbing backwards or upside down or something. But there was defiantly movement in the darkness.
Suddenly he lurched back as a pale hand flashed into the sunlight, smoke instantly rising off it as it jerked reflexively back into the murky darkness.

A moment later though he had to throw himself back from the hole as Buffy came flying out of it, almost like a bullet from a gun, to arc bonelessly through the air and land with a painful sounding scrunch on the street beside the hole.

As Jesse moved to the unconscious Slayer's side, he was sure he heard a loud thump, as if of something heavy landing at the bottom of the tunnel, but his attention was more on helping his new friend than what was happening below him in the sewers.


As Xander straightened up from his landing, having fallen without injury further than he ever had before, he noticed a vampire had just run into the tunnel.

“You let her get away!”The newcomer accused him.

“Yeah,” Xander said looking up at the circle of sunlight above them, as though watching for something. As soon as the other vampire looked up, Xander staked him.

“And now you're not going to tell anyone.”, Xander whispered as the dust moved in the slight breeze.

As Xander turned and walked back into the shadows, he said softly, “No one messes with my girls.”


To Be Continued
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