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I can see you, but you can't see me

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Summary: My entries for the TtH_100. My claim is Marcy the invisible girl. These are done as journal entries, and not all of them seem to be being crossovers. Sorry. Multiple crossings. No serious pairings (one obsessive bit of a pairing, but nothing serious)

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Multiple Crossings > Angel-Centered(Past Donor)renatriaFR153437028144 May 064 May 06No


This one is not a crossover. Marcy belongs to the CIA, I mean, Joss Whedon.

In cartoons and bad movies, Death wears a hooded cloak, with a skull like face peeking out from time to time. The Grim Reaper. I know better. Death is not a grim spectre, easily recgnizable, Death is forgettable, invisble. Maybe that's why people fear Death, they fear what they cannot see. Me? How can I fear Death when I am Death to so many, faceless, nameless, forgettable. . . You know, even my teachers, well our teachers, gave up on our names eventually. They tried, I'll admit that, but how do you tell one invisble, forgetable person from another? Its alright, If I were memorable I wouldn't be here. . . how my life would be different! I can deal Death as easily as I can a pack of cards. . . of course I can, I'm as forgettable as he is. . .
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