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The Beginning

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Summary: A distraught Dawn is determined to bring back her sister after the events of 'the Gift,' even if it means crossing the boundaries of dimensions. In the process, she discovers her Key-self was once a part of a much larger 'Force.'

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Star Wars > Dawn-CenteredAmberPenglassFR1311,092081,7864 May 064 May 06No
The Beginning


Amber Penglass


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the characters wherein, nor do I own Star Wars or any of its existing characters. I do, however, own a hairball for a brain, and you are currently reading one of the hairs from that hairball. Enjoy.






The Key ran, and it ran, and it kept running, never minding the blood trickling down, leaving bloody footprints behind...


They Key, they Key, the Key- She refused to think of herself as Dawn Summers anymore.


Dawn had gotten her sister killed.


Dawn had endangered the known universe.


Dawn was weak, defenseless, useless, human.


If she could be the Key, truly, completely be the Key.


She was supposed to be this mass of unending power and knowledge, right? Literally the key to the universe? Then why, why, why was her sister laying dead on a pile of broken rubble, why was an entire city block reduced to scrap because of her? Why couldnÕt she have stopped it all?


And why, of all the whys, oh why was she crying? Humans cried. Green balls of endless power did not cry. She choked, and she stumbled, and she got back up again, and the Key continued to run.


She told herself she didn't need oxygen, that she was the Key, damnit, Keys didn't breathe. But eventually she collapsed, exhausted, drained, and utterly spent against the remnants of a twisted chain link fence. She battled with the raging grief that threatened to manifest as tears and sobs. It was a long, drawn out battle, but eventually the stubborn brunette won out, and she slowed her gasping breaths and looked up, blinking at her surroundings in the light of a dim, flickering street lamp.


With an odd sort of unexpected twinge, she beheld something she didn't quite understand. It was just a crumbling warehouse, the concrete yard cracked and overrun by weeds and seedlings. And yet.


Like the hum of a mother whale, something unintelligible whispered from that decrepit building.

Fake or not, Dawn's memories of living in Sunnydale were useful. All at once her teenage and grief-born defiance of her human status was forgotten, and she swatted herself, mentally, for having run offÉ Sure, she knew Glory was gone, but sheÕd had henchmenÉand there were more than hellgods that went bump in the night in this town.


She drew herself into the shadows, and that was when she noticed the other oddity. Shock allowed her to ignore that sweet singing for a moment, and gape at what covered her hands, belly, legs and feet.


Horror filled her- had, somehow, her genuine, sincere wish to leave her humanity behind been heard? Since last time she checked, humans didn't leak blood that was a delicate shade of green, and nearly translucentÉ


Something clicked.


Deep inside her, deep within the folds of time and space that existed within her, something occurred to the very human, very teenage, very desperate orphan who'd just lost the most important thing in the world, her sister, her big, beautiful, loving sister, her strong Buffy...


Dawn fell to her knees, eyes wide and blank, her arms limp at her side. Gazing straight ahead without looking at anything at all, she whispered, "I am the Key."


And, for the first time, she glimpsed what that sentence truly meant- she glimpsed, but instead of seizing the window before her and fully understanding who and what she was, the blue-eyed child latched on to one, desperate detail, one specific power, one goal...


But she would need help.


With an almost emotionless flair, the Key began to search through the sliver of knowledge that it had regained, a sliver that even in it's slight percentage compared to its entirety was mastadonic compared to all the knowledge of the mortal world combined.


It found what it was looking for- this had all happened before, on some level. It had once been part of a larger whole.


Ah, now here was a detail...


The Key was like a newborn whale, separated from its pod of adult whales, a huge pod.


And Oh! What that pod was capable of in its entirety!


A fragment of a memory from that time before the Key was separated, a hint of what it used to be capable ofÉ The Key had a perfect memory. It knew exactly what needed to be done, and where it needed to go to get it done.


The sweet singing from that warehouse made sense to Dawn, now, who was little more than a slice of humanity within the Key still conscious enough to have a name. Buffy had always kept her away from this side of town...far, far away. Now, she thought, she might know why...


This was were it had all began. This was the beginning. This is where the monks had made her physical form from Buffy's flesh, this is where they had called, invited, coaxed the Key to inhabit that mortal form, convinced it that for the sake of all worlds, it had to stay hidden. No spell, no power, could force the Key to do anything. It was unmoving, emotionless, utterly without conscious or morals- and yet, somehow still, it cared about Existence. That was the only thing it cared about, the Existence of all things as it was.


The Key overtook its physical form, accessing powers it had tucked away with the ease of a man slipping his feet back into his slippers in the morning, and with much the same attitude- a yawn, a stretch, and the Key lazily spun itself into a blaze of crackling green energy, and moved from the shadows across the concrete yard, through the atoms of the brick wall, to the very place where, not even a year before, it had conceded to being made human. From that pinprick of space nestled between two atoms and a molecule, home sang.


The Key slipped through that pinprick with ease, and rejoined the mass of power that bound all living things together.


Dawn Summers became one with the Force.


To Be Continued...


I honestly have no idea if this will go anywhere. It will probably depend on its popularity. That's not to say I'm pulling a 'i wont updat until i git 2000000000 riviewz!!!!111!!!!11!!' Rather, I just have some other fics right now that should hold priority, since they already have a fanbase and I started them first.


0.o Yeesh, why do I give into my hairbrained ideas so easily? Meh.


-Amber Penglass

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Beginning" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 May 06.

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