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A Child of Faith.

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Summary: Faith gets pregnant on a trip to England, but nobody really knows who the father is, so they don't know where she gets her magic from, when they find out there's proper schools for the stuff, Alexis is made to go, rather than stay at Slayer Central.

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Harry Potter > GeneralIllusiaFR1364,55311813,0275 May 0628 Jan 07No

Platform 9 ¾

Lexi was actually a bit nervous approaching the brick wall that was the entrance to the platform, she’d be meeting a whole new lot of people, well she’d met some of the Slytherins already, and those Gryffs in Diagon Alley but nobody from Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff… She brushed her hands on her leather trousers, took a deep breath, ignoring Draco’s glance at her then stepped through, with Drake a step behind.

She tried to ignore the stares as they took their luggage to be put on the train, she couldn’t help but notice how most of the groups gathered about the platform were from one house or another with very little mixing…

“Drake, will you still like me if I’m in a different house?”

“I haven’t been able to get rid of you so far I doubt what house you’re in will make a difference.” He smiled, squeezing her hand as they turned back from the luggage carriage, hugging her awkwardly before letting her go. Lexi could feel Pansy’s glare from where she stood. “Don’t worry, this time tomorrow you’ll be sorted and in class, worry about the lessons instead.” He smirked as she thumped him on the arm, but not hard. “Careful or I’ll have to take house points and you haven’t even GOT a house yet.”

“You big wuss.” It did make her feel better though, a lot… lighter. “Hey there’s the people I met in Diagon Alley when you weren’t there, be right back, besides Pans is glaring daggers at me again.” She darted off leaving Draco to be intercepted by Pansy and Blaise when he tried to follow.

“Hello again Mrs Weasley, I realised I didn’t introduce myself properly last time we met, my name is Alexis Lehane, everyone calls me Lexi.”

“Hello dear, did you have a pleasant stay at the Malfoy’s?”

“Yes, it’s been fun.”

“Did you get any pictures of Malfoy with his hair various colours?” George interrupted.

“We’ll be willing to pay for them if we can use them in the store to advertise the product.” Fred added.

“Just the one picture, of the red and gold one, and it’s all mine, you can have a look if you want.” The pair burst out laughing when they saw the tiny Draco gesticulating angrily with one hand while holding his towel up with the other, Lexi took it back before they could show it to Harry and Ron.

“Look at her, with Potter and his fans, why do you spend so much time with that mudblood Draco?”

“Stop calling her a mudblood Pansy, and I mean it, stop it.”

“You can’t honestly like her Draco, what would your father say?”

“Considering her magical potential I don’t think he’d object in the slightest, but it’s not like that Pans, it’s hard to describe.”

“Like a sister, only one you actually like?” Blaise suggested. “I hate mine but there’s enough in the way you two act to tell me it might be the same kind of thing.”

“I suppose. I wouldn’t know.”

“Eurgh.” Pansy flounced off to get settled in the train.

“So you actually LIKE Draco?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, why does that shock you guys so much?”

“Because he’s a ferrety git.”

“Ron!” Mrs Weasley and Hermione chorused.

“I suppose his face is a bit pointy… and he can be REALLY annoying when he wants to be, but so can I.” She shrugged. “He just needs to learn to loosen up a bit more and he’d be the life of the party.” Lexi laughed at the looks on their faces. “Gotta run; see you when we get there. Goodbye Mrs Weasley.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Child of Faith." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Jan 07.

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