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A Child of Faith.

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Summary: Faith gets pregnant on a trip to England, but nobody really knows who the father is, so they don't know where she gets her magic from, when they find out there's proper schools for the stuff, Alexis is made to go, rather than stay at Slayer Central.

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I own nothing except how I threw things together.

End of Season 7 for Buffy was about the same time as the rise of Voldemort. Due to them being in Cleveland and not England, and witches and wizards avoiding the hellmouth, they didn’t really find out about him. The next chapter will be set at the start of year 6, this is the prologue…

Slayers were less fertile than most women, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t get pregnant, Robin was proof of that, still it was something special so the whole of the school celebrated when Faith got pregnant, even if nobody (including Faith) was quite sure who the father was. She’d broken up with Robin about a year or so before, and the odds were that it had been one of the guys she’d hooked up with during her trip to London, but considering she was well and truly part of the Scooby gang by now, the watchers were quietly checking that it wasn’t a demon…

Unfortunately that was probably what attracted one, 7 ½ months in, when Faith was at her broodiest, and best avoided. Xander was the one who found her, almost dead, just hanging on for the baby, next to the cooling corpse of her attacker. She forced him to perform a caesarean, the demon’s claws had done half the work already, and with tears in his eye, he knew he had little choice.

She sure was a fighter, just like her mother, or she wouldn’t have survived at all, and she might have lost a mother but she gained a few dozen elder sisters, a couple of aunts and uncles, and seldom had two minutes together to feel lonely in. It was hectic, but it was home, and now she’d be going somewhere completely different.

Alexis Joyce Lehane might not have inherited much in the way of slayer strength and healing, but she certainly did have a knack when it came to magic, and growing up on a hellmouth didn’t hurt much either, but she just didn’t have the patience to sit still and read all those books, but when “Grandpa” Giles discovered the Leaky Cauldron, and the world it hid, he’d settle for nothing but that she would be going to magic school. Magic was neat and stuff, but Lexi always had preferred blades…

And so there she was sitting on a plane on her way to England, away from all her “cousins” and she wasn’t even allowed to bring most of her weapons, she’d settled on Mr Dusty (a stake), her favourite sword, her mum’s knife, and a crossbow. It wasn’t fair, why couldn’t she be a slayer, and Jennifer be a witch, she was always going on about how jealous she was of floating pencils and things.

When she finally got out of the baggage claim she saw Grandpa waiting for her, with a man and a woman, both of whom seemed mildly offended by the hustle and bustle of the airport. Giles braced himself expecting her usual exuberant greeting but was instead given a somewhat sulky scowl.

“Alexis this is Mr Fudge, the head of that ministry I was talking about, and this is Mrs Malfoy, a well-known and respected witch who has graciously agreed to let you stay with her to try and get you settled into their culture more quickly before the start of term. Now did you get all your bags?”

“Yeah, no problems.”


“Nice to meet you Mr Fudge, Mrs Malfoy.” They led the way to a secluded section of the airport, where the Floo terminals we put out of sight. “So you want me to step in the fire? Ok…” was Alexis’s response at their request, and without a hug goodbye to Giles, she left the world she knew behind.

“But why do we have this mudblood coming to stay in OUR house?” Draco complained.

“Because of two reasons, she was mentored by the Witch-who-awakened-the-Slayers, who we want access to, and because she may prove to be a powerful asset herself. Do you know WHY our kind usually avoids hellmouths?”

“Because of all the monsters, because spells tend to go wrong, and because it generally messes up your magic.”

“She was born on a hellmouth, she was raised on it’s power, it tends to either make you terribly powerful, or drive you insane. She is also one of only two known wandless witches of any serious strength, the other being her mentor. Do you understand NOW why we will make her welcome here.”

“She’s powerful, and we want to know if we can get her on our side, or if she’s a threat, and to be close enough to deal with her if she is a threat. I understand father.”

She might be a bigger threat to the Dark Lord than Potter is, Draco thought smirking, and if I play my cards right, we can get rid of him and rule together.
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