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Old Souls

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Summary: AU. When Buffy went to LA after season 2, she went through a time portal and ended up at Harry's First Birthday. Years later, Dumbledore needs her help again. HP/BS

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterangeluscadoFR1524,0591156,8075 May 0610 May 06No

Chapter 2

Old Souls

Chapter 2

When they landed a few moments later, everyone but Dumbledore was on his or her rear end. Before them was a tall and quite crooked house. Buffy quickly got to her feet and stared at the house in wonder, a small grin on her face.

“I never thought I’d see this place again,” she said softly. Dumbledore smiled, and the others looked at the house in awe.

“How’s it held up?” asked Xander, making a quick sight-check. There was no support for the many crooked floors and oddly jutting walls, giving him the impression that it was extremely unsafe.

“Magic,” Willow whispered. “I can feel it, it’s everywhere. But…I don’t feel the urge to go all black-eyed and veiny.”

“It’s a different kind of magic, Willow,” Dumbledore explained. “It’s not the kind that you use, so it won’t affect you the same way. Now, let’s get inside. Molly’s dying to see you again, Buffy.”

Buffy grinned and ran over to the door, pounding on it excitedly. The door was opened a crack and Molly Weasley’s cautious face peeked through. Her eyes widened in surprise at Buffy’s smiling face. She was silent for a moment before asking a seemingly random question.

“What is your favorite stuffed animal?”

“That would be Mr. Gordo the pig,” Buffy whispered back so that the four people behind her couldn’t hear her. Molly’s face broke into a grin as she opened the door all the way and enveloped Buffy into a bone-crushing hug. Buffy returned it with equal ferocity, glad to see another familiar face from the wizarding world.

“Oh, come in come in dear,” said Molly as she stepped out of the way for Buffy to enter. It was then that she saw Dumbledore and the others. She glanced curiously from Buffy to the newcomers, her expression asking for an explanation.

“Don’t worry Molly, they’re with me,” Buffy reassured her. “Remember when I told you all about my friends? Well, that’s Xander, Willow and Giles right there.”

Upon recognizing the names, Molly turned her motherly smile on to the trio as she ushered them all inside. She led them into the homey kitchen, where it looked like breakfast was being made.

“Oh, I’ve missed your cooking,” Buffy remarked, plopping herself down at the scrubbed wooden table. “Is anyone else coming down, or are they all still sleeping?”

“Harry, Ron, my daughter Ginny and their friend Hermione should be down in a little bit,” Molly replied.

“Ginny?” asked Buffy. Molly had been pregnant by the time Buffy had gone back to Sunnydale in mid-November, where she ended up at the end of summer vacation. “Congratulations on finally getting that girl you wanted.”

“Yes, yes we did,” Molly replied happily. “Arthur and I were ever so pleased. The boys were and still are a joy, of course, but I always wanted a little girl.”

Buffy glanced at her friends, who were still looking rather uncomfortable. Buffy felt the need to explain, and explain she did.

“Molly and Arthur Weasley had six children, all boys, when I was here. Bill was ten, Charlie was eight, Percy was five, Fred and George were three and Ron was one,” she clarified. “Molly was pregnant with Ginny when I left, so I’ve never met her, and I have no idea who this Hermy-own girl is.”

Giles, Willow and Xander nodded in comprehension before a great clattering of feet came down the stairs. Molly tittered slightly at the butchering of Hermione’s name, though she didn’t have time to correct her.

“I’m sure they’ll all be surprised to see you again, though I expect that Ron and Harry won’t quite remember you,” Molly said. “You can see for yourself, though, as here they come now.”

Buffy’s eyes were drawn to the stairs. Coming down them were two redheads, a boy and a girl, Ron and Ginny. Then came a bushy-haired girl that Buffy didn’t know and could only assume was the Hermy girl. Lastly, a boy with messy black hair rubbing sleep out of his eyes brought up the rear.

“Harry,” Buffy breathed. He had grown up a lot, but then again she’d missed out on the last sixteen years of his life. He was now taller than her, right between Lily and James’ heights, and his hair was as wild as his father’s had been. But what really caught her attention were his eyes. They were still the captivating shade of green they had been, only now they weren’t as innocent. They now held the same shadows her own eyes had.

“Do I know you?” asked Harry politely, blushing slightly. Reddening a little, she forgot that the last time this boy had seen her was when he was only a year old.

“Kinda sorta,” Buffy replied sheepishly. “I was in the Order the first time around, and I remember you. That’s all.”

“Shouldn’t you be older?” asked the redheaded boy, which caused the brunette girl to elbow him in the side. The boy turned to her, his expression plainly saying ‘what?’. The girl glared right back at him, her expression practically screaming ‘you know exactly what’.

“You’re Ron, aren’t you?” Buffy asked. The boy nodded. “Yep, I remember you too. As for the age thing, did you know that time-traveling via random portals is kinda wacky? You start off in one place and time, and then you end up in another totally different place and time. It’s a little weird, if you think about it.”

“And I think that’s enough questions for our guests, for now anyway,” said Dumbledore, moving to leave. “Molly, as much as I’d love to stay, I must rally the troops. I’ll keep you informed.”

Dumbledore departed then, leaving the Scoobies with Molly Weasley and her children. Molly rubbed her hands together, her grin still plastered onto her face.

“Now, how about a spot of breakfast?” she asked brightly. Buffy was about to agree, as were Xander and Willow, but Giles interjected.

“Might we get settled into our rooms first?” he asked. “There are a few things I’d like to discuss with Buffy, away from prying eyes and ears.” He shot a glance at the four youngsters, who were still staring at them. Buffy glanced at Giles; he looked less than impressed, and her friends looked curious.

“Of course, of course,” said Molly, her smile faltering slightly. “Buffy, you and Willow can take Percy’s old room, and Mr. Giles and Alexander can take the twins’ old room. Do you still remember where they are, Buffy?”

“Yep,” Buffy replied, getting up from the table. “Come on guys, I’ll lead the way.”

Buffy led them up the stairs; thankfully, the rooms they were staying in were across from each other. About halfway up Buffy thought she heard someone behind them, but she didn’t follow up on it. She chalked it up to the ghoul or some other odd thing living in the house.

“Okay, here’s Percy’s room,” Buffy said when they reached the second floor landing. Not quite sure what to expect, Buffy opened the door. She wasn’t too terribly surprised at the immaculate state of the room; even at the age of five, Percy had been a finicky neat freak. She guessed it had only gotten worse with age. The four of them piled into the smallish room; Willow and Buffy sat on the bed, Xander took the desk chair and Giles leaned against the wall.

“I think now would be the best time for an explanation,” said Giles, taking off his glasses and cleaning them on his sweater. “I think the big question is why you have kept this from us.”

“Would you have believed me?” asked Buffy. “Even if I were allowed to tell, I don’t think you’d believe me. A portal to a hell dimension just was more feasible, with what you knew about.”

“After everything that’s happened, I think we would have believed anything,” Willow said reasonably. “And what do you mean, even if you were allowed to tell?”

“There was the statute of wizarding secrecy for me to think about,” Buffy replied. “Dumbledore made me swear that I wouldn’t tell. Since he was the only one who trusted me at first, the only one who believed me, I knew I—“

Buffy cut her speech short when she heard some soft whispering and shuffling just outside the door. The other three looked at each other in puzzlement as Buffy got up and headed to the door. Yanking it open, four teenagers came spilling in, not expecting the door to be wrenched open.

“We’ve got some eavesdroppers, it looks like,” Buffy replied with a grin. “Well, you’ll be learning about me soon enough, so you might as well get in here and listen in.”

A little surprised at their good fortune, the four teenagers scrambled into the room and made themselves comfortable. They were all crowded onto the floor, their attention fully on Buffy and her friends. The Slayer found it a little unnerving; she still wasn’t used to people younger than her listening to her.

“So, um, what do you want to know?” Buffy asked.

“We wanted to make sure you weren’t D—“ Ron began, but he was elbowed in the ribs by Hermione before he could get it out all of the way. Buffy smiled slightly; they kind of reminded her of Cordelia and Xander, though she wouldn’t ever tell either of them that.

“Wanted to make sure we weren’t Death Eaters?” Buffy asked, arching an eyebrow. All four of them had the good grace to look guilty, which caused Buffy’s smile to widen. “Don’t feel guilty; being on your toes and always having some level of suspicion will keep you alive in times like these. I know it’s kept me alive all of these years.”

The foursome gaped at her smiling face, wondering how she could take this so calmly. They had practically accused her of being the scum of the wizarding world. At least, scum according to any decent witch or wizard. There were a few who would argue differently.

“Oh don’t look so shocked,” Buffy continued. “It’s okay; you’re allowed to be suspicious. If you guys had suddenly appeared, claiming that you’d known us since we were young, we’d be thinking that something of the not so good was going on. Right guys?”

Xander and Willow nodded, voicing their agreement. Giles just arched an eyebrow, which prompted Harry and the others to keep going.

“So, how do you know us?” asked Harry. “I mean, it’s obvious that you were a member of the Order and everything, but how did you get here?”

“I told you…time traveling portal,” Buffy replied.

“But…but that’s not possible,” Hermione said. “Unregulated portals are unstable and it would have killed a normal person.”

“Thank God I’m not normal, then,” Buffy replied with a grin. “Normal is so overrated anyway. Kinda boring if you think about it. None of us are normal, if you think about it.”

“Hey, I resemble…err…resent that remark!” Xander exclaimed. “Come on, I’m as normal as they come!”

“Possessed by hyena demons and dated an ex-demon,” Buffy retorted. “Doesn’t sound so normal to me. Face it Xand, you’re as weird as the rest of us.”

By that point, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were slightly frightened of the blonde girl. Ron, looking desperately for a way out without seeming impolite, did the first thing that came to mind.

“What was that mum?” he said, louder than usual. “Okay, we’ll be right down!”

The four teenagers trouped out of the bedroom as quickly as they could manage without being bottlenecked in the door, leaving the four Sunnydalians wondering what the heck had happened.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Willow mumbled, causing Buffy and the others to shrug.


Yeah, I know, kinda OOC, especially near the end. I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Old Souls" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 May 06.

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