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Old Souls

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Summary: AU. When Buffy went to LA after season 2, she went through a time portal and ended up at Harry's First Birthday. Years later, Dumbledore needs her help again. HP/BS

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterangeluscadoFR1524,0591156,7905 May 0610 May 06No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I’m neither male nor American, so that means I’m not Joss Whedon. I am also not British, nor am I a talented writer, so that also rules out JK Rowling. What does this mean for you? It means I don’t own any of the characters of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Harry Potter series, and I am making no money from this.

Author’s Note: Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn’t start this fic, but the challenge just called to me. I couldn’t help it! For those of you reading ‘Hell to Hellmouth’, I’ll update and finish it. I just don’t know when.

This is a response to Challenge # 1127. The timelines are slightly fudged, and it’s definitely AU. Hopefully I can keep everyone in some form of character. If not, I trust you guys to gently let me know. Right?

Reviews are appreciated; they keep me happy :P.

Old Souls

Chapter 1

Buffy sat in her room in the Hyperion; spare time was a rarity, especially now, and she took it whenever she got it. Having her own room was nice, and having enough room for everyone else was great as well, even if it came at a price. Anya, Spike and Sunnydale had been annihilated, and now the remaining Scoobies and the new Slayers had to rebuild the Watcher’s Council. But that could wait for a bit; Buffy just wanted to have time alone, to grieve and think about her next move.

Well, that was the plan. Funny how those things seemed to get fouled up quickly.

There was a knock on the door, and before Buffy could let them in, Willow entered the room.

“Uh Buffy, there’s someone in the lobby for you,” she said. “Old guy, dressed in robes, says it’s urgent.”

Buffy’s eyes widened; there was only one person she knew that fit that description. Rest and relaxation forgotten, Buffy jumped up from her seat and dashed down to the lobby, three floors below. Sure enough, there was a man standing there, looking much as he did when she last saw him. The long white beard and hair were just as they had been, and the midnight blue robes with stars and moons embroidered on the robes in silver were typical of him. However, the usual twinkle in his eye had all but vanished, something that worried Buffy immensely.

“Albus?” she asked softly, stepping towards him and stopping about a foot before him. “What’s wrong? Is Harry in danger? Has You-Know-Who come back?”

“All questions will be answered in due time, my dear,” the old man said. “First, do you have a hug for an old man?”

Buffy grinned and launched herself at him, causing him to be pushed back a couple of steps. Buffy’s friends looked on in amazement, forming their own opinions and theories on how Buffy knew the man. They let them have their moment, but after a minute or so the curiosity was beginning to kill them, particularly Giles, Xander and Willow. After all, Buffy was supposed to tell them everything. Xander finally couldn’t take it anymore, and cleared his throat to break up the moment.

“Hey Buff, as much as we love to see you all mushy and everything, could you possibly explain what’s going on?” he asked, training his eye on the old man. Buffy smiled sadly and led him to a sofa before sitting down herself. Before she could say anything, though, the old man spoke up.

“My name is Albus Dumbledore, and I am headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” he began, getting a gasp from Willow and a skeptical glance from Xander. “I met Buffy about sixteen years ago, my time, at the height of a war in my world. She helped us, and after it was all said and done, she said if I ever needed help, to call on her. Now, I need her help again. It was very difficult to track you down, Buffy. You’re awfully good at hiding.”

“Wait just a moment,” said Giles, speaking up for the first time. “If you had met Buffy sixteen years ago, she would have only been six years old. How could a mere child help you?”

“Ah yes, there’s a funny thing about inter-dimensional portal travel,” said Dumbledore mildly. “You could end up in any point and time. With Buffy’s case, she ended up at Hogwarts at the end of July, on Harry Potter’s first birthday. She created a bond with my people, my group, and helped us destroy the evil that permeated our world. She lost some good friends in the battle, notably Harry’s parents.”

“And that brings me back to my previous questions,” Buffy said, slightly exasperated. While she had only known Harry for three months or so, she had gained a connection with the toddler, and his parents and surrogate uncles. “Is You-Know-Who back, and is Harry in danger?”

“I’m afraid it’s yes on both accounts,” Dumbledore said with a tired sigh. To Buffy, Dumbledore seemed older than he’d ever appeared before, which was saying something. When Buffy had first met him, the old man had already been getting on in years.

“Is that bastard Sirius still locked up?” asked Buffy. “Because if he isn’t, I swear to God that if I run into him, the Slayer code will be thrown out the window. He deserves to die for what he did to Lily and James.”

This statement drew gasps from all of the Sunnydalians present, though it just caused Dumbledore to rub his eyes. Buffy didn’t know…couldn’t have known what had been found out.

“Things are not always as they seem, Buffy,” said Dumbledore softly. “The time to explain isn’t now, though. We need to act, we need you at Hogwarts.”

“Buffy can’t go anywhere, though!” exclaimed Willow. “She’s going to help us rebuild the Watcher’s Council and make sure that the baby Slayers are well-trained.”

“Willow, you guys can survive without me. With Robin, Faith, Dawn and Angel running around, things’ll go smoothly, I’m sure of it,” said Buffy. “If Dumbledore is here, and took all of that effort to find me, it means he really needs my help, and I can’t deny him that. I made a promise, and I intend on keeping it, and there isn’t anything you can do to stop me.”

“Well then, there’s only one thing we can do,” said Xander, his voice leaving no room for argument.

“What’s that?” asked Buffy, knowing pretty sure what was going on, but dreading the actual statement.

“We’re going with you,” Willow concluded for Xander. “Me, Xander and Giles. There’s no way we’re going to let you go off and fight a new Big Bad on your own.”

“Quite right,” agreed Giles. “And objecting isn’t an option.”

“Do you have any objections, Buffy?” asked Dumbledore.

“Well, it looks like I don’t have much of a choice,” Buffy replied, sighing slightly in defeat. “Besides, from the sound of it, the Order needs as much help as it can get. Am I right?”

“Yes, my dear, you are,” said Dumbledore, with a tired smile. “Now, how quickly can you pack?”

“We really haven’t had a chance to unpack, actually,” replied Buffy. “We just got here. It shouldn’t take us more than a half hour, right guys?”

“That sounds about right,” agreed Willow, and Xander and Giles nodded as well.

“It’s settled then,” said Dumbledore. “We leave off tonight, by Portkey, at the earliest convenience.”


“So, how do you know that Dumbledore guy?” asked Dawn. She was seated on her sister’s bed, sadly watching her pack. Willow and Xander were in there as well, having all of their things ready to go within minutes. It seemed like Buffy was the only one that would actually have to take the full half hour (or more) because of all of the things she had to haul around.

“Remember when I ran away to L.A. after I sent Angel to Hell?” Buffy asked. The other three occupants of the room nodded. “Well, instead of falling into a Hell dimension like I said I did, I ended up falling into the wizarding world, Hogwarts School to be more exact. It was Harry Potter’s first birthday…”


Buffy landed with a soft thump on a lush green lawn, slightly disoriented with no clue of where she was. Before she could get to her feet, or even sit up, there was a crowd of people around her, all with rather puny stakes pointed at her.

“Hey guys, you can put the stakes away,” she said, slightly irritated. “You’d have to be really dense to think I’m a vampire. Hello, sunlight! And I’m not exactly busting into flames here. Ergo, me not a vampire.”

The seventeen-year-old Slayer surveyed the group. While the majority of them seemed a fair bit older than herself, there were five or six who appeared to be just slightly older than herself.

“It’s impossible to Apparate into the Hogwarts grounds!” exclaimed one with a gravelly voice. Buffy glanced at him; his face was malformed due to extensive scarring. Buffy would have been frightened if it hadn’t been for the fact she had grown up on a Hellmouth. “She must be a dark witch or something of the like. To Azkaban she goes!”

“Now, now Alastor, if she were a Death Eater she would have surely cursed us by now,” said Dumbledore. “I believe I have some Veritaserum in my office. If in the event she is in fact a Death Eater, we will then treat her accordingly.”

The group of adults backed up to give Buffy some room, though none of them lowered their wands or helped her up. Buffy got to her feet and dusted herself off before she was escorted to the castle for questioning


“And then Dumbledore gave me this clear stuff that made me tell the truth about everything—being Called, the Master, my first death, Angel…everything. After they were absolutely sure I was telling the truth, they let me join the Order of the Phoenix,” Buffy concluded. “I made friends with Lily, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, and I bonded with the kids, especially Harry Potter. He was the cutest little thing, all messy black hair and green eyes. I just hope everything he’s gone through hasn’t affected him too badly. If it has, I swear I’ll—“

Willow and Xander didn’t get to find out what Buffy would do, because at that moment there was a knock on the door. Dumbledore poked his head into the room, and a small smile came to his lips when he saw the three friends gathered there.

“Are we all done in here?” he asked. “Because we really cannot wait much longer. Molly and Arthur are expecting us, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep them waiting. Come on, chop chop.”

Buffy smiled at the mention of Molly and Arthur Weasley. Quickly, she grabbed her bags and followed Dumbledore down the stairs. Shrugging, Xander and Willow went with Buffy, their bags already downstairs.

When they got to the lobby, Giles was already waiting for them, as were Angel, Dawn, Robin, Faith, Andrew and the baby slayers. Andrew, Dawn and some of the younger slayers were wiping away tears, and Angel was looking broodier than usual. Buffy chewed on her lip, second guessing her decision for the first time since Dumbledore had arrived. To make herself feel better, she drew Dawn into a tight hug.

“You help Faith and Robin, okay?” she said. “Keep them from killing Andrew. Seriously, the guy is annoying, but he doesn’t deserve death.”

Dawn smiled as Buffy moved on to Angel. She smiled at him before taking his hand and squeezing it for her own reassurance.

“Thank you for everything. Watch over Dawnie for me, please? Keep her safe. I need that one thing to look forward to when I get back.”

Angel nodded solemnly in understanding before Buffy moved on to Faith and Robin. She embraced her sister Slayer and shook Robin’s hand. No words were spoken, but a silent agreement was met. Both women nodded and then Buffy moved on to Andrew, the annoying one.

“Don’t get into trouble,” she said seriously. “I don’t want to hear about Robin and Faith having to save your ass, got it?”

Andrew nodded, too scared to say anything else. Good byes finally said, Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles gathered around Dumbledore, who was holding an ordinary bowling ball. Buffy immediately touched it, causing the other three to look at her strangely.

“It’s a Portkey,” Dumbledore explained. “When everyone is touching it, it will magically transport us to our destination.”

Still skeptical, but with no other choice, willow, Xander and Giles each placed a hand on the bowling ball. As soon as the last finger was in place, Buffy felt the semi-familiar pull behind her navel as they were transported away to the other side of the world.
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