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Welcome to the Kendra Wood School for the Gifted

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This story is No. 2 in the series "KWS Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This has been renamed from The Grand Tour. Chapt. 1 is now The Grand Tour (Jonathan Jackson takes the grand tour of KWS) and Chapt. 2 is Upside Down and Inside Out (Jack's reaction to the orientation). This a sequel to “Should He Stay or Should He Go?

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The Grand Tour


Chapter One: The Grand Tour

Summary: Jonathan Jackson takes the grand tour of KWS.


Kendra Wood School for the Gifted (KWS)

Jack was standing in the school’s open courtyard looking at the other students bustling around. The courtyard, in fact the entire school, was teeming with teenaged girls. There were some boys, but the vast majority of the student body was definitely female. ‘Man, I would’ve given anything to go to a school like this when I was a kid. Oh right, I am a kid. I have got to remember that,’ he thought to himself.

“Jonathan?” said a sweet feminine voice from behind him. When there was no response, the girl touched Jack’s shoulder causing him to turn around. “Are you Jonathan Jackson?”

“Yeah, sorry. I go by Jack. Nobody calls me Jonathan,” Jack told the pretty hispanic girl. She had long dark brown, almost black, hair hanging loose down to her waist, a nice golden complexion which was most definitely natural, brown eyes and fulls lips which were smiling at him.

“I’ll remember that. I’m Victoria Santos. I’m s’posed to show you around, get you acquainted with everything. You know, so you can’t use the whole ‘I couldn’t find my class’ excuse. I figure we’ll do the general tour, grab some lunch, then I’ll show you where all your classes are. That should put us right on schedule for your orientation session this afternoon.”

“At my last school they just gave me a map and told me not be late.”

She laughingly answered “Yeah, we’re more hands on around here. Something about making sure everyone knows their not alone or are seen or something. It’s a big deal with the faculty. You’ll hear a lot about being a team.”

“A team, huh?” he smiled.

“Yeah. Okay, so this is as good a place to start as any…” They spent the rest of the morning walking around the “compound,” as Victoria called it. She made a point of showing him the two gyms, the weight room, locker rooms, the wood working area, the computer labs, the outdoor training area, the huge library, and finally the kitchen.

“Hope you’re not on a diet. Carbs are very big here. It helps with all the training. The kitchen is always open to anyone but if it’s not mealtime, you have to fix whatever you want and make sure you clean up after yourself. If you don’t and they find out about it, you get stuck on kitchen duty for a week. Let’s grab a plate before the hordes descends on us.”

They had just finished grabbing their meals (two heaping plates which she made him add to), when the bell rang and students immediately started streaming in. Within moments, the cafeteria was full of chattering teens all vying for food.

“Man, you weren’t kidding,” Jack said as they sat down at a round table. He kept looking around the cafeteria at the students in amazement. It seemed to Jack that every single one of them was eating enough food to last them for a week.

“Yeah, we’re pretty much locusts. We eat everything not nailed down.” Before long, they were joined by a group of four girls. Two of the girls were obviously twins, though not identical. They both had light complexions, straight medium brown hair that went past their shoulders and clear blue eyes. Another was a pretty black girl with long curly hair that stopped about mid-back and a friendly smile. The last girl was Asian with jet black shoulder length hair and an obvious attitude.

“So you’re the new kid.” Jack turned his attention to the group of girls.

“Yeah, name’s Jack.”

“Lucky you, you got the Saint as your tour guide. She knows all the best spots.” The Asian girl then turned to Victoria, “Of course, you’re really the lucky one. You got to get out of classes all morning.”

Victoria made the introductions “Jack, this is Adrienne Long, the Fox sisters: Shayna and Silvia, but everyone calls them Shy and Silver, and the Mouth is Jacqueline Tran.”

“Make any Jackie Tran jokes and I’ll have to hurt you. I go by Tran, got it?” she smiled but was clearly serious.

“Fine.” Everyone could see he was disappointed.

“So what does he know?” Silver asked.

“Nothing,” responded Victoria.

“Nothing?!” the girls all but yelled.

“Well, not nothing. He didn’t just ‘poof’ one day appear. So he’s got to know some things but he’ll get the FULL orientation.”

“What are talking about?” Jack asked confused.

“You’ll see. If you have any problems dealing or just wanna talk we’re pretty good listeners. And we don’t judge or nothin’,” Shy said.

“So does this mean we’re keepin’ him?” Adrienne asked.

Victoria said “I vote yes.”

“Cool, we’ve been needing a guy for our group,” put in Silver.

“Excuse me?” Jack says nervously.

“Relax, it’s not like that. We’re looking for someone to be our Xander,” informed Tran.

“Was that supposed to make sense? ‘Cause I gotta tell you, it doesn’t.”

“You haven’t met Xander yet? Man, you’re in for a treat!” Adrienne said and the others agreed.

“I’ve met him. Actually, he pretty much got me in. Still don’t understand your comment, though.”

“He’s the Scooby heart,” Shy explained.

“Yeah, comprehension still eluding me.”

Victoria expounded “Xander’s the Go To guy. You know, if any of them have issues they go to him. He listens. He tells you how it is, even if you won’t like it. He helps. He tries to be there for all of us but the school’s really growing so it’s kind of hard.”

“Everyone wants a Xander. You’ll be ours. The others will have to find their own,” Silver smirked.

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Jack asked.

“Nope, we’ve decided. Hey, you wouldn’t happen to be a brain would you, ‘cause that would be too cool!” declared Tran.

“No, sorry.”

Adrienne laughed. “Guess you’re stuck doing your own work, Tran.”

After a few more minutes of good-natured teasing and joking, the four girls left to go to their classes.

“Are they always like that?” Jack asked, still slightly shell-shocked.

“Pretty much. Actually, they toned it down a bit, seeing as it’s your first day and all. Okay, now for the boring part: I’ll show you where your classes are.” She then proceeded to take him around the school again, this time pointing out where he’d need to go for each class. “And here we are right on time for your orientation. I’ll see you later, Jack. Good luck!” Victoria said just before leaving him standing alone in front of the library.

Jack entered the library and was surprised to find it empty. “Hello?” he called out. From a side room, the librarian Rupert Giles came out.

“Ah, Mr. Jackson, right on schedule. Please come in. We’re all ready for you.”
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