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A Tale of Two G-Dogs

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Summary: A different POV for YAHF. Since it was probably Xander's fault... this is considered Xander-Centric.

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Movies > Wallace & GromittohonomikeFR71592072,3146 May 066 May 06Yes
A Tale of Two G-Dogs, a Slightly Different Halloween Fic

Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, and the Wallace and Gromit plus Disney characterisations aren’t mine either and any other characters or real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved. None are mine.

This is dedicated to those of you who watch the shows. I don’t know if I can bring myself to continue this one, but I hope you enjoy it.


November 1st, 1997 – 8 AM PST

The two canines stared at each other, one setting down its newspaper as the other toned down its lights having finished cleaning and polishing the library. They were both comfortable with the new situation – one was sentient with such flexible paw-age as to negate most of the opposable thumb advantages, while the other was no longer just a box of electronics, wires, circuit boards and light bulbs.

Both turned toward their masters and watched as the two human geniuses dealt with matters even more important than the various fictional constructs still operating throughout the Sunnydale High School Library in spite of the ending of Ethan’s spell.

“Now, Xander,” Giles sighed, “I believe this rocket of ours would, would be perfect for going to the moon. It, the moon, might not actually be made of cheese, but it would be a nice place to relax and perhaps eat cheese as we look at the Earth.”

“Now Giles,” the young man who’d dressed as Jimmy Neutron responded, “It *isn’t* possible to just eat cheese while on the moon—the suit would be in the way of the tactile pleasure of placing the food in your mouth.”

The older man, who luckily hadn’t lost his hair from the spell, sighed, “I know, Xander, it’s these memories and the obsession with cheese and inventing that are overwhelming me. At least the cheese seems to be a controllable vice…”

A large set of mechanical walking pants stepped by them, new attachments vacuuming up stray dust and litter near the door left when the Sheep-Shaver 3000 had shaved two vampires of their hair—the dark-haired male had almost wept when he’d been shot out of the device and a ‘cap’ dyed rainbow colors from his own hair placed atop his head. The bleach-haired vampire hadn’t faired so well—the machine had misread the amount of Drusilla hair on his pants as being an inadequate fleece. The dogs hoped that the bald and naked William the Bloody would not soon return—the girlish screams had hurt the auditory organs of both canines as the vampire had fled the premises.

“Well how about if we pursue new breakthroughs in cheese technology? That way you might be able give up any extra cheese you shouldn’t have.”

“Even the Wensleydale?”

Gromit passed the Classified Ads to Goddard. Rupert “Wallace” Giles and “Xanny Neutron” Harris would need spare parts soon –might as well get ‘em in stock so neither dog would need be out at night unnecessarily.

Two small robots in a double-plate-sized flying saucer continued to snipe spiders and roaches in the far corners of the building as per their desire and orders by their creators prior to possible future directive to eliminate all vampires in Sunnydale once the two inventors finished UV “laser cannons” for their craft.

In all, it was good to have a canine peer to widened ones eyes at in complete understanding at the odd ways of the masters and their weird creations.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Tale of Two G-Dogs". This story is complete.

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