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Phantom Menace

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Summary: Xander, Tara and Spike get transported to a galaxy far, far away. Working title for now.

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Star Wars > Multiple PairingsDragoonFR1822,731164,2348 May 0613 May 06No


Phantom Menace

Setting: After 'The Gift'. During Phantom Menace.
Summary: Xander, Tara and Spike get transported to a galaxy far, far away.
Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS or Star Wars.
Rating: FR18
Author's Note: Has some characters from KOTOR



The cantina was the worst that he had been in ever, there was a stench in the place that wouldn't leave his nose for a while. There where Abyssins, Jawas, Arconas, a couple of Bothans, Biths, Dugs, Duros and some other aliens.

The man watched the comings and goings of the other patrons of the cantina, he sat in the farthest and darkest corner where no one would ever find him. He was drinking his beer when he noticed a woman come in and look around then head to the bar, where the barman pointed towards him, he set the beer down and waited for the woman.

The woman looked like she had been working in the sun all her life, her skin was tanned and weathered. She smiled when she saw him, "Hello Alexander."

The man winced, "How many times have I told you to please call me Xander Mrs. Skywalker?"

The woman sat down and stared pointedly at him, "About ninety-nine times."

Xander winced and muttered, "Now I know how Giles felt about me calling him G-Man."

Shmi smiled at the teenager, "So where you able to get the parts?"

Xander looked up and smiled, "Yeah, Zaalbar and Mission are unloading and taking the stuff to the warehouse to unload it for Anakin."

Shmi sighed and gave resigned smile, "Thank you again Alex. I don't know what Watto would have done."

"Not a problem Mrs. Skywalker, besides I like helping Ani."

"You will be there when he races again," Shmi said as she watched Alex closely, "He would be very disappointed if you don't."

Xander laughed, "Don't worry, I'll be there."

Shmi smiled and got up, "I'll see you on Boonta Eve then, oh and here is a list of the things Watto needs."

"It's a date." Xander said as he finished drinking his beer, he stayed a while then he got up, grabbed the paper, and left, paying for his beer, and headed for his ship.

Docking Bay

"Oh, come on Big Z."


Xander was walking down the stairs when he heard the pissed of growl of Big Z and sighed wearly, "What the hell did you tell him this time Mission."

The scene before him was one that he repeatedly walked in on, where Zaalbar, a wookie outcast, and Mission Vao, a teenage Twi'lek girl arguing.

Mission turned at the sound of Xander's voice and tried to look innocent, Xander wasn't fooled.

"She said I should brush my teeth again!" Zaalbar growled.

Xander shook his head in defeat, "Mission, me and Big Z have told time and time again. Wookies. Do. Not. Brush. Their. Teeth."

Mission shrugged, "I know but would it hurt him to try."

"Never mind about that, did you two get all the stuff unloaded?" Xander asked as he and his two companions walked up the ramp into the ship and headed for the cockpit.

"Yes we did." Zaalbar growled as he and Mission followed behind.

"So where are we headed now?" Mission asked as she and Zaalbar strapped into the other seats in the cockpit.

"Naboo, Watto needs some equipment." Xander said as he started the engines, when they weere ready and Xander throttled the ship, and they where off.
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