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Meeting Betsy

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Summary: Crossover with Undead and Unwed

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Author: MaryJanice DavidsonfeekhFR1333,596043,1068 May 0611 May 06No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Don't own either Buffy or anything by MaryJanice Davidson. Wish I did. This came to me one evening. Hope you like.

Chapter 1

“I can’t take it anymore. This stupid voice, running in my head. Non-stop.” Spike banged his head on the crypt wall, hoping against hope that it would stop that whiny little voice from inserting itself in his head yet again and driving him insane, or more insane than he already was.
Just at that moment the crypt door slammed open and his personal nemesis stormed in, on a mission to destroy his life - again - no doubt. If he didn’t love her so much, it would really be driving him insane.
“What do you want?” Spike ground out, trying to suppress the agony that ran through his mind.
“Where is she?”
“Who?” Spike knew he was pushing his luck, but figured that with any luck Buffy would beat his brain out and he would be blissfully free from ‘the Voice’ for a couple of hours. Belatedly he realised that Buffy had answered and was pissed off because he was not paying attention. The little cow took insane pleasure in grinding his attentions to dust beneath her feet but god help him if he ignored her.
“Sorry, what did you say? Wasn’t paying attention.”
He could practically see the steam rise from her ears and chuckled inside, then winced as that stupid background noise started up - again!
“I - am - looking - for - Dawn. Where is she?”
Spike took perverse pleasure in pissing the slayer off and took care to enunciate as slowly as she had. “I - don’t - know. Why would she be here?”
Buffy sagged. “She’s always here. Have you seen her?”
“No, slayer. I haven’t.”
Just then Buffy started as her beeper vibrated. Spike tried to muster a snaky grin and failed miserably.
“Oh. She’s home. Well, then I’ll go.”
“Don’t let me stop you.”
Spike turned away and tried to concentrate enough to get himself down to the cave and his bed.
Buffy turned to the door, then with a muffled groan swung back and blurted out with: “Areyoualright?” She immediately hated herself for asking. Why open that can of worms.
Spike only stared at her as if she had grown an extra head. Buffy got huffy: “What I am not allowed to be concerned?”
“Well, no.”
Buffy and Spike shuffled in their place for a minute, the tableau only broken when Spike swore again and banged a fist against his skull and muttered to himself.
“Seriously what’s wrong, because if the chip is acting up then I am going to have to stake you.” For some reason Buffy chose not to examine to closely, she did not feel as happy about that thought than she thought she would have.
“S’not the chip.” Spike debated with himself as to whether he should tell her the reason, then decided what the hell. If he was lucky she might stake him and he wouldn’t have that thing in his head anymore.
“We have a new queen. She is calling me.”
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