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Inside the Vacancy

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Summary: What do you do if everything you’ve ever loved was taken away? Would you then give up the one thing that has brought you back to yourself? When the fate of the world rests on you alone, could you give up everything you loved, yet again, to save it?

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Charmed > GeneralWillesFR1866,358043,8568 May 0611 May 06No

Note For My Gentle Readers

I wanted to clarify the timetable for this story.

It's set about 4-5 years after the final season of Buffy. That would make the Charmed timetable be 2 seasons in the future of this current season (season 8). Everything that happened in both Buffy (through the end of season 7) and Charmed (through Season 8 - Episode 'Repo Manor') happened just like it did in the series. I think my ages for the Piper's and Leo's kids are a little off, but I am sticking to what I chose.

This Story focuses a lot on Kennedy (many other characters are there as well) - I know she's not everyone's favorite, but give it a chance you might find you like it :-)

Now for the warning:

Female Slash - Nothing too heavy.

This is not going to be a happy story. It is rated FR18 for sexual content, language, death and a dark plot. Please do not read this if you want a happy story, I am warning you now it is not going to be one.

All that said, please enjoy and please LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! I WOULD LOVE THE FEEDBACK!!!!!

Disclaimer - None of the 'Buffy', 'Charmed', or 'Angel' Characters belong to me, sadly.
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