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Summary: Answer to Joshua's Challenge: Xander is in the Andromeda verse, but not in the normal way.

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Television > AndromedaTjinFR1556,17995931,7059 May 0626 Aug 07No

Alexander 5

Dawn stopped laughing after a moment and smiled at the only member of the Sunnydale Scooby gang that had never looked down on her. “So where am I?” she asked and took the loss of Xander’s cheerful expression as a bad sign.

Taking a moment to run through all the possible answers to that particular landmine of a question, Xander took a breath before starting his response. “Do you remember Vampire Willow?” he asked and continued at her nod. “You’re currently in a similar position as she was.”

“I’m not gonna start wearing leather and kissing myself am I?” the brunette Summers asked, concerned, as Xander snorted shortly in laughter.

“No, no kissing of yourself will be happening, but leather is entirely your choice.” Xander admitted before frowning. “Of course I’ll probably have to kill Shamus and Tyr if you do.” The android growled to himself before shaking it off. “Anyway back on subject, you’re currently in a dimension different than your own…”

As Xander explained the major differences between her world and the current one, Dawn listened in shock as her very existence was turned upside down once again.


Tyr Anasazi was not what one would call a sentimental being for the most part. He was born to a race of genetically enhanced humanoids where the weak died early in life and the strong ruled with an iron fist. Being the last of his Pride had hardened the fierce man further than any before save for Nietzsche himself.

Few things truly left the large being shell shocked, finding out the vessel he had been trying to steal had kept a full compliment of Forty nova bombs had been one of the few.

Standing in the corridor of the ancient High Guard cruiser was another.

“Tyr, What is it?”

Blinking at the words, the last of the Kodiak Pride looked to the speaker and blinked again. “Bekka?” he whispered, confused, before looking back at the bodies that had been part of his race over a hundred and fifty years ago. “They’re Scorpion Pride.” He said before checking the others. “There all Scorpion Pride.”

“Yes, they are.”

Spinning at the words the two members of the Andromeda’s crew stared as the holographic Avatar of the ‘Alexander’ stepped needlessly around the corpses as he made his way through himself.

“What's so big about these guys?” Bekka asked as she looked between the two.

“They are the last remnants of their species and I would be most grateful if you removed them from my decks.” The holographic form said coldly as he glared at the ancient corpses of his enemies.

Seeing her confusion, Tyr continued to explain. “The Scorpion Pride never marched against the Commonwealth, they were weapons manufacturers and prison guards for the rest of the Nietzschean armies, all the High Guard and Commonwealth prisoners were guarded by Scorpion Pride for the first fifty years of the war.” Tyr said before finally pulling his gaze from the AI to look at the human. “And then they were wiped out.”

“Every last one, they were experimenting on the prisoners. Building bombs inside them and inserting them onto refugee ships before detonating them, exposing them to nerve agents and calculating the effects of how to make it more deadly They were also inserting psychological triggers to turn them into assassins before letting them escape and those are only a small percentage of their crimes.” Alexander said before glaring back at the corpses. “The other Prides didn’t know and would probably have killed them for it if they had, only they didn’t get the chance.”

“What happened?” Bekka asked as she looked on the dead with new disdain.

Looking up at her, Alexander smiled as the memories of his last hunt filled his memory once more. “I happened, Miss Valentine. They managed to ‘detain’ my Captain and infected him with a new viral form of the black plague before my crew managed to rescue him.” Alexander explained sadly. “My medical facilities were unable to combat this new strain and it took him three weeks to die. After that, I declared war on the Scorpion Pride. I hunted them down and I killed them. Every… Last… One.”

Any further conversation was broken off as Alarms screeched through the mostly deserted ship.

“It would seem our conversation will have to be postponed until a later date as our earlier dance partners have returned for a second song.” Alexander said as he let his scans link with Andromeda’s and the two cruisers turned their weapons on the advancing fleet. “I recommend you return to Andromeda at once and assist her in any way you can.” The hologram said before disappearing as he focused on the advancing enemy.

Taking a moment to look at each other, Bekka and Tyr turn and sprint for the relative safety of the Marru.


Xander looked up from his explanation as the alarms blared as his sister updated him on the situation. “Sorry Dawn, but I’m needed.” Xander said as he stood up only for Dawn to grip his arm tightly.

“I may not be entirely up to date in this universe Xander but that doesn’t sound like you’re being paged for a phone call.” The dimensionally misplaced woman said.

“No, it’s a warning letting me know that a lot of very bad people are coming to hurt you.” Xander said as he tried to figure out a way to get back across to himself without hurting Dawn or getting blown away by the enemy ships.

“Take me with you.”

“WHAT!” Xanders mind came to a screeching stop as he tried to find a polite way to explain how very crazy that idea was.

“I don’t trust these people Xander, I do trust you and I’m not about to let you go pull some hairbrained scheme to save our lives at the cost of your own.” Dawn said with as much authority as she could while mostly strapped to a hospital bed.

Looking at her determination, Xander considered simply doping her up so much she wouldn’t put up such a fuss before shrugging and slipping off the restraints that held her. “If we survive this, Rommy is gonna kill me.” Xander moaned as Dawn jumped to her feet.

“Come on, we’re just fighting for our survival here Xander, consider it a vacation.” She grinned brightly up at him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "'Alexander'" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Aug 07.

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