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You Have Me

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Summary: Xander find out he isn't a Harris after all. It will be slash. ON HIATUS * AUTHOR NOTE ADDED 06/02/10

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Chapter 7

Again Thanks to Mia
I have now answered reviews, and to everybody else who said they liked and wanted more Big Thank You as well.
Btw: Oz becoming a werewolf has happened, but him and Willow are just friends for now at least, not sure about later yet.
Disclaimer: These characters still don't belong to me

Chapter 7

Cordy was standing outside the boys locker room waiting for Xander, trying not to panic. For the last few months she had picked Xander up and driven him to school everyday that he hadn't stayed at her house or Miss Calender's, but not today.

Had he changed his mind about her? He was popular on his own now so did he not want to hang around with her anymore? She didn't think she could handle Xander leaving-

She shook her head to clear her mind. 'God I am babbling in my own head. I have definitely been hanging around Xander too much. What am I thinking? Xander isn't like that. I'm his best friend.' *smirk* 'I'm a much better friend than the bimbo blond slayer and her red-headed bitch.'

As she calmed down she heard laughing and turned to see the team coming down the corridor When she saw Xander she caught her breath.

'Damn! He had to wear that. He is so oblivious. He has no idea what it does to the whole female and a surprising number of the male student body. I'm not even going to think about the teachers because that is just too icky.' She didn't want Xander that way although with the new physique he had and the good clothes she was dressing him in, she had an awful hard time reminding herself of that fact.

Xander was completely unaware of his attractiveness and the fact that he could have pretty much any girl. ‘Or guy,’ she thought, remembering how he told her he was bi.

Many had been taking a second look at Xander since she had got him a new wardrobe but after the swim meet last week, everybody had been looking at him, now knowing exactly what he had been hiding under his clothes all this time. Larry was the only openly gay kid at school but from the looks on a lot of guy’s faces over the last week, there was a crowded closet somewhere around.

With a smirk to herself she remembered Angel's face when he saw Xander for the first time in the speedo. She had noticed the looks he had given Xander before that but this look was all heat. She wasn't the only one who noticed; Buffy had most definitely noticed as well and Cordy knew that was the real reason behind the split.

'Growing apart my perfectly formed ass.' Angel had the lusties for Xan for a long time and Buffy, dense as always, had only just realized. She couldn't handle the fact that she, 'The Slayer', came second to Xander; she just didn't realize she always had.

Buffy herself wasn't unaffected by the sight of Xander in a speedo and Cordy had a feeling she would try and make a play for him herself to a) get at Angel b) finally get herself into the popular crowd and c) get the guy everybody in school wanted. She was so not getting her hands on Xan. Xander needed somebody who would love him completely and utterly and that he could love back the same and that was so not Buffy. 'I mean yeah she fancies him and thinks he's hot but hey who doesn't now?'

There was a difference between wanting someone and loving someone and Buffy would not love Xander the way he needed. Whenever Xander decided he wanted to start dating she had a ready made list of suitable partners and neither the blonde bitch or her redheaded suck up were on it.

Oz, however, was. The wolf had been interested in Willow so she had pretty much thought he was beyond saving. She saw that once he laid eyes on Xander last week he had practically been drooling all over her Prada pumps and had gone up in her estimations. Plus, wolves mate for life so she knew if they got together it would be that forever kind of love.

She, however, had high hopes for Xander and Angel as a couple.

She came back to herself at the hand on her shoulder. "Hey Xan," she said, reaching up to kiss him on the cheek and giving him a hug.

Xander returned the hug and spoke, "We need to talk." At Cordy's distressed look he quickly added, "Nothing really bad. In a way it's actually all turned out really good. Breakfast?"

Smiling at her, Xander grabbed her hand and dragged her to the parking lot with Cordy's happy laughter trailing behind them.

"Is that Angel's car?" she asked wondering what exactly had happened to make Xander this happy and be in possession of Angel's baby.

"Yeah, he lent it to me this morning," he replied distractedly as he opened the door for Cordy.

Cordy got in and looked at Xander, perfect eyebrow raised. "This morning?" she questioned.

"Cordy, breakfast? I'll explain everything then," he said, not even getting what she had been hinting at. Cordy nodded as Xander drove them to the espresso pump.

After breakfast was ordered and they were seated, Cordy wasted no time. "Well?"

"The food'll be here in a sec then I'll talk. Promise. It's just a long story and I don't want any interruptions."

"Fine," she said on a huff. She wasn't the most patient at the best of times and, after worrying all morning after she got his message, she was most definitely not at her best.

They made small talk about practice and class until the food came. The waitress had finally left after making googly eyes over Xan. ‘Not that he noticed of course,’ Cordy snorted. Xander had just smiled kindly and tucked in.

"Ok," he said before she could start on him. "Please don't interrupt," he begged, "this is hard enough as it is." At her nod he started at the beginning.

"OK I'll go through the basics and then when I finish you can question me to your heart’s content. Well at least until we have to leave for class," he said with a smile.

"When I got in after Angel walked me home after patrol, my dad was waiting for me. Only it turns out he's not my dad and my mom's not my mom, I'm adopted." Xander took a breath and continued before Cordy could start talking. "That's not it. There's more; a whole bunch more"

"The Harris's adopted me after my real mom died, she and Jessica were best friends, but they didn't know what had happened to my real dad as he was gone before then. Anyway they told me now because they needed me out of the house since they're moving to San Fran and didn't want me around anymore."

Cordy couldn't hold it in any more.

"Oh baby!" she cried as she moved around the table to sit next to him, she took his hand and nodded to him to continue.

He shot her a grin and carried on. "Anyways it turns out Angel is still a sneaky SOB He heard shouting and hung around to check on me and heard everything. When I went to bed he knocked on my window. Damn near gave me a heart attack when I saw his face at the window. We talked for a bit and after calming me down after a minor panic attack, he offered me his spare room, which by the way explains the car."

Xander paused unsure how to tell her about the claws he seemed to have acquired somehow. She took the pause to signal that he had finished.

"Awww Xan. You coulda come to my house. We have plenty of room and you know my parents adore you."

"Cor, there's one more thing. I don't know how to tell you. I don't know what it is myself and Angel and I didn't get a chance to talk about it. But on the way to his, or I mean mine now as well I guess, house, we got attacked by vamps and suddenly," he paused, glancing around to make sure nobody was looking which they weren't,

"I seem to have got these." He flicked out his claws. Cordelia put a hand to her mouth to stifle the gasp.

" have claws...did you know you had claws?...did you always have claws?" she babbled at him.

"Yeah pretty much what I thought when I saw them. I don't know how come I have them now. I think I would have noticed them if I had them all along especially with the amount of fights with vamps I've had I'm sure they would have popped out before. Oh and I forgot. Apparently it's my birthday today, I'm 17," he finished with a wide smile, no longer freaked out about the claws and also hoping Cordy wasn't. He couldn't stand it if she was scared of him. He shouldn’t have been afraid.

"You think you could freak out the rest of the Scoobies with them?" she asked with her movie star smile. He just responded with his own smile.

"I think that could most definitely be arranged." He tried to keep from laughing but after Cordy started he couldn't keep it in any longer.

They were still laughing and holding onto each other for support as Xander paid the bill and they made their way to the car.

* * * * * *

Logan was finally in Sunnydale and decided to find a motel and get some sleep. His son, damn but he was still getting used to that, would be in school still so he had some more time to think about how to approach him.

Chuck had found a newspaper article from the local paper about Alex winning a gold medal for his school swim team and being made captain. Chuck had printed it out and given it to him so he could have a picture to go by. He had taken it out dozens of times on the plane to look at proudly.

His son had his dark hair and eyes. One of the pictures was of him on the podium getting his medal while the other was of him being hugged by a very attractive dark haired girl (girlfriend possibly). She certainly didn't mind hugging his son while he was soaking wet, half naked and only dressed in a speedo in front of everyone.

He reclined back in bed, considering his options of how to get to approach his son.

End Chapter 7

(Next Chap: Father + Son meet, hopefully as it is not written yet, hopefully out by end of the weekend)

Author's Note 06/02/10

I'm so sorry for not updating in over 2 years, unfortunately I had a slight block with First Priority in getting chapters 10, 11 and 12 done to link with chaps 13-18 I already had written. Work probs did not give me enough time to work on it either. With You Have Me I simply was stuck on how to play out the meeting of Xan and Logan, I must have writtrn chap 8 at least 10 times before deleting as complete crap.

Since then I have had some pretty life changing events, I lost my baby sister and have gone from being a single 25 year old to adopted mother to her 2 kids, both under 3. Used to just being the cool aunt to my niece and nephew and being able to hand them back after getting the eldest hyped up.

Life is only just starting to calm down and am getting my head around having being an actual adult having to take care of something more than just me, and not fuck it up!

I will not be leaving my 2 fics as they are as I like them too much to give up on. Am hoping to start back on them soon. I'm due to be moving house in the next month or two and them am hoping to get some time to write as the eldest will be starting playgroup soon after the move.

Thank you all for sticking with me and even though I haven't replied to all your reviews, your comments mean alot and I will try to at least reply to the ones with questions in them soon. Hope you all can stick with me a bit longer, I want to see this completed as much as you do.


The End?

You have reached the end of "You Have Me" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 May 06.

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