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You Have Me

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Summary: Xander find out he isn't a Harris after all. It will be slash. ON HIATUS * AUTHOR NOTE ADDED 06/02/10

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Chapter One

This is my first try at writing, comments welcome, actually needed. This is going to be slash.
Cross with X-Men, I have only seen the two movies, I know nothing much else except what I've read in other fics. This is set after the first movie.
BtVS, set in series 2 but I have fiddled with the timeline, changes go as follows:
Major ep order S1 - Welcome to the Hellmouth, Angel (B/A hook up)
S2 - Inca Mummy Girl, No Assembly Required, Halloween (X/C friendship Spike and Dru didn't come to Sunnydale, no Judge, no B/A sex, no Angelus, Jenny alive), Go Fish, Start of this Fic, The Pack (to come)
Big thanks to Mia
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Chapter 1

Xander stumbled through his bedroom door heading straight for the bed, collapsing directly on top of the covers left unmade since that morning. He turns onto his side and glances at the bedside clock, 12:47. "Happy Birthday to me I guess" he snorts bitterly. He pulls the covers over himself without bothering to undress and remembers the conversation he just had downstairs.

"'Nite Angel and ya know...thanks...for walking me back," Xander said a little uncomfortably, surprised by the glint of happiness he sees in Angel's eyes.

"You're welcome. It was my pleasure" Angel says with a smile and Xander could have sworn that the vampire actually sounded bashful.

He returns Angel's smile, "So, see you tomorrow?"

"Definitely" Angel replied happily and turns back down the street and heading for home.

Xander watches him curiously for a moment wondering why Angel seems so happy even after being dumped by Buffy the week before. And wasn't that the shock of the year, that along with the fact Xander was now a jock and one of the popular crowd at school. All stemming from the fact he had decided (read: been begged and cajoled by Cordy) to stay on the swim team to make up the numbers after the whole fish monster...thing, and then by winning the Gold medal being upped to captain.

He had shocked everybody (except Cordy who said he could do it) by winning in the competition final the week before. And wasn't Cordy just beyond happy during school today, pointing out to everyone that her new best friend (the one everybody had been criticising her for hanging with) was the new swim champ and how she had seen my potential long ago. Her cordettes were now back to being the sheep they were and begging forgiveness.

Xander smiled to himself, turned continuing up the drive and unlocked the front door hoping his parents were either asleep or passed out, he didn't care which as long as they weren't conscious.

"Oi, ya late ya little bastard," his father slurred at him as he walks through the door, along with an empty beer bottle which he managed to duck before it came into contact with his head.

'Knew it was too much to hope for,' he thought to himself.

Xander ignored him carrying on toward the stairs, it's nothing that hasn't happened before and it's gotten easier over time to just ignore.

"I'm talking to you brat." Xander stops and turns to face his father, realizing he sounds surprisingly coherent, especially considering the amount of empty bottles littering the floor around the couch.

"Sorry Dad I didn't realise how late it was I was at Willow's," he lied.

"Well I need to talk to you ya little shit, I've been waiting all night" he spat out.

"Now Dad," he sighed, "can't it wait? I have to be up early tomorrow, I've got swim practice before school."

"NO! It can't wait! You're 17 now and the bitch said I couldn't tell you until now," At the word bitch he pointed to the kitchen where Xander could see his mother passed out at the table next to a 1/2 empty vodka bottle and full ashtray.

'Well I suppose 1 out of 2 ain't bad,' he thought to himself and then said aloud, "Dad I'm not 17 for another six and a half months: June 20th."

Xander sighed wondering how much his father must have drunk to forget when his birthday was and then snorted thinking that stone cold sober there would be only a fifty-fifty chance of him getting the right month let alone date or year he was born.

"No, it ain't it's today; look at your birth certificate if you don't believe me." Xander was confused both by the smirk on his father's face and the fact his father actually had his birth certificate and knew where it was.

Xander moved cautiously toward the coffee table where his father had pointed and reached out picking up the sheets of papers stapled together.

Then he got even more confused.

On the top there was a birth certificate for an Alexander James Howlett born December 6th 1981, exactly 17 years ago today. Getting a funny feeling in his gut, he quickly flipped to the next page and saw that it was a certificate of adoption of Alexander James Howlett to Anthony and Jessica Harris on June 20th 1982. Flipping to the last page he saw the letter showing the official name change from

Alexander James Howlett to Alexander LaVelle Harris on June 20th 1982, his birthday, or what he thought was his birthday. He understood what these papers meant and slid down the wall until he hit the floor

Flipping back he looked and the birth certificate...HIS birth certificate he realised, more closely.

Father's Name: James Michael Howlett
Mother's Name: Rose Lilly Howlett
Born: December 6th 1981, St Andrews Hospital, Los Angeles

Looking up at his father, 'no not my father,' he noticed that the smirk on his face had got even larger and was threatening to crack his face if it spread any wider.

"Told ya boy," his father...'NO Tony'...smiled. "What d'ya think of that then," he said nastily

"Why?" Xander said sounding like a lost little boy. "Why tell me now? Why adopt me in the first place seeing as you seem to hate me so much?"

"It was for the bitch," Tony said returning to his whisky. "She wanted a brat and couldn't have any, which I had been quite happy about, and then as luck would have it, or bad luck in my case, her best friend Rose was in a car accident. Amazing she survived to start actually, but her injuries were more serious than they thought and she died a few days later. Jess said she would adopt you as you were Rose's boy."

By the time Tony had finished his surprisingly coherent and hate filled account of how he came to be theirs and how his mother had died, the tears were rolling down Xander's cheeks as he sat on the floor.

"What about my dad?" Xander said as he wiped the tears from his face.

"Dunno hadn't seen him for a while before hand, and Rosie didn't like to talk about him or what happened just that he weren't coming back."

"But why tell me now?" Xander said in a near whisper.

"Because we have decided to move back to San Fran and don't want you coming. You're 17 so you ain't our responsibility. Clear you stuff and find somewhere else to live after school tomorrow 'cos tha’s when the truck is coming for our stuff, and the new folks are moving in day after that."

If it was possible Xander could have sworn that Tony's smile had got even bigger as he said that.

"Fine, I'm going to bed, I'll pack in the morning and come back for it all after school tomorrow," he said not wanting to give Tony the satisfaction of getting an argument out of him.

At that Tony's smile dimmed and he once again turned back to his whisky and football.

Xander picked himself up off the floor making sure he had a tight hold on the papers, proof that he was not a Harris, and walked up the stairs to his bedroom to spend one last night in the house he had grown up in.

*End Flashback*

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