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First Priority

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Summary: After Xander has a showdown with his friends, a fight and an accident his real family find him. Slash. ON HIATUS * AUTHOR NOTE ADDED 06/02/10

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Chapter 9

Woo hoo, yea 2 chaps in one day I'm so happy with myself.
Disclaimer: These characters still don't belong to me

Chapter 9

Four days after he had woken up he was on a plane sitting in first class next to his uncle, on his way to a new life in Miami.

All in all he felt happier and more content than he could ever remember being and he was amazed that it had only been four days.

The first proper day that he'd been awake they had talked for hours about everything. Horatio had told him about his all about his father, unfortunately he had never known his mother.

He consoled himself over their death with the fact that they had loved him and his father even had an investigator keep a permanent check on him in case anything like what had happened, happened so that he would be taken care of. He also learned he had a step-mom and half brother.

He learned all about what his uncle did and it sounded really cool, he liked the fact they spoke up for people who couldn't speak for themselves. Horatio was a good man and he had found it easy to trust him.

Still he knew it wouldn't last, not that he thought Horatio would ever hit him, but eventually he would get rid of him, he wouldn't want to be stuck with his nephew forever no matter what he said. Xander didn't care he would make the most of having someone to care about him while he could, he would be 18 in less than a year and could find a job and a place, might even stay in Miami so he could still see Horatio sometimes, even after this short a period he couldn't imagine not seeing him even if it was only now and then.

He pushed those thoughts to the back of his head as he would worry about that when the time came, for now he would just enjoy his new life.

Horatio was watching his nephew who had never been on a plane before. He had nearly been vibrating in the seat in anticipation, eventually he calmed down but he couldn't wipe the grin off his face when looking out the window, then Horatio saw the smile drop and knew what Xander was thinking about. He had tried his best to convince Xander that he was happy to have him come stay with him, looking forward to it in fact and he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted, he was family. Xander had said ok and that he believed him, but Horatio didn't think he meant it, he knew it was going to take time, but he vowed to himself that he would make sure Xander believe that he really did want him here.

Horatio had been shocked about how quickly everything went through in Sunnydale. Xander's adopted parents had already been cremated by the time he got there and there was no other family so Xander got everything, the insurance policies and the house and cars. By the time they had left, the car and house contents had already been sold and Xander had a very decent bank account. The house was up for sale and the estate agent said it wouldn't take long for a buyer to come along.

He noticed Xander's breathing even out with sleep and smiled, poor kid had tired himself out already, no wonder with all the bouncing he had been doing all morning. He knew his nephew would be disappointed at missing out on his first plane journey but didn't have the heart to wake him. Ahh well he would just have to take him somewhere for a holiday, soon. With those happy thoughts he himself settled down for a nap, trying to catch up on some of the sleep he'd been missing out on.

Five hours later a recharged and bouncing Xander made his way from the baggage claim towards the car park, smiling uncle beside him. Xander was shocked as Horatio stopped them at a Hummer with Miami Dade PD logos on the sides.

"Whoa, that's yours?" he asked stunned.

"Yes, it comes with the job" Horatio was amused at the clearly showing awe on Xander's face "Do you drive?" he inquired

"What?" he asked still distracted by the huge car in front of him "I mean, yeah I can. One of my old neighbors taught me a few years back, he used to be a stunt man when he was younger, I can drive anything with wheels."

"We'll need to see about getting you a car soon, you'll need something for getting around, especially with school starting back in a few months. Probably not one of these but your choice, whatever you want"

"Cool. I keep forgetting that I have money now. I think I'll get a bike though, ooh I want a Ninja, that's what I used race on oooh or one of the new Ducati racing bikes" Xander babbled excitedly and started bouncing even more.

Horatio smiled amused at his antics. "God, it's like Speed Jr." he mumbled, and then said louder "I meant that I'd buy you something as a gift. I mean I do have seventeen years to catch up on after all" he coaxed.

Xander stopped bouncing.

"I couldn't let you do that, it's a lot of money, and I mean I have my own after all, I don't mind paying for it"

"I know that they don't come cheap-"

"Honestly they're like 12k new and probably at least 5 for a decent second hand one, and missing out on birthdays wasn't your fault, you didn't even know I existed" Xander interrupted

"Well, now I do and I want to make up for it. Anyway I can't think of a better way to spend it. So let me? Please?" Horatio tried his best to persuade Xander to let him spoil him, and that he didn't mind spending money on him and in fact wanted to. He knew that Xander would take time to get used to the way families worked. "I wouldn't offer if I couldn't afford it"

"Umm, ok, I suppose. I mean if you're sure." Xander said hesitantly, still a bit unsure of how to take it.

"I am" Horatio said with a large smile

Seeing how much this meant to Horatio he decided to let him but thought to himself 'I could probably pick one for about a grand and then fix it up myself' which made him feel better.

"Come on I'll help you in and we can get going, I don't want you to pull any of those stitches. I'll have Alexx, our ME, check them over in a day or two"

Xander nodded shakily and let himself be helped into the passenger side, but he couldn't help panicking over having to meet his uncle's fried and colleague, probably the whole team in a couple of days.

Just then Horatio's phone rang.


{Hi Horatio, it's Yelina. Are you back yet?}

[Yeah, just got into the car]

{How's he doing?}

[He's good, just some stitches to come out in a week or so. I'm gonna have Alexx take a look in a couple of days to make sure everything is ok.] Horatio told her looking at his nephew, worrying when Xander's head twisted to look at him with wide eyes.

[Hang on a second Yelina]


"Xander, you ok?" he questioned at seeing his nephew start to hyperventilate.

Xander nodded his head.

"Are you sure?"

Xander shook his head.

"Ok first thing you need to do is calm down and breathe. Deep breath in and slowly let it out" Horatio instructed while rubbing Xander's back to try and calm him down further. It worked and after a minute Xander was calm again and just looking mildly jittery.

"You wanna tell me what happened?"

Xander shook his head.


Xander sighed before answering.

"I just panicked, that's all. It's stupid really, it's just you were talking about me meeting your friends and then somebody who doesn't even know me is asking about me and concerned over my welfare when they have no reason to be. I'm just not used to it and it kinda freaked me out, a little" Xander blurted everything out at once "Sorry, I'm fine now"

It took Horatio a little while to take in everything that had just been babbled at him. "If you're sure, but we'll talk this over later okay?"

Xander sighed again knowing it was too much to hope that he'd get away with it. "Did you forget you have someone on hold?" he asked quietly to avoid the question.

Horatio decided to let him get away with it this once, but they would be talking about it later.

[Sorry about that Yelina]

{That's ok. He freaked?}

[Yeah a bit]

{Poor boy, he's been though so much. I was actually calling to invite you both over for dinner tonight, if he's up to it?}

[How about I ask him and call you back once we get home]

{That's fine. Tell him it's ok if he isn't ready or doesn't feel up to it, it's been a hard few days and he is only just out of the hospital so I'd understand if he would prefer to wait}

[I will, and thanks Yelina. I'll speak to you later either way]

{Ok, Bye}

Horatio put his phone away and started the car, pulling out of the carpark, wondering how best to ask his nephew so as not to put any undue pressure on him to accept.

"You could just ask ya know. I promise not to freak out again" Xander grinned

Horatio looked towards him and noticed he did look fine, on the outside anyway. He just smiled back and spoke "That was Yelina, I told you about her?"

"Ray's wife?"

"Yeah, that's right; she was asking us both to dinner tonight, just the four of us; you and I, Yelina and Ray Jr. She doesn't mind if you don't feel ready yet or if health wise you don't feel up to it."

"Umm, no. Err, I don't mind, I guess it'll ease me into it slowly, the whole meeting everyone thing" Xander said hesitantly, he was glad he had agreed when he saw his uncle smile widely at him. "How old is Jr. anyway, I don't think you said?"

Horatio was happy Xander had said yes and he knew he would love Yelina and she him. "He's a bit younger than you, he'll be fourteen in a few weeks, he's a good kid, I'm sure you'll get along fine"

"Yeah kids like me. I was Dawnie's favourite babysitter, she's nearly thirteen" Xander said with a bright smile before it dimmed and he continued quietly "I'm gonna miss her, I didn't even get to say goodbye, after what I did to her sister, I don't know if her or Joyce will want anything to do with me."

"I'm sure she will, from what you've told me about them they sound like they really care about you."

// Cub. Listen to him. Joyce loves you. Dawn loves you. Both will give Buffy and the gang hell //

/ You're right, Do you think they'd come visit? /

// I'm sure they will //

"Oooh they are so gonna get they asses whooped" he said grin spreading across his face

Horatio smiled at his nephew's attitude glad he'd had at least had a few people who had cared for him, he was looking forward to meeting them. He hoped they wouldn't visit too soon though, afraid that his nephew might change his mind and go back to Sunnydale.

He had thought the same thing the previous day when meeting his nephew's 'kinda boyfriend' (according to both blushing boys) Devon and Mrs McLeish. Even Xander coming with him hadn't completely eased his worry of him leaving again at the end of the summer.

"I'm sure they will. Lets go shall we, you can phone Devon once we get you settled then we can freshen up and head to Yelina's for dinner"

"Yeah that'd be good"

With that Horatio pulled off heading for his house.

~~~Sunnydale Interlude~~~

Devon hung up the phone after talking to Xander. Xander had just arrived in Miami and Devon already missed him like crazy.

"You ok sweetie?" his mother asked from the doorway.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just miss him ya know?" he sighed

"I know honey, I do too. You really cared for him didn't you?"

"Yeah, I really did. Ya know I wish he could've stayed, but I can’t regret telling him to go. His uncle sounds like a good guy and already loves him; he'll be good to Xan. And hey it ain't completely over, we're just doing the whole open relationship thing for now. I mean we're young and gonna be on opposite sides of the country for at least a year"

His mother walked over to him and sat down next to him on the bed drawing him into a hug.

"I'm proud of you honey, I know it hurts but you did the right thing"

"Thanks mom"

"Now, don't get mad at me but that was Jason on the other line" she felt her son tense and the mention of his band-mate. "I know you don't want to see Oz and the girls, but it's the tenth message I've taken in the last three days. You'll have to see them sometime; I mean what about the rest of the band. I know the guys knew but Oz and the girls didn't even know about you and Xan. They have no idea why you've been avoiding them."

"Huh" Devon hummed as he straightened up

"What?" his mother asked

"Well maybe I should let them know" he said with a very Xander-like grin

Mrs. McLeish did not like the look on her son's face one little bit. It was the same look Xander would get when he was up to something.

It did not bode well for Xander's former 'friends'


"Yeah mom?" he sighed knowing his mother would tell him to do and say nothing

"Leave nothing out, I mean nothing." she replied sporting a particularly Xander-like grin herself.

Devon sat stunned before his grin widened to epic proportions

"As many details on our sex life as possible,"

"All about him and you patrolling and that you and that I, as well as Larry and Shaun know all about that side of things,"

"The fact that he is now stronger and faster than Buffy, and even more so by the day now that hyena is fully merged and soldier too. Oooh and the fact that both Angel and Angelus were head over heels about my boy"

"Son, maybe you shouldn't let them in on the 'Angel thing', she is still a slayer after all and I don't want to see you getting hurt. You don't have a hyena or soldier spirit to fall back on." she said sounding worried for his health

"Damn! That was gonna be my favorite bit." he mumbled "Ok, fine. I won't tell her...right now anyway, even though Xan made sure I could take care of myself and you if I needed to. I think he knew I would tell her as well, after some of the things he said over the last couple of days"

"He probably did know. He would have done the exact same thing. He's been such an influence on you, I just can't say whether it has been a good one or a bad one." she laughed

"Now Jason said they would all be at his parents tomorrow from 1pm tomorrow so why don't you go do that tomorrow, which will give Xander a little time to settle in and you can phone him after you get back and tell him everything."

"Yeah sounds like a plan. Thanks mom." he said as he reached over and hugged her.

~~~End Interlude~~~

End Chapter 9

Will try to get at least one more chap out by Easter and then a few more after during my days off. Hopefully including Joyce/Dawn blowup and Devon's.

Author's Note 06/02/10

I'm so sorry for not updating in over 2 years, unfortunately I had a slight block with First Priority in getting chapters 10, 11 and 12 done to link with chaps 13-18 I already had written. Work probs did not give me enough time to work on it either. With You Have Me I simply was stuck on how to play out the meeting of Xan and Logan, I must have writtrn chap 8 at least 10 times before deleting as complete crap.

Since then I have had some pretty life changing events, I lost my baby sister and have gone from being a single 25 year old to adopted mother to her 2 kids, both under 3. Used to just being the cool aunt to my niece and nephew and being able to hand them back after getting the eldest hyped up.

Life is only just starting to calm down and am getting my head around having being an actual adult having to take care of something more than just me, and not fuck it up!

I will not be leaving my 2 fics as they are as I like them too much to give up on. Am hoping to start back on them soon. I'm due to be moving house in the next month or two and them am hoping to get some time to write as the eldest will be starting playgroup soon after the move.

Thank you all for sticking with me and even though I haven't replied to all your reviews, your comments mean alot and I will try to at least reply to the ones with questions in them soon. Hope you all can stick with me a bit longer, I want to see this completed as much as you do.


The End?

You have reached the end of "First Priority" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Apr 07.

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