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First Priority

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Summary: After Xander has a showdown with his friends, a fight and an accident his real family find him. Slash. ON HIATUS * AUTHOR NOTE ADDED 06/02/10

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Chapter One

Set BtVS summer after series 2 , Buffy didn't run away after sending Angel to Hell.
Pairing: X/ various it will be slash
Thanks to Mia
Disclaimer: I own nothing

Chapter 1
- One week after Acathla closed

Xander had just left Cordelia's house after saying his goodbyes. She was off with her family to Mexico for the summer. They had decided to call it a day on their...thing they had going a while back, and since then they had become best friends. They had both known their relationship wasn't meant for long term and had decided to split and remain friends. Cordy had admitted she needed a best friend, not a sheep, and Xander was the best person she could think of for the job. Xander had also admitted that he felt the same. They had both shared things with each other that nobody else knew and he would miss her like crazy over the next two months.

It had been a week since the world had nearly ended, this time because of Angelus and his stupid plan with Acathla, he snorted to himself. 'I mean really, how stupid do you have to be to actually want Hell on Earth? God even Spike saw how bad an idea that was. I mean it's not as if Angelus would be top dog then, he'd be barely a step above humans, regular demons didn't even like vamps, never mind full demons. Ah well, apocalypse was averted, Buffy finally did her job (thanks to a little help from yours truly) and just in the nick of time as well.'

It was only the second time he would have seen her since she sent what had turned out to actually have been Angel, to Hell. At this he felt a slight pang of guilt, 'but hey one vamp, even one with his soul, against six billion people; pretty easy choice if you ask me.' When he last saw her she couldn't stop crying, and he didn't think she would appreciate his empty sympathy as everybody knew he never liked Angel much to begin with. So he left her to it and told her to call if she needed anything and left with Cordy. Buffy had Willow, who was already out of hospital, Joyce and Dawn, who now knew everything, and Giles and Oz to help her through it. He snorted again, 'all this over a vamp, God.' He had staked Jesse and he was the nearest thing he had to real family. They had known each other for 15 years and he loved him, like the brother he never had, yet he still staked him. He had known in his heart Jesse would not have wanted to be a vamp out killing people and if Angel was half the guy Buffy thought, he wouldn't have minded trading his own life for the rest of the world.

He reached the Summer's house, parked the car and knocked on the door. Giles answered, he had an odd look on his face which Xander couldn't place

"Ah Xander, glad you could make it, everyone's in the living room," Giles said then looking over Xander's shoulder and back to Xander asked, "No Cordelia?"

"No, I just said goodbye to her, she's going to Mexico with her folks for the summer," Xander replied as he walked through the door and past Giles into the living room.

He looked in and saw Willow, Oz and Buffy behind Giles. Curiously absent were Joyce and Dawn. About to comment, he caught the glare Buffy was sending his way and stepped inside.

He got a bad feeling and so looked toward Willow, after seeing her face he knew what had happened. They found out about the lie. 'Crap, double crap, they're never going to understand,' he thought then after a second realised he didn't care. 'Hey it doesn't matter what they think. I know I did the right thing. There was no way she would have fought at her best if she knew there was a chance. Angelus would have laughed at her then killed her without a seconds pause.' His face went blank as he sat down, he was not going to take their shit over doing what he KNEW was the right thing.

"So you know then," he said calmly

Buffy's hands worked into fists and Xander guessed it was only Giles had on her shoulder that was stopping her from attacking him. Willow was the one that answered him

"Why Xander? Why lie?" she asked and he could see the anger shining from her eyes. "God!" she exclaimed. "Do you even have a reason?"

"Yeah I do, pretty good reason as well as it goes," he said calmly but then looking as if the thought had just entered his head mockingly added, "actually, if you think about it it's more like six billion reasons, all of them pretty damn good,"

"What?" Buffy spat. "Stop playing around and tell me why you made me send Angel to Hell? Were you that jealous of him you thought he would have to be in Hell before you had a chance with me?" she demanded nastily.

Xander was now fuming but he replied still in the same calm tone, "I think one of Cordy's lines would be great about here 'Get over yourself Bitch' ." Then he snorted and gave her a nasty smile which he knew they would all recognize from when he was 'Hyena Boy', "because I sure did, and a loooong time ago. I don't know if you noticed, but I had Cordy," after hearing Buffy and Willow snort he continued he glared and continued, "why would I want you when she is worth ten times of you two combined?"

He continued before they could say anything, "And I'm not 'playing around', that would have been you all the time Angelus was loose and you refused to stake him. Who would have had to die for you to actually dust the bastard? I mean there was Teresa and God knows how many others he had for dinner. God he murdered Miss Calender and yet still you did nothing-"

Giles decided to step in. "Now see here Xander, that's enough, we are here to talk about why you felt it necessary to lie to Buffy, not to go over the past mistakes and things that can't be changed."

"Well, in that case we must be done then, because the lie I told was in the past, although it wasn't a mistake." He then smiled what he called his Hyena smile again and looked at Buffy. "No amount of talking is going to get Angel out of Hell anytime soon is it?" He had expected Buffy to attack him to be honest, but she just burst into tears again he snorted to himself 'powerful mystical warrior my ass.'

He ignored the glares sent his way by the three people in the room who were not blubbering like a baby and glanced away as if bored with the entire thing, which wasn't far from the truth. He was getting bored of it and decided to say so. "Hey, so are we done now? I'm getting kinda bored watching vampire layer over there crying over her dead vampire lover."

Everybody looked at him as if they didn't know who he was and were shocked over the things he was saying, but they just amused him. He thought idly that the hyena must be close to the surface because he noticed he actually felt good about hurting their feelings for once not the other way around. And he really wanted to growl at them, the hyena didn't care much for the gang anymore and wanted him to leave and find a new pack.

Oz recovered first. "Why don't you tell us why you lied then? Afterwards you can leave if you want," he asked calmly trying to avoid eye contact. His wolf was making him feel kinda funny. It felt a need to submit to Xander, and actually seemed happy about the fact. He thought this odd because the wolf never felt this way around either Buffy or Angel who were both alpha's and both stronger than Xander.

Xander smiled, he knew what was going through Oz's head. Oz was a beta and felt the need to submit to a strong alpha, he smirked to himself knowing the wolf hadn't and wouldn't ever submit to the slayer or Angel. They were too weak, not physically but mentally. Buffy didn't want to be a slayer and treated it like a job and a nuisance and Angel always denied a part of himself and what he was.

Neither would be capable of being alpha to a werewolf.

"Ok, it's simple really," he started wanting to get if over and done with and get gone. "If Buffy knew there could be a chance of getting her Angel back, she wouldn't have fought at her best, trying to drag it out to give Willow time to do the spell, which by the way we didn't know would actually work. Willow had never cast a spell before, not even a little one. Reading about something doesn't mean you can do it. Damn if that was true then I'd be able to climb walls and throw spider webs." He shook his head to dispel the fantasy.

"Back to the point, if Buffy had held back, Angelus would have laughed before killing her and bringing Hell to a town near you," he quipped then sighed. "At the end of the day I chose the rest of the world over one vamp, soul or no soul. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make and would make again. If Angel was as good a guy as you said he was, he wouldn't have minded dying to save the world. He was working for redemption, saving the world, I think he would have earned it."

"It was not your choice to make, I'm the slayer," Buffy screamed at him and walked toward him, Xander also stood.

"Yeah, an' a bang up job you were doing. How many times did you face Angelus and not kill him?" He laughed sounding more and more hyena like. "God girl, you're the one that brought the psycho out to play to start with when you screwed Angel," he finished with a shudder

"How can you say something like that?" Willow screeched at him.

Xander just looked at her calmly. "Is anything I said so far anything but the truth?" he asked and grinned when nobody answered him.

Giles was having a hard time holding onto Buffy, the only reason he had so far was the anger was clouding her senses and she didn't realise she could have broken his hold on her in a second if she wanted to.

"Buffy you have to calm down, go outside and take a minute," he said.

She turned her glare on him and replied through gritted teeth, "Fine, I'll be outside," She matched actions to her words and walked out the front door, slamming it behind her.

Everybody but Xander winced. Xander was just amazed at how much like a toddler she was, stomping and crying when she didn't get her way. He then said in a bored tone, "So I told you why, can I go now?"

Before anybody could answer him, they heard an almighty smash from the direction Buffy headed. They all made their way to the front door and opened it to see Buffy taking a bat to Xander's car, with a huge smile on her face, she heard them come out and turned walking to the door.

Xander was beyond angry by this point, Hyena closer to the surface than it have ever been since the de-possession.

Buffy walked up to him smiling sweetly, but when she reached him, the smile vanished. She didn't notice the slight green tinge his eyes had taken, her anger overriding her common sense. "I don't want to see you near me ever again, come near me and I'll kill you."

Xander was running on pure hyena by this time. 'How dare this bitch think she can tell me what to do? I'M alpha not her,' he thought, not able to distinguish between himself and the hyena as they were both on the same page. 'I'll show her who's alpha.' He gave into the urge he'd had since he walked into the house, he growled and before he could appreciate the shock in Buffy's eyes he had punched her. Because of the power of the hyena at the surface the punch connected with Buffy's cheek and sent her back a good 10 feet or more, she was out cold before she hit the pavement. Everybody's was shocked, including him. 'Damn if I knew the hyena gave me that much power I would have tapped into her more before now.' He then felt extremely exhausted and knew that he and the hyena were tapped out for now.

He decided he would have to make a deal with his inner hyena, no snacking on people, in exchange for the chance to be free within him. He knew instinctively that if he merged completely he wouldn't have to worry about running out of steam. However that would have to wait, both him and the hyena were in desperate need of food, and rest; all he wanted to do was lay down and sleep until school started.

It was at this point he came back to his surroundings, Buffy was still out cold and he permitted himself a small smile at his accomplishment. Her head was resting on Willow's lap and Giles was checking her over. Willow was glaring at him, slightly scared looking while Oz looked like he wanted to come over to him and submit but was having a hard time controlling that desire. Xander noticed he kept edging closer unconsciously before noticing what he was doing, blushing and moving away again. Xander wondered about the blush on Oz's face and Hyena whispered quietly to him, which had never happened before it was usually vague feelings, emotions and odd words, she now sounded human

// his beast is telling him to submit and also what would happen if he did //

/ and what would happen / Xander thought back, oddly accepting of this new part of the hyena.

// you would take him, fuck him, and claim him, he would be yours to do with as you wish, kept either to fuck, to breed with, as pack member or if you so choose: as life mate //

/ do me a favour and tell me something...why aren't I freaking out over this? / Xander asked after a pause.

// we are now merging I am part of who you are. you have the hyena in you, you will still be yourself. you didn't care about the sex of your partner before I came along, and now you have less inhibitions than regular humans have, although to be honest // she continued and Xander could hear the smirk in her voice.
// as far as I can tell, you didn't have all that many to begin with // she finished.

Xander blushed, he knew that already. After he and Cordy finished, he and Larry had gotten together on the quiet and tried out a whole lot of stuff. Seeing as they were both the other's first and were 16 year old boys, there wasn't much they hadn't tried. They pretty much fucked whenever they could between Scooby meetings and Larry's football practice and wherever they could including a variety of motel rooms, both their houses, and the majority of rooms at school. Including, a dare proposed by Larry, which had ended up with Larry bent over Snyder's desk, Xander's cock in his ass, the football team in the next room and the Scoobies across the hall in the library.

They had been some of the best four months of his life but it was just sex, not love or anything like it, but sex, great sex, really really hot sex, which they had agreed would continue until they found somebody else to have a relationship with. Then Larry met Shaun and Xander knew from the first time he saw them together, that it was love. That marked the end of Larry, and the start of Devon, which was pretty much the same as what he had with Larry and 'damn!' he thought thinking of some of the things they had done together 'that boy has one hell of an imagination' After that thought he smirked to himself and decided after he caught up on some sleep he'd go see Devon and see what merging completely with the hyena would do, even though he didn't really think it could get any better. That was their arrangement whenever one or the other was horny they'd find the other and fuck the whole day away.

// watch what your thinking around the pup // hyena warned.

Xander came back to himself again and looked toward Oz. He could feel the lust and confusion pouring off the wolf, and Oz was lucky the hyena had him so tapped out. If she hadn't have been, he probably would have fucked Oz there and then on Buffy's front lawn in front of Willow, Giles and the *smirk* still unconscious Buffy.

"I'm gone," he informed the others walking toward his car

"I think that's for the best. I don't think you should come back either," Giles said angrily.

Xander turned and looked at Giles and saw the anger at the surface and beneath that he saw that he was also scared, shocked and disappointed. He snorted and turned away from Giles, having lost all respect he had for the man he had once considered a friend and mentor. He glanced and saw the same look on Willow's face.

"Who said anything about coming back?" Xander replied scorn evident in his voice and the others knew things would never be the same again with their one time friend.

He then walked toward the wrecked car. "When the bitch eventually wakes up tell her I'll send her the bill for damages. If she won't pay, I'll press charges against her with the police for damage to personal property," he said without looking back knowing they would be staring at him with shock in their eyes, he got in the car and drove away.

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