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When Buffy Met Sammy

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Summary: The Winchester boys have to go to Cleveland and need the Council's permission to enter their territory. Buffy/Sam and Willow/Dean.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
nannabelleFR1822,4110186,50111 May 0611 May 06No

Something Bitchy This Way Comes

Ok, the muse is pushing this one hard right now. I'm just along for the ride. And the typing. :) Again, please RATE when you review or I just get a 0/10! (Hate that by the way, wish it just didn't give you anything). It's another short one, sorry. Hope you enjoy!

Sam directed Dean through downtown Cleveland. Both men couldn’t help but be impressed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s strange look. Sam looked down at his instructions and said, “Turn right at the light, Dean.”

As Dean made the turn, he sucked in a breath. There on the right was what looked like a stately old hotel. What shocked him was that it was obviously slayer central. His first clue was the sign out front on a plaque on the wall: Joyce Angel’s School for Girls; Founded 2004 by The Watcher’s Council. His second clue was the poster for the upcoming graduation. On it was what appeared to be the mascot: a vampire, in full Dracula cape and fangs. It wasn’t game-faced out like real vampires, but like the vampires in movies. But still, what kind of school had a vampire for a mascot? He heard Sam snort and looked over to see him stifling laughter.

“Subtle, huh?” Dean asked.

Sam nodded, “Yeah. Ok, there’s a parking garage right there.” He folded up the instructions as Dean pulled in and got a ticket for his windshield. He ignored Dean’s mutterings of “validated parking” as he stuffed the paper into their dad’s notebook.

When Dean had secured the Impala, Sam joined him and they walked back out to the street to the entrance of the building. Dean was glad he had his leather jacket, because it was chilly in Cleveland. He and Sam entered and smiled at the teenager behind the counter. Dean reminded himself that she could kick his ass as he casually leaned on the counter.

Sam nudged his brother to remind him to behave and said, “Hi, we’re the Winchesters. We’re here to see either Buffy, Xander or Willow?”

“You’re Sam, right?” At his nod, the teenager smiled, “Hi, I’m Hannah. I talked to you when you called earlier. Xander told me you’d be coming in. Guess you got permission, huh?” She pressed a button on her phone and they could hear it ringing on speaker.

“Buffy Summers,” came a perky voice.

“Hey Buff, the brothers are here. You want me to call Will and Xand?”

“No thanks, Hannah. They’re in my office now. We’ll be right down.”

Hannah disconnected and looked up at the men. “Guess you heard that, huh?”

Dean laughed as Sam grinned at the girl, “Yeah, we heard. We’ll just wait over here if that’s ok?”

When they had settled themselves on the couch by the window, Sam punched Dean in the arm.

“Wonder if they’re all that perky? ‘Cause that would drive me nuts!” Dean muttered, rubbing his arm. It didn’t really hurt, but he knew it would make Sam feel bad.

“Not everyone lives for conflict like you, Dean,” Sam said sarcastically.

Dean smirked, “The world would be a lot more interesting if they did.”

Sam rolled his eyes and looked around the foyer of the old hotel. On the wall behind the front desk was a pair of swords, probably actually serviceable, with an axe to either side. He swung his attention back towards the door as a well-to-do couple came in, toting a surly looking pre-teen.

The pinched woman marched up to the desk and demanded an application.

Hannah looked up and smiled. “I’m sorry, ma’am, we don’t take applications. This is an exclusive girl’s school, and we recruit our students.”

Mrs. Pinched looked down her nose at Hannah’s obviously no name jeans and smirked. “Are YOU a student here? Then it can’t be THAT exclusive. I want to speak to whoever’s in charge!”

“Hoo boy,” Sam muttered as Dean choked back a laugh. Sam leaned forward to watch for trouble as Dean relaxed back to enjoy the show.

“Sammy, we’re in Slayer-land. The little girl can take on all three of ‘em, so just sit back and enjoy it. It’s about to get good!” Dean said as he noticed three people appear from the elevator. He assumed they were there for them, which meant this was Buffy, arguably the best slayer; Willow, arguably the strongest witch; and Xander.

“That would be us,” Buffy growled.

“And we don’t take kindly to people talking to our students like that!” Willow added.

“So please leave. We don’t take applications,” put in Xander.

The man puffed his chest out, “Do you know who we ARE?”

Xander laughed, “You obviously have no clue who WE are. Now get out.”

“I will not have a pack of ragamuffins talk to me like this, Richard!” the woman shrilled.

Buffy tilted her head to the side. “Ragamuffins? Well, you wouldn’t want your daughter at our school anyway, right?”

“But this is the MOST exclusive school in the country. She simply MUST go here.”

Dean laughed, “Lady, you don’t even know what they teach here!”

The lady in question whirled on Dean, looking him up and down. She took in his dirty boots, worn jeans, faded t-shirt and frowned. “I was NOT talking to you. But it IS a GIRL’S school. What else would they teach except manners and etiquette?”

Willow and Buffy howled with laughter. Xander shook his head, “You are one dumb lady, lady. We teach self-defense, hunting and lots of other not so lady-like things.”

“And we have a VERY exclusive screening process,” Willow said.

“But if you don’t take applications, how do you find students?” the man asked.

“We have a staff of recruiters whose job it is to search for and find the characteristics we are looking for. If someone cannot afford tuition, we give them scholarships. This is not the kind of place you can buy your way into. Willow, is she one of ours?” Buffy asked.

Willow looked at the girl closely. “No, I’m sorry. She’s not. But, Lydia? You hang in there, ok? You’re going to do great things,” Willow added. She stepped back when the girl nodded and smiled shyly.

Defeated, the couple turned to leave, this time leaving the girl to trail along behind them. As the door closed, Buffy, Xander and Willow turned to the men now standing by the door themselves.

“Thanks for the help,” Xander said as he extended his hand to first Sam, then Dean. “I’m Xander Harris. The blonde is Buffy and the redhead is Willow.”

“I’m Sam and this is my brother Dean.”

“Come on back to the war room and we’ll get Giles to help with your vision,” Buffy said. Buffy turned back towards the elevator and Willow and Xander fell in on either side.

Sam couldn’t help but notice the way Buffy filled out her brown leather pants, especially with the cream colored halter top above it showing off the small of her back.

Dean couldn’t believe he was noticing the way Willow’s hips swayed under her long skirt. But he was. And it was nice. He grinned as he began following the trio. Xander was one lucky man.

The End?

You have reached the end of "When Buffy Met Sammy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 May 06.

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