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The Family Business

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Summary: Buffy and Joyce are gone, Hank sold the house and the gallery and took off with yet another secretary to who knows where. Dawn has been sent to one of the few family members she has left, her aunt Josie, uncle Stevie, and cousin Will

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A New Home

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"So this cousin of yours that's coming, she doesn't know that your mom and dad are The Commander and Jetstream?" Layla asked Will as they sat on his front porch waiting for the three to arrive.

"Not yet. Mom and Dad figured they'd break it to her once they were here. You know, here's the kitchen, here's the living room, bathroom, our room, Wills Room, your room, the secret super hero lair - don't tell your friends," Will sighed and shook his head, "I just hope she's cool with it,"

"Is there any way that she might have powers?" Layla asked him. Will looked surprised and thought for a moment.

"Buff and Aunt Joyce were as normal as they come. I mean, Buffy was a blonde cheer leader who only thought about boys ... at least until she burned down her school gym ... and then blew up her other high school on graduation," Will looked thoughtful again.

"Yeah, cause that's what normal blonde cheerleaders do, burn things down. They say super powers run in the family. Your Aunt Joyce could have passed it on," Layla told him. He nodded and then jumped to his feet as he saw his parents coming up the street. He turned to Layla and brushed a hand over his shirt.

"How do I look?" He asked quickly. She grinned and shoved a hand through his hair to calm it a little.

"Your fine," She tweaked the scarf she had wrapped around her neck and ran fingers through her hair quickly. She hoped that ratty jeans and an old Tee-shirt with betty boop would be fine. Not that she cared overly, she just didn't want to make a horrible impression. She watched as the tall thin girl with big bambi blue eyes and silky straight hair that hung to her butt got out in ratty jeans and an old Billy Idol Tee-shirt with a little denim jacket over it. She had nothing to worry about.

"Dawn," Will ran forward and hugged the taller girl.

"Hey Will," She said quietly.

"This is my girlfriend Layla, Layla, Dawn," Will introduced.

"Hey son, come help me with these bags," Steve called.

"Come on inside, the boys will get those. I want to show you your knew home," Josie put an arm around her niece's shoulder. "Come on Layla, we'll leave the boys to do what they're good for,"

"Hey, I'm good for other things too," Steve called.

"You had better be talking about selling houses Dad," Will shouted. Layla and Josie shared an amused look before leading in the newest member of the household.

"So this is the place," Josie said hopefully. She didn't want Dawn to hate it outright. Dawn nodded and looked around the entry way. A mirror, a table, wood floors.

"It's nice," Different, but nice. Dawn let them lead her through the living room, the dining room, the family room, the kitchen, and the office. The house was a lot bigger than the one she had in Sunnydale. There was even a little half bath for guests.

"So upstairs then, Layla and I did up your room, with a little help from the boys and some of Wills other friends," Josie told her. Dawn nodded. Most of the stuff from her old house was in storage or had been sold on her fathers orders. The essence of her mom and Buffy scattered or boxed. Everything with the exception of her moms and Buffy's jewelry and Mr. Gordo. She had the bathroom Will's room, the guest room, and the master suite pointed out to her before they reached the last white door.

"So this is your room," Layla said, opening the door and holding her breath. Pale blue walls, almost white, gleamed from the sunlight coming in through the large window that had dusty blue curtains framing it. The wood floor gleamed too, though there was a small blue and cream rug in the center of the floor. A simple bed was against one wall, a white bedside table on each side, a lamp and an alarm clock on one of them, a lava lamp on the other. A white desk was next to the window, a computer and printer sitting on it. A white wicker sweater chest stood against the other wall and a table with a TV, VCR and DVD player was there as well.

"It's awesome," Dawn told her. Her Aunt had remembered that her favorite color was blue. The walls were bare of ornamentation and there wasn't much else, but her stuff would fill up the room. She walked over and hugged her aunt, who hugged her back just as tightly. Layla smiled and glanced over at the Lava Lamp that had been Magenta's contribution. It was amusing. The plants outside the window were her own. The stereo in the closet was Zach. Ethan was the one that picked out the computer and printer, even if Josie and Steve had bought it. Warren wouldn't let anyone put posters or pictures on the wall. He said they should leave it for her. He was right.

"I'm glad you like it," Steve said from the doorway. He had two boxes stacked on top of each other and set them down by the closet. Will had 4 suit cases and a duffel bag.

"It's amazing. I can't believe you guys went to this much trouble," Dawn said, walking over to sit on the foot of the bed.

"No trouble at all sweet pea, we want you comfortable before we spring the news," Steve told her with a grin. She looked at him slightly askance and raised an eyebrow.

"That's what people say right before they tell you that a sociopathic vampire is chained to their bathtub," She told him flatly. Layla and Will both smiled at the comment, Josie and Steve simply shared a look. Dawn didn't feel like explaining that she was serious.

"Well you see sweety, there are a few rather odd things about us that you deserve to know if you're going to be living here," Josie started taking a deep breath.

"It hurts less if you spit out really fast," Dawn said glumly.

"Well," Josie floated up about a foot and a half above the floor, "We're super heroes. I'm Jetstream, and your Uncle Steve is the Commander," She told the girl. Dawn flopped back on to the bed, grabbed a pillow and screamed into it. The four super heroes glanced at each other before looking back at the girl.

"I thought you guys were the normal ones in the family," She groaned after sitting back up. Josie opened her mouth in surprise, but no sound came out.

"You mean Joyce ...?" Steve started. Dawn laughed.

"Oh no, Mom was as normal as they come," She told them. Josie gave a sigh of relief and nodded.

"Good, I was worried there for a minute," She said.

"Wait, if you guys are super heroes, why didn't you ever come to Sunnydale. You must have known that something was off there," Dawn started. Looking at them accusingly.

"I tried to get your mom to move somewhere else. We aren't allowed on active Hellmouths, it was one of the rules that the Conclave of Super Heroes has. If the super power is genetic rather than mystical, you also can't fight demons," Josie started.

"Unless you're partnered with someone that does have mystical powers," Layla cut in.

"Yeah, that's true. We also aren't allowed near the Slayer. The slayer is a mystical super hero that well, I'm not sure what she does, but there is always one and she fights Vampires and demons and she was on the hellmouth so we couldn't even visit you," Josie said with sigh. Dawn let out a strangled laugh and shook her head.

"This is good. This is really good. You don't know who the slayer is?" She asked them incredulously.

"Is it you?" Will asked curiously. She gave him a scathing look and turned back to Josie.

"It was Buffy. Did you not notice the headstone? What part of "She saved the world ... a lot," did you not find odd?" She demanded.

"Buffy? Little tiny blonde cheerleader Buffy?" Steve asked in surprise.

"Yeah, the gym she burned down? Full of vamps that wanted to kill her and everyone else since one of the dips she used to be friends with invited them in. The school that blew up at graduation? 100 foot snake demon that used to be the mayor. She and her friends trapped it inside the school and blew it up after it started eating everybody. The little issue with the dead girl and then Buffy running away? Her sister slayer, Kendra. Her boyfriend lost his soul after she lost her virginity and went on a killing spree and she sent him to hell right after he got his soul back because it was the only way to stop the Apocalypse that he started. He didn't know what he did. She died at 16, allowing Kendra to be called. Xander did CPR they killed the bad guy and then they went to the school dance. Kendra dying called Faith, who went psycho after accidentally killing one of the mayors lackey's and decided to join up with old snake-lips himself. She died this last time, because a crazy hell god bitch was after the key. me, and it was me or her and she wouldn't let me die so I had to stand there and watch my sister sacrifice herself for me. Buffy, little tiny blonde cheerleader Buffy. The Slayer," Dawn told them calmly.

"Key? What key honey? Is the crazy hell god lady still after you?" Josie asked instantly, putting the rest of it out of her head for a moment.

"Her? No, Giles broke her vessels neck and they both died. So no more Glory, no more Buffy," Dawn said sadly.

"What is this key honey? Do you still have it?" Josie asked her. Dawn laughed humorlessly.

"Have it? I am it. It's all about the blood. Glory needed to open a portal to her home dimension and I open dimensional portals. Only she didn't know how to control my power and I wasn't really aware of it at that point, so she decided to just bleed me out and let all the dimensions bleed together. Meaning death to anyone not a god. It needed an act of power from my blood, one strong enough to close the portals. I was too weak, if I died it would stop. So Buffy and I were up there and we both figured it out. Buffy and I are the same blood. So she threw herself off the tower before I could stop her, and it stopped. She saved the world again," Dawn said, tears falling from her eyes.

"Oh sweety," Josie sat next to Dawn and pulled her in for a hug. "If I'd known about Buffy being the slayer I would have helped her in any way I could, screw what the conclave said,"

"I would have too," Steve added.

"Like I'd let them go without me," Will tossed out with a grin.

"And now they're both gone, Buffy and mom and Hank's going off with his little skank of the month," Dawn cried harder.

"Hey, at least you got to punch the man. Your aunt wouldn't let me," Steve told her comfortingly. Josie glared at him.

"You would have killed him," Josie commented.

"Whoa, you punched Hank? How cool is that," Will cheered. Dawn gave a watery laugh.

"I did feel kinda vindicated when he hit the ground," She agreed.

"It was a nice punch," Steve told her. Dawn nodded.

"Yeah, Buffy and the others were teaching me self defense. I was getting kidnapped way too often," Dawn told them tiredly.

"Happen a lot?" Layla asked curiously. Dawn groaned.

"Oh my god it's annoying. Once the demon population knew Buffy was the slayer it was all about kidnapping her little sister or something. I mean, it got old. None of them had any imagination ... well except for Spike. Most of them tied me up and tossed me somewhere. Spike held an axe to my neck. It was flattering really," Dawn said with a slight grin.

"Holding an axe to your neck was flattering?" Will asked in disbelief.

"Well yeah, he didn't trust me alone. Plus he totally had toys for me to play with and hot chocolate and stuff. He's better now. The military put a chip in his head so he can't hurt people and he fell in love with Buffy," Dawn said with a shrug.

"You have odd friends," Steve commented after a few moments of silence.

"Yeah," Dawn agreed. Josie sighed.

"So, you want to go to the public school that we signed you up for, or should we transfer you to Sky High?" She asked her niece. Dawn gave a confused look to the group.

"Sky High? Umm ... what are you talking about?" Dawn asked them. Will grinned.

"It's a high school for kids with super powers," He said excitedly.

"It's totally cool ... though odd things can happen," Layla told her.

"Odd things? Like demons trying to take over?" Dawn asked cautiously.

"Well, there was a girl who was actually at school with my mom and dad and was a super-villain that accidentally turned herself into a baby but had all of her memories and tried to take over the school at homecoming with her friends so she could turn everyone into babies and raise them up evil. But that almost never happens," Will told her. Dawn blinked at him.

"It's more normal stuff. Like on our first day of school a guy that could shoot lasers from his eyes beamed some girl on the butt and she turned him and his friend into blocks of ice," Layla said.

"That's normal?" Dawn asked after a moment.

"At Sky High it is," Steve said with a smile.

"It could be interesting," Dawn said with a shrug. Josie smiled warmly, her arm still looped around the young girls shoulders.

"I think you'd like it there. What are your powers?" Josie asked. Dawn chuckled.

"Glowy green portals. I can open them anywhere, any time. Problem is I tend to mess up if I haven't been there before," Dawn told her.

"Mess up how?" Josie asked. Dawn cleared her throat lightly.

"Um, I opened a portal and a dragon tried to come through. I'm pretty sure he was in a different dimension. I've figured out that dimensional portals and normal portals are a bit different. Though I opened one in space, cause I could see the moon once. But for the most part they open somewhere in this world," Dawn told her. Josie sighed again and gave her another smile.

"Well, try not to get hurt and let us know if something comes through," She told her. Dawn raised an eyebrow.

"That's it? No "don't open portals unless we're there" or something?" She asked. Steve laughed and she looked over at him.

"Would you listen?" He asked. Dawn gave him an innocent look "Didn't think so. We can't stop you, so we just hope that you use good judgment," Steve told her. She shrugged.

"Makes sense," She agreed. Layla laughed.

"Scary, isn't it?" She asked.

"A little," She agreed. Josie stood up and went over to the door, snagging Steve as she went.

"I'll go call in to the schools, you'll start at Sky High on Monday," She told her niece. The three teens watched the adults leave before Will raised an eyebrow at his cousin.

"Glowy green portals? I know you didn't want to be a freak and all, but now you live with us and we're not exactly the normal ones of the family," Will told her. Dawn shrugged.

"Think of it as a surprise," Dawn said with a grin. Layla looked at the two, thoroughly confused.

"Someone want to translate for me?" She asked them. Will grinned.

"Little miss Dawn over here is, in addition to practically being a genius, a weather witch," Will told his girlfriend.

"How'd you find out if no one else knows?" Layla asked curiously.

"I stole her doll when I was 5 and got struck by lightning for my efforts," Will said.

"Yeah, and then he noticed that when I was sad it rained and when I was giddy there were windstorms. For someone as dumb as he can be, he can be rather observant every now and then," Dawn told her with a smile.

"Hey, no picking on the strong one," Will complained. Layla turned the girl and smiled.

"You are my new best friend," She told her. Dawn raised an eyebrow.

"Please don't tell me that you want sun every day for the rest of your life or something, 'cause I don't do that," Dawn told her. Layla laughed.

"Not at all, I'm a horticulturist. It helps that I have control over plants and such," Layla said with a shrug.

"With the exception of lemons," Will added blithely. Layla turned to him and flicked his nose.

"No harping on my shortcomings," She told him tartly. Dawn grinned at the two.

"I think it's cute that you can't grow lemons," He told her with a grin. She smiled at him and shook her head.

"You think your cute," She said, shaking a finger at him.

"So, while you two are being mushy type boyfriend and girlfriend, I suppose I'll unpack," Dawn said loudly. Will turned from his girlfriend and opened a suitcase, shrieking at the underwear and bras he found. The girls both laughed and shoved him to one of the boxes, letting him unpack things that wouldn't scar him for life.
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