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The Family Business

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Summary: Buffy and Joyce are gone, Hank sold the house and the gallery and took off with yet another secretary to who knows where. Dawn has been sent to one of the few family members she has left, her aunt Josie, uncle Stevie, and cousin Will

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Disclaimor - I do not own Buffy, Sky High or anything pertaining to them.
Note - This is in answer to InvisibleA's "Sky High Family" challenge. Hopefully this is not to bad a response : )
And ... also, This is an Alternate Universe where Dawn really was born to Hank and Joyce and she just had the Key shoved inside her by the monks, thus allowing her to have weatherwitch powers inherited from her great grandmother.

Nothing is ever what it seems. That is something that Dawn should have realized many years ago, but for some reason it continually slipped her mind. The teen knew that she should be paying more attention, after all it was a funeral and it was for her sister. She was even wearing the clothes that Buffy had picked out for their moms' funeral. She had said that just because someone died didn't mean you had to lose your sense of fashion. Dawn looked around her, careful not to draw too much notice.

There was Xander, his arm around Anya. The blonde ex-vengeance demon looked shell shocked. It was the whole mortality thing. She didn't like the idea of getting old and dying. She was over 1100 and still looked 22. Xander too looked shocked, of course it was more because Buffy had died and he hadn't been able to save her this time. Nothing could have saved her this time. Nothing except the death of Dawn, and that would have killed the world as well.

Willow and Tara were near enough that Willow could lean back against Xander as she and Tara clung to each other. The two witches had done their best to save everyone, at great cost to Tara. Glory was just too powerful for any of them.

Giles .... the man was lost. He was leaving for the airport as soon as the funeral was over. He couldn't handle her being gone. Buffy was his life, the reason he woke and lived. The world wasn't right without her in it. So he was leaving them all. Never mind that he was the glue that held them all together. She was angry at Giles, Dawn realized. Angry and disappointed and betrayed. He was leaving her alone. Everyone was leaving her.

That man was here too. Him and his Bimbo barbie. She knew that her mother had told her that Hank was just a little more wild and needed a little more attention, but did he have to bring his 'assistant'. Honestly, the woman was tall and curvy and pouring herself into outfits that would have looked skanky on Dawn, who was much smaller. Not to mention the fact that it was pale yellow. The wench didn't even have the manners to at least pretend to mourn the woman that was worth so much more to the world.

The thought brought Dawn's attention back to the tomb stone that would mark Buffy forever more. The epitaph was simple and meaningful. No over used phrases such as "She was a good sister and friend" or "Gone but not forgotten. No, her's claimed in bold lettering "She saved the world. A lot." That was when the tears started. Dawn didn't even remember falling to her knees as rain started to fall around them. Her Aunt Josie was there at her side with her Uncle Steve. She had forgotten they were even there. The coffin was being lowered and her sister was swallowed into the ground.

"Come on Sweety, let's get you home," Aunt Josie told her caringly, trying to get her to stand. Her mothers sister had always been someone that Dawn hero worshipped, strong minded, intelligent and beautiful, everything that Dawn wanted to be. Her dark red hair was pulled back and her rather severe glasses were shoved high on her nose as she tried to help the teen.

"Home? How can it be home? Buffy and Mom aren't there. That man is selling it so he can go back to Madrid with his skanky ho," Dawn said miserably, shaking her head and crying harder.

"Dawn, really, such displays are unbecoming. Let your Aunt Josie take care of you if you can't take care of yourself," Hank Summers told his daughter tiredly. Dawn was suddenly on her feet and diving at her father. She landed a solid right hook to his jaw before her Uncle Steve was holding onto her carefully, trying not to smile as the other man picked himself up off the ground.

"You're a real peice of work Hank, you know that?" Josie demanded in contempt. She turned around and made a gesture with her chin and Steve hauled the struggling girl to the car that they had come in.

"How come she's allowed to hit him and I'm not?" Steve asked as he got into the drivers seat.

"Because she can get away with it," Josie told him with a faint flicker of a grin.

"I hate him," Dawn mumbled from behind them. Josie glanced into the backseat and sighed.

"You feel that way now sweety, but you'll come to realize that he isn't worth it. Hate is an all consuming emotion that takes more out of you than it's worth," She told her in an understanding tone. Dawn sniffed and nodded slightly.

"My stuffs already packed. When do we leave for your house?" She asked after a few moments.

"Tomorrow morning, first thing," Steve said cheerily. Dawn nodded again.

"And it's your home too now. Will can introduce you to all of his friends, and you're sure to meet lots of new people at your new school," Josie told her optomistically.

"Yeah, I get to be the new school freak, yay me," Dawn mumbled. Josie shared a quick look at her husband looked out the drivers side window. It would be different to have a girl in the house.
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