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Let the anvils ring

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Summary: Xander gets a suprise visit at graduation

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Cartoons > AnimaniacscacklesmadlyFR715170132,18414 May 0614 May 06Yes
I own nothing. Animaniacs nor BtVS are mine.

The Scoobies had just completed all the preparations, C4 in the
library, Buffy's mother out of town, weapons handed out to the kids
and graduation robes adorned. Xander scooted into his seat last under
the glare of Snyder. Just as the Mayor stood up to speak, three young
things, which could only be the answer to the question, 'what is black
and white and red all over?' hopped onto the podium.

"Well how rude," The Mayor said smiling. "I guess I'll just have to
delay my speech."

"Let us introduce ourselves, o people of this land," the tallest began.
"We are the Warner brothers," the next said, followed by the one with a pink bow.
"With sister close at hand."

The Mayor started to squirm in his seat but held his peace.

"I bet you all are wondering, who is this young unknown?" asked Yakko.
"We are here for the inheritor of the Anvilanian throne."

"Who is it?" some one asked from the crowd. The students were looking
around to see who was the long lost royalty.

"The bottom of the family tree," Yakko chanted. "Starts with one of
thee. Who is the cousin to the sister of the son's niece's brother of
the uncle's daughter's father of the nephew's sister's mother, and his
grandpa's only cousin was the king's daughter's sibling, but their all

"So that is why," the mayor started as he stood up.

"Xander is our king!" Yakko yelled.

"Xander is your king?" the students gasped looking a the dark haired
scooby who sat there in shock.

"I am now your king?" Xander asked.

"You are now our king," Yakko repeated. "Repeat what I just said."

"Repeat what I just said," Xander said in total shock.

"And let the anvils ring," Yakko began but was upstaged by the Mayor
starting contractions. His skin ripped away as a snake grew out of his
old body. The sky grew dark and the vampires crawled out of the

"Let the anvils ring," Xander repeated again, and an anvil fell fom the
sky and landed on a vamp that was about to bite a parent.

The students yelled out, "let the anvils ring," and for every voice an
anvil fell on a vampire.

"Old king Xander's mania," Yakko pronounced, as the anvils dropped
from the sky ringing in tones of e-i-e-i-o, "was for Anvilania!"
Another chorus of anvils sounding as they drooped into the crowd only
hitting the living impaired.

"So good citizens I pledge to you, I'll do the best that I can do for
honor, country, and the king," Xander shouted, "Let the anvils ring!"
and a huge anvil fell from the sky and landed on the snake formerly
known as the Mayor, his last meal being a troll named Snyder.

"Let the anvils ring," Yakko yelled.

"Let the anvils ring," the students yelled.

"Let the anvils ring," Xander said as the last vampire was smashed and
the sky cleared up. "We thank you for your support. Congratulations
class of 1999 for surviving."

The End

You have reached the end of "Let the anvils ring". This story is complete.

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