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Just One Night

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Summary: A careless use of the W-word and the Scoobies from Chosen meet the Scoobies from Prophecy Girl. Complete. Edited 26/05/06 to restore lost chapter 6.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > General(Past Donor)vogonguardFR131326,518223344,64516 May 0627 May 06Yes


Even in the bonus extra bits I don't own BUFFY. Josh does.



Harrison Lehane, 43, died when he ran out in front of a speeding truck last night. Driver Timothy Vernon of Fleet Express Transport told the HERALD that the victim ran out into the road as if something was chasing him, without seeming to see the truck until the last moment. Lehane, who was found to be dead on arrival at Boston General, had just been released from prison after serving eighteen months of a four year term for possession and supply of cocaine. Police are treating the death as an accident.


Afterwards they lay back together in each other's arms in silence for a while.

It was Xander who spoke first.

"This... This was not a good idea."

Willow nodded sadly. "Not as it turns out, no. But we couldn't have known that!"

"No! No way we could have known... I mean we fit together so well in so many other ways...."

"We like each other!"

"No, let's be honest, Wills, we love each other. Always have. But..."

"The sex just doesn't work."

"We don't work... together."

"It's very odd. I would have thought..."

"So would I! I woulda thought..."

"But Xander, you didn't like it when I..."

"And it turned you right off that I..."

"And then it just got messy...."


They lay together for a while staring at the ceiling. Again it was Xander who broke the silence.

"So, why now, exactly? I mean... I sort of assumed we would sometime but..."

"Well, if you must know, she told me that I'd meet Oz, you know..."

"Oh, yeah! He told me about Oz."

".... I'd meet Oz at the Careers Fair. Which is next week. And so I thought that..."

"That's very fair of you. Very even handed."

"We gave it a fair trial."

"We did that. Hmm. And now..."

"I'm really looking forward to meeting him!"

"Uh huh. If things go to schedule..."

"Which they might not..."

"Yeah, but if they do, Cordelia's going to break down and admit to her inner attraction to my rugged masculine charms any day now...."

"And you're looking forward to that!"

"So we've both got something to look forward to."

"That's good. Put out the light, Xander. Switch is on your side."

"OK. Snuggle down. And don't hog all the blankets."

Side by side the two friends drifted off to sleep, thinking about the future.

"You'll probably never even meet Anya."

As it turned out, Xander was not a terribly good prophet. Vengeance demons like the Hellmouth just as much as all the other supernatural types. And there are scorned women everywhere.

Cordelia was walking to her Biology class (Bugs! Ugh!) and humming happily to herself. Her personal nest egg, garnished from selling off rather than throwing away the clothes and expensive nick-nacks that her father kept buying her, was growing nicely in carefully hidden investment accounts. When her father's crimes caught up with him she was going to be able to afford college of some sort (if only UCSD) and a financial reserve to allow her to start up on her own.

She was passing by a bench when she heard two girls talking. One of them was red-eyed with tears, the other was holding her hand and questioning her intently.

" do you feel about that?"

"Betrayed! If only he hadn't lead me on, let me think that really..."

"Men! They're all the same! They're all guilty! What do you wish would happen to him?"

And at that W-Word the name of the questioner popped suddenly into Cordy's mind. Anya Jenkins. Newbie. Just moved in from...Can't remember but that's probably because.... The story Xander had retold, from the mouth of his elder self bubbled to the top of her mind.

And just as the crying girl stuttered out: "I wish.... I wish he would....", Cordy reached down and grabbed hold of the amulet around Anya's neck, tugged hard and pulled. The red-ribbed demon face that turned up to look at her sent the about-to-be-avenged girl off into hysterical screams but Cordy just dropped the amulet to the ground and stepped hard on it. There was a flash of magic and Cordy grinned to see a confused and flustered young woman standing in front of her.

"Welcome back to the human race, Anyankha! 'Scuse me, I'm going to be late for class."

"So, Giles, how did the Council score my Crucamentem?"

"You mean how did they score my Crucamentem, Buffy. Remember this time it really is all about me."

"Pah! Not even a word of admiration for how I took down their Big Bad Vampire?"

"They said that I had trained 'a most ingenious and remarkable young lady'. Why did you feel it necessary to pull that trick with the greased stairs and the broomstick? The plan your future self gave you..."

"You're a magician, you should know that one never repeats one's effects. Beside, it looked funnier."

"Don't be smug, young lady. Anyway they returned to London quite satisfied. And so am I."

"Now you're the one who's looking smug! What did you pull? Come on. Fess up."

"I just told them that with all the responsibilities that come with Watching on the Hellmouth, I felt that I could use a little extra help. Perhaps an ambitious young Watcher who might find it valuable experience in case he was ever called upon to serve in the field with a Slayer."

"Oh, you are getting devious in your old age. I like that in a man."

"Well, Quentin would have found a method of getting his spy on board sooner or later. This way, I'm going to be the one officially in charge of him. Should be fun."


Chra'histra looked around what was now the upper layer of her home. Moving her pyramid from the graveyard to hide under a building in the centre of town had had to wait until the Mayor had been defeated: he was too good a sorcerer not to notice a working that big on his territory. In the confusion and infighting among the supernatural factions that followed his fall, the Guardian had no trouble moving to under a more central location.

Willow had helped of course. She was coming along nicely as an apprentice and showed signs of being as powerful as her counterpart had been. Hopefully a little more cautious. The redhead's sex life was more complicated than that of the visitor from the future since she was in a ménage a trois with her werewolf boyfriend and her lesbian lover. It caused the girl's aura to glow with smug satisfaction and also made her tend to nod off during late night research sessions.

The Guardian looked around once more at her new base of operations and decided that her gold had been well spent acquiring it. She opened the front entrance, turned the sign to OPEN and then hurried to the desk to answer the first phone call of her new livelihood.

"Magic Box! How may we enlighten you?"



Every year, some Potentials are activated, either because they grow old enough for the magic of the Calling to affect them or because a Slayer has died. Every year the Scoobies and the Watchers go out and find them and tell them what has happened and explain to their families. Every year a new class comes to the Joyce Summers School for Gifted Girls. And every year the Slayer makes a speech to greet them. And this is more or less how it goes.

"All right, ladies, settle down. Welcome to the School. I am Buffy Summers and I'm the Slayer. The Senior Slayer. The oldest. And the first thing I have to say to you is: I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry that you have to be here. It's my fault that you're here. You're here because a while back I made a decision that changed your lives. That decision took away your chance of living normal lives. Because of what I did, you will never be normal young women. You may be better than normal but you will never be normal again. Your futures may be glorious, they may be meaningful and they may save the world, lots. But they will never be normal. And for that I am sorry."

"We're going to teach you how to live with what you've become. Perhaps we'll manage to show you how to be happy with what you've become. It's better to be happy with what you are than sad. But I didn't give you a choice: I gave you a destiny. And for that, as I say, I apologise."

The End

You have reached the end of "Just One Night". This story is complete.

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