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Not So Different After All

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Summary: A series of drabbles and one-shots. The Doctor and Rose land in Sunnydale - and find it stranger than they could ever have imagined...

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralemeraldsorceressFR1544,1050115,70916 May 066 Aug 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Lesson 1- Never anger a Slayer

Title: Not So Different After All
Disclaimer: None of it’s mine. I do not own Doctor Who or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sigh.
Rating: K+
Pairings: B/A, 10/Rose
Summary: A collection of drabbles and one-shots. The Doctor and Rose land in Sunnydale – only to find out they have a lot more in common with this strange place then they could have imagined.


Giles didn’t look up from the ancient text he was trying to translate as the library doors crashed open, thudding against the cream walls with a deafening bang. An inhuman scream of rage rang out from the figure standing in the doorway, and he sighed.

“Buffy, I understand that as the slayer you need to find and destroy evil creatures, dark beings, monsters about to end the world etc. But what have my library doors ever done to you? ”

The teenager rolled her eyes and stared darkly at her watcher, before stalking over and throwing herself down into one of the vacant chairs next to Xander.

He raised an eyebrow at Willow across the table and, taking one last look at the gory picture of a Tathlok demon doing something, (he couldn’t quite work out what), to a sheep, he turned to ask his friend what was wrong.

“What’s up Buffmeister?”

It was then that he caught sight of the couple standing at the far end of the room, nearest the doors and the farthest they could get from the slayer. The man was tall and lean, wearing an embarrassed expression and standing close to a young, blonde-haired woman who was glaring at him.

“And who are they?”

“Mmh?” said Giles, finally looking up from his musty book and noticing the strangers. It was odd, he thought, how he hadn’t heard them come in.

Buffy glowered at the man and waved her stake threateningly at him.

“It’s all his fault,” she growled, whilst the man did his ‘Who, me?’ impression.

Giles peered at them through his glasses. “And may I enquire as to who you are exactly?”

“I’m the Doctor, ” said the man, with a grin that lit up the whole of his face. He gestured to the woman by his side. “And this is my companion, Rose Tyler .”

“Hi ,” said Rose, flashing a quick smile at the group.

“Good lord,” said Giles, taking his glasses off and cleaning them with his handkerchief. “The last of the Time-Lords .”

“Ah,” said the Doctor grinning, “It’s always good to go where you’re known.”
He frowned suddenly.
“Unless you did something bad the first time you were there and then things can get very awkward, and somebody normally ends up without a body part, like the time I accidentally went back to Xanafallonia 5 and they wanted to chop off my…”

“Doctor,” said Rose, poking him sharply in the side, though she couldn’t help the small smirk that crossed her lips. “You’re rambling again.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“ ’S alright.”

“Hey!” Said Buffy, “We’re getting off topic here.”

“Ah yes,” said Giles, “We were talking about why you wanted to kill my doors.”

The slayer was slowly turning fire engine red, her cheeks burning. “It’s because he…he…”

Now this was interesting, thought Giles. He’d never seen his slayer so apoplectic with rage that she couldn’t speak. Silence was so rare these days; perhaps he ought to ask the Doctor how he did it.

“Giles,” she asked suddenly, “Are you sure it doesn’t say somewhere in that Slayer Handbook of yours that I can kill annoying humans? ”

“Buffy,” he corrected absently, “The Doctor isn’t human. He’s a Time Lord, an alien being from a planet called Gallifrey.”

A wicked gleam came into her eyes.

“So he’s not human?”

Giles instantly realised his mistake.

“Now Buffy,” he tried placatingly, “Don’t do anything rash…”
But she was already out of her seat and stalking over to the weapons cupboard. She took the crossbow out and aimed it at the Doctor, who stood frozen where he was.

“I’ve always liked a good chase”, she smirked, “So I’ll give you five seconds to get out.”


The Doctor turned to Rose, his expression panicked. “Help me!”

She shrugged. “You’ve brought this on yourself.”


The Doctor rolled his eyes at her.

“Fat lot of good you are,” he said and tried to find a setting on his sonic screwdriver that dealt with a hacked off slayer.


“I do have a suggestion though.”

“Oh?” Said the Doctor hopefully, “What?”


“Run. Fast.”

With one last glare at his cheeky companion, the Doctor legged it out of the library, not waiting to see what happened when she reached…


Buffy raced out after him, bow in hand, crashing the doors against the walls once more. Little flakes of plaster drifted to the floor and Giles just sighed and shook his head.

“Cup of tea?” He offered.

Rose grinned at him.

“Ooh, I’d love one.”
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