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Will you stay or will you go

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Summary: Willow has a choice to make. WIllow/Richard, mention of character death

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredArticulatedreamFR71500111,82316 May 0616 May 06Yes
Title:Do you stay, or do you go?
Crossover:Buffy-Anita Blake
Pairing :Willow-Richard
Disclaimer:I don't own buffy the vampire slayer nor any of the characters therein. Neither do I own Anita Blake, or any of the characters therein. They belong to their respective creators and owners.
Summary: Willow has a choice to make
Warning :mention of character death
Author's notes:feedback is appreciated and invited.

stay or go

The choice is there wavering in front of her like the surrendering flag of an invisible army. She has been here so long now that the research became another thing to do. She's been researching it all for so long that it became habit. Go to class, Go to work, come home, fix dinner, research a way to get back home.

Except that it didn't work that way anymore. 5 years and she was home. Five years since a portal had sucked her through the floor of the library, and she had landed with a thud in the middle of everything. Five years of searching that was frantic for weeks and months but, with time became a habit a chore.

She has friends here now. Oh, she misses the people she left behind. But, at the same time she has built herself a life here. And after all this time who's to say that when she goes back, that they won't all be dead. She misses Xander, Buffy, Giles. But, the one person who she got up for in the morning has been long gone. Gone for nearly 8 years now.

She has another one of those though now. another person to love, to care for. To wake up in the morning smiling at, and to go to bed dreaming about. Could she leave all of that behind?

To stay, or to go?

in that form it is so simple, and yet still so complicated. She doubts that there is a way it couldn't be as much. Stay here, in this place with her cozy flat and her school and her job at the hospital. Stay here with her boyfriend of 2 years.

Or return. Return to Sunnydale, reurn to apocalypses daily, and hell. Return to Buffy and Xander and Giles.

The people here want her to stay. It's been hard the last few years, and they all still feel the void that anita left when she died. And Willow has been here making sure they are all allright. Making sure that Jean-Claude doesn't try to do something that will get him executed. That the pard is watched over and protected.

And it's been 5 years. 5 long hard, wonderful, excruiatingly beatiful terrible years. Everyone back there-and when did Sunnydale become 'back there' she wonders belatedly-probably thiks her dead if they don't share the same ailment.

St.Louis is her home now. Richard is her home now.

Willow pushs a strand of dark red hair behind one ear.

Stay or Go?

Stay. St.Louis is her home now. Richard and Jean-Claude and the pard are her home now.

She pushes the book with the incantation and the spell ingredients closed. There is no need for it now. She's home.

She'll stay

The End

You have reached the end of "Will you stay or will you go". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking