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And Life Goes On

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Dawn Winchester verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Life goes on for the Scoobies and the Winchesters in the Dawn Winchester 'verse But they can't escape who they are.

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsdragonfanFR181943,70310198105,80417 May 0610 Jun 06Yes


When the Winchester family reappeared in Angel’s mansion, they were met with a group who, down to the last person, wore absolutely disgusted faces. “I take it they all fell apart too,” was John’s comment.

“Yeah, but this one’s still hanging on.” Faith said pointing to the mess at her feet. “He was the big honcho I guess, since he was the one hollering orders.”

John put Buffy down and walked over to where the demon that had killed Mary and Jessica lay almost intact in a puddle of blood and other fluids. “You know if you hadn’t started this war by killing Mary, you wouldn’t be here now. We Winchesters are a deadly bunch, just like the rifle. When you killed Mary, you declared war on us and we declared war right back. You lose.” He had waited almost twenty three years to say that, and the relief he felt about being able to say it was incredible. He was glad the demon had lived long enough to hear him say it.

He turned his back on the demon and faced the others, “Let’s go get cleaned up.” Smiles and words of agreement came from all sides as he put his arm around Buffy’s shoulders and led his family out to their vehicles.

Several hours later they were all gathered around the Summers’ dining room table, having been patched up and cleaned off. Without the distraction of impending doom, Buffy and Faith finally noticed John and Dean’s feeding competition. “That’s it! I’ve had enough!” Declared Faith; throwing down her napkin, she turned and tackled Dean to the floor. As they were both sitting in chairs at the time because it was a proper sit down celebration dinner, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing she could have done. “No more or I’ll,” she whispered something in his ear.

“Is that supposed to make me stop? Because if it is, I got to tell you all that does is encourage me.” Dean said as he smiled up at her. Faith smiled and dragged him to his feet. As she hauled him away from the table, (and from there up the stairs to her room) he snagged a serving bowl of chocolate pudding.

Xander held his hand out to Willow who sighed and both she and Tara passed him five dollar bills. “Couldn’t she have waited another week?” Willow mock whined. That set off a chorus of laughter around the table as Sam righted Dean’s chair.

“Speaking of proposals,” Giles said and he got up and walked over to Joyce. “I wanted to wait until the doctors had cleared you as your life is stressful enough as it is. Joyce, will you marry me?”

“YES!” Joyce cried and threw her arms around him, prompting a round of cheers and a few knowing looks at John. He did his best to ignore them and made it a point to congratulate both Joyce and Giles. As he sat there looking around at his new family and reveling in the release of the burden he had carried for so long, John couldn’t help remembering the night that had brought him to this point. At the time all he could think about was destroying whatever had killed Mary and preventing it from harming his small children. He could never have imagined that his quest would bring him here. He had a new girlfriend that he had a daughter with, and they still hadn’t done more than cuddle and kiss yet! His oldest son had grown into a hunter of great skill and was finally settling down into his own family. His youngest son had experienced a series of terrible blows, but was now able to go on to become a doctor of all things! He smirked as he recalled Mary telling him that her parents had wanted her to bring a doctor into the family. Maybe he should call them up and tell them. Dawn was a gift that he would have sworn would never happen. The extended family he now found himself a part of was varied and from the outside, strange beyond belief but it suited him like he’d never thought possible. He had found more than his revenge and the protection that he had sought out starting that terrible night; he had finally found his home.

The End

You have reached the end of "And Life Goes On". This story is complete.

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