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Four Fantastically Gifted Scoobies

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Summary: A response to Obsidian's challenge. Starts in 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' in Buffyverse. No particular time in fantastic four.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourDentArthurDentFR1841,99601110,87422 May 067 Oct 06No

We're going on a witch hunt!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. BtVS plots, dialogue and characters belong to Joss Whedon. The fantastic four stuff belongs to Marvel comics

A/N; Thanks for all reviews, more are welcome. Everything inside * * is a memory/past.

Xander sat in a fast food restaurant in LA wondering how the gang was doing. It had been years since he had seen them, though he doubted he’d be welcome anymore. As he watched his beautiful girlfriend ordering food at the bar, his mind flew back to ponder how he had come to be here.

The gang had been falling apart. As they were pushing Xander out, they were unwittingly destroying their very heart. However, due to his newfound confidence in himself, due to his lucky charm, Xander didn’t try to force his way back into the hearts of his fellow Scoobies. He found himself a new crowd of friends, who accepted him as himself. Plain old no power Xander, though he did keep contact with the Scoobies until that fateful day.

* “Hey Xander, we have a problem.” Giles called across the crowded corridor.

“Coming!” Xander yelled, as he fought his way across to the watcher.

“The girls are missing Xander, and all the occult books have been taken from the library. There’s a witch hunt going on.”

“Wha- how?” Xander gaped, “Is Amy…?”

“No, she’s not okay. They’re all missing. You have to help me find them before it’s too late.” Giles said impatiently. The threat of danger to his girlfriend spurred Xander into action. He started walking towards the entrance to the school, ignoring Snyder’s threats to his retreating back.

Xander, Giles and Oz, who had been waiting for them in the van, drove through the streets of Sunnydale slowly, trying to follow the crowds. After what seemed like years they pulled into a large office building which had smoke pouring out of the windows of the top floor.

“What’s the plan?” asked Xander as they leapt out the van.

“You distract the people and Demon, while I say a spell.” Giles panted while they charged upstairs.

“What will the spell do?”

“Reveal the demon, and break its spell over the townspeople.” Giles gasped.

Xander nodded, and burst into the room that the smoke was creeping out of. Inside were Willow, Dawn, Amy and Buffy tied to pyres amidst a giant bonfire.

“Amy!” Xander yelled, and started to run towards her. He was pushed back by the crowd, and his uncle Rory and father stepped forwards from the crowd to hold him back. His mother stepped forwards too, and pulled the charm from around his throat.

“This one has been assorting with witches!” She shrieked above the roar of the crowd. Xander felt himself pulled forward to the front of the mass of people.

Feigning weakness he slumped forwards. The surprised men let go of him, and Xander straightened again. He grabbed the charm from his mother, and threw it on the floor. Its glass centre smashed open, and a vapour slipped out of it, enveloping Xander, Amy, Dawn and Oz. All four of them gradually faded away.*
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